Take a Stitch Tuesday

When I decided to feature this stitch as the stitch of the week for the Take a Stitch Tuesday Challenge I thought to myself I bet people take one look at this a run a mile.

I must admit that the stitch does look pretty pedestrian until you play with it. One thing I have learnt is the simpler the stitch the more interesting it can be.

The stitch this week is Algerian eye stitch or a similar stitch Eyelet stitch. Since both stitches are structured the same I grouped them together.

On Sunday while I was writing the weekly round up this week I noticed that some people are looking for stitch dictionaries in order to learn how to do the stitch. At first I did not pay too much attention then I realised that these people had not discovered my stitch dictionary.

I had assumed that all readers knew of it. Also every week when I announce the stitch I link to the step by step instructions in my stitch dictionary.

The second assumption I has made was that people would click on the link. Anyway people do not need to buy a stitch dictionary to participate because the information is online.


On first glance they look a little boring and I must admit that unless you are totally wrapped up in traditional stitchery done on even weave fabric they can be.

However the stitches become interesting when you play with them in arrangements.

Or you can elongate part of them, which is where I got the idea for the little flower motif at the start of this post.

Or you can work part of the stitch and produce different effects again.

Here I have worked a quarter of the stitch in each corner of a square.

This arrangement could be worked on a curve “off the grid”. All the samples above are stitched on 27 count hand painted Lynda fabric in thread from the Sassa Lynne range.

If you change the shape you can produce things like hearts or any other simple shape.

This is very effective particularly if you work the stitches arranged in a pattern

This sample is stitched on 26 count linen using the Sassa Lynne Jumbo perle from Winifred Cottage.

I have recently discovered these threads sent to me as a gift from Myfanwy of Nuvofelt. If you want to hear more about how Sassa Lynne threads stitch up

I think people will find this sample interesting as it is Algerian Eye stitch with a bead stitched in the middle.

This sample is stitched on 26 count linen in perle 12 cotton

It is not difficult to do. As I worked the stitch each time I went back into the center I took the needle through the bead.

The bead has a wide hole. I think it is more of a spacer than a feature bead as such, as it is more like a little ring than a bead but being quite small it is very effective placed at the center of each stitch.

If a bead has a wide hole you can incorporate them in all all sorts of creative ways. It is one of the techniques I teach in my online class Develop a Personal Library of Stitches.

Of course many of the samples above are just crying out for a bead or two.

What would a heart shape look like with a bead? What would the squares look like with a bead? Once you start imagination runs and I am sure you can think of all sorts of things to do.

If you pull the thread as you stitch you can produce eyelets. This is a sample worked of different eyelets and I have included a couple of beads. This idea can be pushed in all sorts of directions as the holes produce one pattern while the sttiching produces another.

The final sample is worked on Aida and created by working rows of stitches stacked on top of each other.

If you are enjoying this challenge you might be interested in one of my online classes, that are open for bookings. I am offering two separate classes Encrusted Crazy Quilting which starts February 9, 2007 and Develop a Personal Library of Stitches which starts February 20, 2007. Both links lead to details about these classes.

That’s the challenge stitch this week … Enjoy!


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21 Responses to Take a Stitch Tuesday

  1. anaslua2010 says:

    This is an interesting article, Sharon. Now and then, when I look at the photos of the stitchin fingers, my attention is drawn to a new stitch, like this one. I am happy to know you!

  2. normah says:

    Up to now I’ve used the Algerian Eye stitch only on Hardanger but I’ve really enjoyed playing with the stitch as you can see on my blog

  3. reneorgeron says:

    I have finished my Fly stitch, only did a little tree, but I like it.Put it into the Flickr pool

  4. peelapom says:

    Finally finished with this one and I added a little detached chain stitch because I missed it!


  5. JAYDEROSE says:

    Finally finished the tipi using chevron and algerian stitches.

  6. Lynne says:

    My algerian eye sampler is here http://faffingabout.blogspot.com/

  7. juli says:

    I finally got my Algerian Eye sample up on my blog http://blog.orangerugyarn.com/index.php/musings/2007/02/17/tast_algerian_eye_week_6“ rel=”nofollow”>Orang Rug Yarn Musings

    I was inspired by some antique samplers I’d seen in photos with Algerian Eye lettering.

  8. Marty52 says:

    I’ve finished my Algerian Eye stitch sampler. Full details on my blog at: http://textilesintime.blogspot.com/2007/02/algerian-eye-stitch.html

  9. sequana says:

    No matter HOW I try to get to the Feather Stitch to say I’ve loaded my sample, I keep coming back here. This is starting to be very frustrating.

  10. sharonb says:

    Craftirn – you are returning to the algerian eye stitch because you must have bookmarked that page – if you get stuck go to the front of the blog and scroll down to tuesday of that week
    or on the challenge page

    hope this helps

  11. Dy says:

    Sorry Sharon, I’ve used the wrong link, I’ll try again…
    I’ve been stitching little flowers with Algerian Eye stitch. Blogged here – http://randomapplique.blogspot.com/2007/02/take-stitch-tuesday-algerian-eye-stitch.html

  12. Dy says:

    I’ve been stitching little flowers with Algerian Eye stitch. Blogged here http://www2.blogger.com/post-edit.g?blogID=34922574&postID=8708720670611174738

  13. craftirn says:

    I can’t seem to get to the new weeks stitches. Is there a trick to it. I click on Take a Stitch Tuesday and it keeps coming back to the Algerian Eye Stitch. I know a new one must have been posted!

  14. Mags says:

    I enjoyed making a little sampler using the Algerian Eyelet Stitch. It can be seen on http://digitalgran.blogspot.com

  15. nancilyn says:

    Two mini samplers are posted on my pix and blog sites. One shows all the weeks and the other is just eyelets.

  16. peelapom says:

    I love Algerian Eyelet Stitches! Great choice Sharon!

  17. Maureeniii says:

    Sharon I usually check in to see the new stitch, look at a couple of yours and close out to start my own stitches; but this time you have lured me right to the end of your glorious designs with the Algerian stitch. Every single pattern is stunning. I think you are right that simplicity shows the work in a better way. I particularly like the border squares. I’m off to start my lot. Maureen

  18. doreeng says:

    Now this one is going to be a real challenge Sharon-one that I’m looking forward to.

  19. Carol M says:

    I like this stitch and love what you did with it

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