TAST 2010 Week 1 Diamond Stitch

I feel I am about to start an awfully big adventure. Probably because this is the second time I have run a weekly challenge I know what I have ahead. It is a reasonable amount of work but so worth it.

TAST stands for Take a Stitch Tuesday. Each week on Tuesday I publish a stitch and suggest people experiment with it, push it a little and see what possibilities the stitch holds.

Without and more fuss I will introduce the stitch and give you instructions on how to work it. The first stitch to explore in TAST 2 is Diamond stitch

I discovered this stitch in Marion Nichlos Encyclopedia of Embroidery Stitches Including Crewel.

I can see how it can be applied to a crazy quilt seam as it is can be described as being ideal for borders.

As a stitch it is versatile enough to produce some interesting effects.

Even though it is is normally worked between to parallel rows it can be stacked or worked free form.

How to work Diamond stitch.

Bring the needle to the front of the fabric and make a straight stitch across the row.

Make a small stitch by bringing the needle up through the fabric on the line as illustrated.

Slide the needle under the straight stitch.

Wrap the thread over the needle and then under the needle.

Pull the thread through to the right and tighten until snug. 

Slide the needle under the straight stitch.

Wrap the thread over the needle and then under the needle.

Pull the thread through to the left and tighten until snug.

Take the needle to the back of the fabric near the knot.

Bring the needle out under the knot and a little down the row.

Slide the needle under the last bar of the stitch.

Wrap the thread over the needle and then under the needle.

Pull the thread through, tighten until a knot sits in the centre of the bar. Don’t pull too tight just make the knot snug.

Take needle to the back of the fabric

Bring needle out under the knot and a little down the row

Slide the needle under the last stitch and wrap the thread over the needle and then under the needle.

Pull the thread through to the right and tighten until snug.

Slide the needle under the last stitch and wrap the thread over the needle and then under the needle.

Pull the thread through to the left and tighten until snug.

Continue this way down the row.

What to do now:

Take Diamond stitch and work an example or two. Photograph it, and put it on your flickr site or write about it on your blog (don’t forget to link back to here)

Come here to this post and leave a comment to tell everyone where you have your photograph and don’t forget to leave your blog address. (If you are new to blogs you can click on the title it will take you to this post on an individual page if you bookmark it you can find it again)

Visit a few sites of people who have already left a comment. See what they have done. I am sure everyone will enjoy  following the links left in the comments. If you have time let other people know that you have seen their work

A note about the challenge 

Some people say they feel intimidated. This is a personal challenge not a competition. With no prizes, no judges and flexible guidelines feel free to try something new. The idea is explore stitches and develop a skill. Each person is on a path of their own, at different skill levels, and approaching what they want from a stitch differently. So share but don’t compare.

The idea behind this challenge is to share your discoveries. To share people need to link to each other. On a purely practical level it means that readers can explore the TAST like stitchers by moving from blog to blog. Remember how you found people with similar interests by following links? If you don’t link then your readers will not discover the community in the same way you did.

When you blog pictures or whenever you write about this challenge please link back here. It means that readers can find out more about the challenge.

If you see something on someone’s blog and it provoked an idea that led you to try something different, please link to them. Apart from being good blog etiquette it is giving credit where it is due.

Enjoy – the challenge is on!

Further information

If you need further information on the challenge a list of stitches covered so far or directions on how to participate please visit the TAST FAQ page.

You can read back through TAST articles by browsing Challenges -  Take a Stitch Tuesday category

Other groups and networks

You can also share your explorations with other members on the social network site of your choice. There is a Facebook TAST 2012 page,   stitchin fingers group and the flickr TAST site. All these sub groups are set up at request of members.

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53 Responses to TAST 2010 Week 1 Diamond Stitch

  1. Doreen G says:

    This one looks interesting Sharon–I have my crazy block beside me ready to start stitching.

  2. ruthp says:

    Sharon, You have had a great time exploring this stitch! I particularly like your free form sample. And I am glad I picked Aida cloth to stitch on.

    Looking forward to seeing all the samples.

