Sometimes the coincidences that happen online are quite extraordinary. I have been experimenting with buttons as medium to draw with. By drawing with buttons I mean arranging them in such a manner that they form patterns, shapes and make linear marks. In this sample piece you can see triangular formations. I wanted to see if I could make them ‘read’ so I have been experimenting. These are all mens shirt buttons. You know how if you need to replace a button you can never quite match the shade? They all look white or cream until you place them side by side? Well working like this is a bit like that as getting the shading right has taken me an age! Its an interesting challenge and its only a sample …

Tonight I noticed that Serena Fenton of layers of meaning has posted a piece on pointillist button art! Now how amazing is that?


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3 Responses to strange…

  1. sharonb says:

    Kathrine it was a wall hanging – but I think I wil cut it up and make a bag out of it

  2. kathrine says:

    what is it?

  3. Buttons must be on all our minds lately. I am using them as splashes of color in my latest piece. Someime I would like to try some abstracts in black and white buttons with red reickrack – but I amy have to work up my courage on that!

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