Contemporary textile arts

Two sites this morning as I am on a bookmark clean up campaign. The first I have been browsing around is the personal website of Jill Smith a contemporary embroiderer who produces colourful and joyous wall hangings

The second textile artist is a Danish felter Birgitte Krag Hansen who has provided a site that illustrates her sculptural felting techniques, numerous projects and descriptions of a series of open air felting workshops she did including a nature trail for children.

Hansen’s three-dimensional pieces ooze personality and charm.

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2 Responses to Contemporary textile arts

  1. Jill Smith says:

    Hi, just want to let you know that l have a new websites just for on-line classes that l am doing and one class is to make a wall hanging just like the one you featured,
    Take Care,

  2. Jill Smith says:

    Loved your blog and what a surprise to find a piece of my work in it.
    Just ofto bed with happy thoughts

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