  3. ansu chennai says:

    An iteresting new stitch. must try NOW.
    ansu chennai

  4. Sara Hansson says:

    here is my attempt at diamond stitch …………not at all an easy start Sharon!


  5. Sara Hansson says:

    my start to TAST2 ………..not easy


  6. SONIE says:

    Hi Sharon,
    Have finished some of my experiments with Diamond stitch
    Details are at …….. http://sonie-myworld.blogspot.com/search/label/MARCH
    And by tomorrow will be posting the other experiments…….

  7. Thanks Sharon, I like your Diamond Stitch. My girlfriends try to practice.

  8. veena says:

    Hi sharon
    thank you so mch for introducing us this stitch. I have tried out few trials:-) Not sure if i am doing enough justice to this beautiful stitch:-(
    Anyway please do have a look and need your suggestions too

  9. Sandy Jandik says:

    I didn’t officially join the group but can’t resist trying the stitches. My sample of the Diamond Stitch is on my blog today. http://focus-on-fiber.blogspot.com I enjoyed the freeform style the best.

  10. Sara Hansson says:

    My attempt at diamond stitch is here http://sarahansson.blogspot.com/ – an interesting stitch , challenging, but fun nevertheless…………………………….

    Its great to be TAST’ing again!


  11. Sharon B says:

    well done at being the first!

  12. Doreen G says:

    Hi Sharon
    I have posted some of my samples on my blog.
    I like this stitch -I think it will be a useful one.

  13. Sue McB says:

    My example of Diamond Stitch is on my Blog. Just a few lines of it, I’m impressed that some have done circles and used it for couching! Must try harder next time.


  14. Sonie says:

    helloo.. Sharon
    my friend had just informed me that i have not given the link to the post in your blog…..so this time have written in the URL I was not knowing its important…………

  15. Hi Sharon,

    I would never have found this stitch if not for this challenge. It’s like learning a new word. I have posted on my blog . http://www.carorose.typepad.com


  16. Annet says:

    My first 3 rows of this stitch are on my blog here:
    It’s a great stitch, I think I’ll try some more this week.

  17. Tania Worth says:

    Enjoyed learning these embroidery stitches I have posted it in the flicker TAST and take a stitch on tuesday.

  18. ValerieL says:

    Thanks for the first challenge. Here is a picture of my first try to do this stitch. Thanks Sharon.


  19. Walden says:

    Since I missed the first year of TAST, I am trying to do them both at the same time. So here is my TAST2 week 1 and my TAST week 1. I really like what some of the other people have done. I love the idea of using it in a circle.

  20. brigitte68 says:

    hi Sharon
    my attempt at Diamond stich is on my blog:not very easy but at last I hope I got it
    thanks very much

  21. Hi,
    This is my trial of diamond sttich..need some more perfection..


  22. Gayle Schipper says:

    What fun to be back at TAST! My experiments are on my Flickr site.

  23. neki rivera says:

    here’s my first TAST. not easy, but fun.thanks Sharon.

    for the more dexterous ones one of the ideas was to create a diamond net on top of a diamond stitch foundation.i didn’t manage to accomplish it wel as you can see .

  24. gisele says:

    Here is my post about playing with this stitch. I ca’t wait to see what others have done. I could have played forever, but had to quit somewhere.


  25. Ruth Palsson says:

    Hell Sharon,
    When I first saw this stitch I thought it was going to be as hard as Spanish feather, but once I got going it was relatively straight forward! – I only had one false start. My sample is here.

  26. Laura Lea says:

    Here is a link to my diamond stitch cards on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/58325824@N00/4412211652/
    I also posted to the Flickr group

  27. Penny says:

    Hi Sharon, my very poor effort is on my blog, It took me ages to get the hang of this, must be getting old! Then I ran out of time but I have done it and I think correctly.
    Thanks for doing this again, I will get better as the year goes on, I hope! Penny

  28. Maureen Bond says:

    Hi Sharon, I like this stitch. I played with it a little and have posted photos to


    with details at


    It is good to be back. Maureen

  29. Sailaja Sharma says:

    Hi Sharon. This is beautiful stitch. I am still practising it. I may be able to post it on my blog positively during next week. As I am travelling am finding it difficult to upload my pictures. I am yet to explore what others have done.


