More thorny outbursts Barred Chain and Alternating barred chain

Within the chain stitch family there are numerous varieties and types of chain. This morning I added two more stitches to the Stitch Collection Barred chain and Alternating barred chain.. Now that is living dangerously isn’t it! Two stitches loaded in one day is only possible because it is the Australia Day long weekend.

Just like chain stitch both of these varieties can be easily worked on all types of fabrics and equally effective when worked in straight lines or following curves. This means that both stitches can be used as thorny outbursts in floral motifs if you are a traditional stitcher or do crazy quilting. Both are easy and quick to work – as quick as chain stitch itself. To work you need to be familiar with chain stitch and twisted chain stitch for it is simply a line of a single chain stitch followed by a twisted chain stitch. In Barred chain the spike of the twisted chain is on one side and with Alternating barred chain the spike of the twisted chain swings from side to side.

Both stitches follow a curve well and can be worked in a large variety of threads from the finest silk to thick cotton. The size of the stitch will be influenced by the weight of the thread used and your spacing. Since their appeal is based on their textured nature they can be successfully combined with other textured stitches. This factor in combination with explorations varying the length of the spines, or the size of the chain, spacing of the spines, width of the line, weight and texture of the thread, should keep most contemporary embroiderers intrigued. Explore the scale you work in with stitch and I am sure you will have interesting results.

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