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I am sure everyone has explored this site but just in case take a look at Google’s interactive maps. When this site was announced I immediately went off to explore the site but to my disappointment it only covered the United States. Well I have been poking around and although the maps feature is not available as it is still in Beta you can see Australia via a satellite view.

I was able to identify not only Canberra and the suburb I live in but I could also my home seen from space.

It’s just plain neat!

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4 Responses to Google maps

  1. melissa says:

    Try Google Earth instead. We’ve gone to the pyramids in Egypt, step pyramid in Mexico and have seen Vatican City via satellite images. Too cool! Plus you can go to your own neighborhood.

  2. Melody says:

    Sharon, your suburb looks like a crazy quilt block from the satellite… could this be inspiration for a new challenge?


  3. Isn’t it absolutely the coolest? Technology sometimes is nothing but neato!

  4. Cathy says:

    I just found the Google map feature recently. It is great. We were able to find our house and community also. Really neat stuff, amazing.

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