  30. smg 1955 says:

    This stitch was enjoyable to do. I found it worked really well in perle 8 thread and liked the effect of silk ribbon threaded through. Thank you Sharon, this was a great choice to start with. I have posted on flickr TAST 2.

  31. Helina says:

    Hi, I started playing very simply and the result is to be seen on http://www.flickr.com/photos/helinacq/4413622431/ Want to try more creatively later…

  32. JoWynn Johns says:

    Couldn’t resist, Sharon. I’m excited to be back in the thick of your challenge. I’ve posted my first attempt at the diamond stitch to the Flickr group and I’ve blogged about it here:

  33. shirley bligh says:


    I will try again to post….here so hope I get it right. I loved doing the diamond stitch and am looking forward to the rest of the challenges.
    My photos are on my blog at shirleystwistedthreads.blogspot.com.

    I cant find how to do a link so hope someone will be able to help.


  34. kay susan says:

    Hi Sharon,

    thank you for the new challenge. This one almost had ME tied up in knots – I should have read the instructions more carefully. Anyway, finally the penny dropped with help from Mary’s video and my effort (second try!) is on my blog.

  35. Roberta says:

    Amei!!!! Os trabalhos e obrigada por dividir com nós que gostamos de fazer bordados.


  36. Hi Sharon

    I have posted my Diamond Stitches on my Blog


  37. Liz Ozselcuk says:

    My first stitch is finally up (it’s still Monday here in California!). It’s terribly blurry because I could only take a cell phone picture until we get a computer that will take my photos up and running. I’ve tried decreasing the distance between rows, decreasing the length of rows and adding beads on the right to left pass. I hope to make a series of circular samplers and then do something very clever with them….not sure what, but it had better be clever. :-)
    The url is here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/37200176@N07/

  38. Hi Sharon,
    Thanks for this discovery. I was not fully enthusiastic by this stitch, but I tried and I really loved the nice look.
    I posted this on my blog : http://elena33.canalblog.com/archives/stitch_explorer/index.html

  39. Hello Sharon and all
    have posted my stitching on a blog http:/ceebeablog.blogspot.com
    have twittered on a bit but I really liked this stitch
    See you next week

  40. Barb says:

    My Week 1 stitching is on my blog
    It’s interesting learning new stitches and I love the feeling when you finally get how to do it. Thanks Sharon.


  41. Hi Sharon,

    TAST2 is only ten days old and I am already behind! But today I finished my diamond stitch exercises. I will blog it tomorrow on my own blog, and I have added it already to the TAST-Flickr group.

  42. I have blogged about my first attempts at this stitch. It was a fun challenge! Thanks for hostessing it Sharon. http://cwkalina.blogspot.com/

  43. Del Lobo says:

    What a lovely idea to teach these stitches. I’ve just become interested in hand embroidery and want to use it on crazy quilt patches (another new interest). My question is: what kind of thread are you using in the tutorial? The only thread I’m familiar with for hand embroidery is the skeins with 6 strands. This thread looks a lot thicker and silkier. Thanks

  44. hi Sharon I have just posted another lot of diamond stitches. these ones inspired by others after looking at what others have done.

  45. Sharon B says:

    Del I used a thread called perle – it is cotton and comes in various weights – DMC sell it . There are hundreds of different types of thread you can use for embroidery and often stitches look better in different thread
    Recently the DMC blog ran a series of articles on different threads here
    but they are not the only company that sells thread too
    have a look at the Caron collection
    and of course occasionally I have my own hand dyed threads for sale too.

  46. Sailaja says:

    Sharon and friends-, I have posted my pictures of Diamond Stitch. I enjoyed it and will again experiment with it. But for now please visit my blog and leave your comments if any..


  47. Rebecca C. says:

    Well, I did try the stitch and I can’t quite get it right. I am going to move on to Week 2 and go back to the diamond stitch another day, I am too frustrated with it right now! LOL I see some of us have had trouble with it. I just can’t get my head around it.