Stitch Explorer December

Hi all those who are working on the stitch explorer challenge. This is the last challenge post of the year. So the end of the  2009 challenge which is a little sad. This month is a catch up month.

Back in May, I proposed a number of options to the group and one of the results was that in the year there were “catch up” months. Since December is always very busy I decided then that it would be a catch up time.

Early on in the year, people wanted a list of embroidery styles in the challenge ahead and I gave it to them in a PDF file. I said at the time that those who wanted a surprise each month, not to download it but I think many did. I think it took the ‘edge’ off the challenge for many  people. That combined with me not having as much time as I would have likes to experiment myself meant it was a quiet challenge.

I am not sure a monthly challenge – particularly one with catch up months works as well as weekly or fortnightly challenges. I know I did not feel the same sense of excitement.

Also many people forgot to come back here and leave a comment with a web address others can visit and see what you have done. I am not a very good nag so that is my fault for not reminding people more.  If when you leave a comment, if you fill in the form with your URL, it means that when people click on your name they will be taken to your blog.

That said for those who worked the challenge there is some great samples posted to the Stitchexplorer group. Do check it out and give them feed back and if you are in catch up mode don’t forget to post to the flickr group or leave a message here.

Next Year

I have had emails and comments of people asking me if I am going to run a challenge. I also get asked at least once a fortnight if I will ever run another TAST challenge.

If you are not sure what TAST was please visit the TAST FAQ page.

The good news is that I have found enough new stitches to run another challenge like TAST but the bad news is that for me life looks to be very busy and up in the air for at least the first couple of months next year. I know I could just list a stitch but I have found without a tutorial and some samples people lose interest.

2010 runs off the tongue so nicely it feels like it should have a good memorable challenge. So my question to readers is are you interested in a new TAST challenge perhaps starting a little later in the year? If so when is good for readers? Other ideas and suggestions? Speak up as this is where I decide what is going to happen.

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  1. Sharon, Doreen G. told me you were going to run TAST again, and I’d like to join in . I’m caring for my little granddaughter on Wednesdays and Thursdays this year, what better way to spend time while she naps? She might also enjoy seeing her Nan stitching, VBG. I’m happy to start whenever you’re ready. Looking forward to it,

  2. Maureen Bond says:

    I would love to do another TAST whenever it suits you Sharon. I found this year’s challenge daunting at times; I had bother finding examples of some stitches and maybe I lacked inspiration. That said I am pleased I did join in and finish.

    I am happy to have tried Chicken Scratch, Caselguidi and Assisi, none of which I would have attempted. The first because I grew up with heaps of the ‘ordinary’ version and tired of it — Assisi because it just never felt comfortable to me and Caselguidi because it looked too boring. Wrong!!! it is not. I will be using this more often.
    So many beautiful versions of Chicken Scratch and Assisi were demonstrated in the Pool

    A month was needed to examine and work stitches but it was not as exciting as the TAST, I could never wait until the next Tuesday. Fun.

    Thanks for the ‘push’ and I look forward to the next challenge whenever it happens.

    I wish you and the family the very best for Christmas and a fabulous New Year of your own challenges.

  3. This year I enjoyed the Stitch Explorer Challenge very much and I only did not do anything for November. You are right Sharon: "free" months are slowing down such a challenge too much. There is beautiful stitching created in this challenge, but I would have liked to see more of other peoples work.

    It is fun to explore the possibilities of new techniques and styles, so I learned while I was participating in Stitch Explorer. At the moment I am trying to do some needlepoint. There are not many people doing that nowadays in the Netherlands, although it was popular in the 70’s. I have a lot of other plans for the next year, so I do not think I will start with a second round of TAST. But of course it will be nice to see the work of the people who will join it.

    Thanks Sharon!

  4. Ruth Palsson says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thank you for the joy you give me with your blog. If I am at home, it is a rare day that I don’t have my Pintangle "fix". I have enjoyed what I have done of Stitchexplorer this year, but I will not get involved with any challenge in 2010. I want to finish TAST and PLOS!! before I get involved with anything else and I am hoping to do Sumptious Surfaces in 2010 – I have seen the announcement of its start date!! Those activities will give me enough to do!

    However, I will lurk and look at what others create! And I didn’t look at the Stitchexplorer Challenge list until today!



  5. Annet says:

    Thank you for the Stitch Explorer challenge, I learned so much this year!

    I like the idea of a new TAST challenge and I don’t mind if it starts later in the year. Maybe I can catch up with the first TAST challenge (which I started in 2008)!

  6. chitra gangadharan says:

    I would also like the challenge similar to TAST. Starting in march is aslo ok ,.I t ‘ll good for me to learn new stitches. Thank you, Merry Christmas to you!

  7. Debi Minter says:

    I have wanted to be a part of a TAST challenge and group so much! This would be my first! Your blog is such a huge inspiration, and as a teacher myself. I always appreciate those teachers who are willing to share everything they know so others can learn, experiment, and grow in knowledge. Thank you so much for your giving heart!

    Debi M

  8. Carol says:

    I haven’t embroidered in a long time, but I follow here. I would be interested in TAST.

  9. Cindy B says:

    I really loved the Stitch Explorer. It allowed me to explore some embroidery styles that I hadn’t tried before. I did get behind due to a move in the spring, but was able to catch up after we got settled and even work ahead. I was not good about leaving a comment. I’ll try to do better.

    But, since I didn’t get to participate in the first TAST, that’s fine with me, too. Start whenever it works for you. I, too, added lots to my band sampler this year.

    I see you’re offering a new Studio Journal class. I highly recommend this class. I’m convinced that journaling of some kind is essential for me. It helps me work out my projects and catch ideas and I get a tremendous sense of accomplishment when I thumb back through the old ones.


  10. Lisa Dunn says:

    I would love another TAST challenge! I always enjoy watching what everyone comes up with. Maybe 2010 will be the year I can keep up! LOL Whenever you have time to start would be great with me too.

  11. dawa says:

    yes please and March is good

  12. Doreen G says:

    I would love another Tast challenge next year and I would be happy to wait until whenever you are ready.
    Oh and thanks for the Christmas wishes as well and all the best for you and yours for Christmas and next year.

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