Look at what people have done with trellis stitch!

I have been browsing the blogs all month seeing what people have been doing with the February stitch explorer challenge trellis stitch. If you have not been following closely make a cuppa, take a break,  and check out what people have been doing with stitch as here is a bit of a round up.

Elizabeth of Quieter Moments as usual has produced inspiring sample, after inspiring sample.

Annie Whitsed  Annies Crazy World has created a  little hat, a cup and a teddy.

In the meanwhile, Leena of Creative Instincts got carried away with using it to attach shisha, creating flowers and fish!

Connie over on Scoop Score and Deal also got carried away

Saskia produced a pot for a pot plant!

Tenar is using the stitch to produce a rock pool

Raphaela of Textile Explorations incorporated beads  

Miriam of Borduurblog has used trellis stitch to work highly textured patterns and create little hats!

Leslie of Greasyming  worked her sample on checked fabric with interesting results.

Coeur de freesia has worked a delightful daisy motif and explored the stitch producing some interesting samples

Annet over on Fat quarter has used trellis stitch as the center of a daisy and worked it on a crazy quilt block

Valerie also worked a daisy which you can see on her flickr site

Mandie of Stitches and Whimsies explored working a heart shape 

There are loads of experiments and ideas over on the flickr  Stitchexplorer group.

After some frustrating starts Maureen succeeded with the stitch 

Jane of Quodlibet has experimented with the stitch and worked some samples so did Sandy of Focus on fiber

Nancilyn of Mindbloggings has also made some interesting explorations of the stitch

Kay Susan of S’Mockery Sm’Art has used the stitch on a purse

Mady also discovered she liked this stitch and has a good few entries about it in her blog Snow days

As often happens one stitch leads to another and Lin Moon of Purple fan has written a tutorial on how to do raised cup stitch which like trellis stitch is a highly textured and with it you can produce a delightful flower cup

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5 Responses to Look at what people have done with trellis stitch!

  1. Shelley says:

    I have loved looking at all the trellis stitch pics – there are some wonderful and innovative interpretations!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Hi. I have given you an award on my blog. Come and get it if you want:

  3. Wonderful Trellis stitch work here! I’ve not had a chance to photograph mine yet, but I have been having fun with it. Assisi work looks like fun, too!

  4. Lakshmi says:

    hi im late to participate in the trellis stitch challenge. plese have a look at my blog n see my net nots n network projects. i think net knots are done the way like trellis stitch (but interlaced twice) . i didn’t know that this sttich is called trellis stitch. Thnak u sharon.


  5. Many thanks for this list, I enjoyed looking at all the examples of the trellis stitch. Of course I am looking forward to the next challenge.

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