Tutorials, patterns and freebies for the holiday season

With December fast approaching and there are tutorials, patterns and freebie downloads all over the net.

Over on A Print a Day there are some free Stickers and Tags to download and print off.

My to do lists are not very fancy, in fact they are usually on a scrap of recycled paper and I don’t think that this festive list pad, also from A Print a Day will not make the list shrink faster but it is cheery.

Papirklip of Æsker is a blog which houses many patterns for paper printables. There are patterns for Christmas tree decorations, gift wrap and delightful paper folded hearts.  Don’t miss them as they are really delightful.

I discovered Papirklip of Æsker  via Meggiecat who has a few goodies of interest such as is these Vintage cookie Ornaments and this pattern for a Felt bird ornament. Just simplify them a smidge and you have a  contemporary take on an old pattern

This little button Advent calendar by Diane Gilleland made me smile but the idea could adapted for all sorts of shapes.  I immediately thought of door wreath but there are lots of other adaptions so that the idea could be used on different types of decorations.

Mary Ray of Craft Stylish has a tutorial on how to make a very quick table runner for the holidays.

Also via Craft Stylish are these small festive wreaths that would be an ideal project to make with children.


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3 Responses to Tutorials, patterns and freebies for the holiday season

  1. Thanks for posting these ideas! I especially enjoyed the Angel Cookies 🙂 YUM! I have a free vintage Christmas Display pattern that you or anyone can have – it is from around the 1950’s – a choir boy. I think it could be easily adapted for use with basic embroidery or quilting. IF I had the talent and time I would try to make it into a really nice quilt block with other vintage holiday designs. Such is life…..never enough hours in the day!

    You have a great site here! I look forward to checking back often to see what else you have posted.

  2. aussie jo says:

    Thanks for these great links Sharon. I’ve passed them on to an Art Teacher friend who does some amazingly creative activities with her classes. Just a note that some of the downloads on Print a Day take quite a while.

  3. Jerry says:

    mmm freebies are good 🙂

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