TAST 2010 Week 22 Triple Chain

I am sure many people will enjoy the next stitch on the list and crazy quilters will have fun with it too.

I found this stitch in Edith Johns Creative Stitches (p44) and discovered it is heaps of fun. Triple chain is quite simple as it is a chain stitch with two side stitches.

It can be very effective particularly if you vary the height or angle of the chain stitches down the side. You can easily add beads or lace novelty threads through the loops.

As I said this stitch is a lot of fun and you can use a large variety of threads can be used from fine cotton perle to silk ribbon, the size of the stitch will depend on the weight of the thread used.

Start with a  chain stitch.

Bring the thread to the front of the fabric and insert the needle closely to where the thread emerges.

Take the needle through the fabric, bringing the point of the needle out a short space along the line to be stitched. With the thread wrapped under the needle point pull the needle through the fabric to form a loop.

Take your needle to the back of the fabric forming a small straight stitch over the loop, to hold the chain down.

This creates the first chain.

Rotate your work clockwise, to work a second chain stitch placed at right angles to the first stitch.

Make sure the chain stitch tie is pointed to the middle of the line.


step by step illustration of triple chain stitch

Rotate your work again to work another chain stitch on the other side of the central line.

The tie stitch should  point to the middle.


step by step illustration of triple chain stitch

Insert your needle into the middle of the first chain stitch, just above the first tie and make chain.

step by step illustration of triple chain stitch

Make another chain stitch

step by step illustration of triple chain stitch

Once again turn your work to make each of the two wing stitches, and repeat the process along the line.

step by step illustration of triple chain stitch

Enjoy this weeks stitch!

How to join in. 

Work an example of the stitch. Experiment a bit, photograph it, and put it on your flickr site or write about it on your blog.

Please remember to link back to here so others can find the challenge too.

Come here to this post and leave a comment to tell everyone where your site is. (Click on the title and it will take you to this post on an individual page if you bookmark it you can find it again)

Also now if you leave your full address ie include the http:// bit in your address it will become a link automatically.

Visit a few sites of people who have already left a comment. See what they have done. I am sure everyone will enjoy following the links left in the comments. If you have time, let other people know that you have seen their work on their site.

Other groups and networks

You can also share your explorations with other members on  stitchin fingers group and the flickr TAST site

Further information

If you need further information on the challenge a list of stitches covered so far or directions on how to participate please visit the TAST FAQ page.

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22 Responses to TAST 2010 Week 22 Triple Chain

  1. Chitra gangadharan says:

    Such a simple stitch, Thank you for introducing it. The stitch sampler is blogged here-

  2. nancilyn says:

    blogged http://mindblogglings.blogspot.com/2010_08_01_archive.html#3134259095795089699
    I worked this with stitch along with Week 23, waved chain.

  3. Week 23 completed and posted to my blog and the Flikr group. I was surprised by this stitch, in a nice way.

  4. umasrinivasan says:

    This stitch is interesting and I have tried and posted on my blog and Flickr.My blog Address

  5. Doreen G says:

    Hi Sharon Week 22 is done not very well but I have done it.
    Regards Doreen

  6. Penny says:

    Another nice little stitch it is up on my blog and I have remembered to do it before the week is out!

  7. This is a new one to me too. I have done two samples as I didn’t follow the instructions with the first one [thought I would remember it], it is similar though.
    I’ve posted them on my blog & on flickr.

  8. neki rivera says:

    hi all,
    posted my futile attempts with this one.goes w/out saying it’s me and not the stitch.
    off to see what you talented ladies did.

  9. Sandy Jandik says:

    I’ve posted the triple Chain on my blog. http://focus-on-fiber.blogspot.com Thanks for having TAST for us.

  10. Maureen Bond says:

    Week 22 Triple stitch is in my sites below. Another pretty stitch.


  11. Hi Sharon, I liked this stitch it is new to me, and has lots of possibilities. I have posted my samples on my blog at. Thank you


  12. Sue McB says:

    This is one I did not know – simple and effective. Thanks again Sharon.
    Examples on my blog, and the Flickr site as usual.


  13. JoWynn Johns says:

    What a surprise! I was expecting the stitch that’s made with three chain stitches that looks like a butterfly when they are juxtaposed. This is a very nice new one for me. (My URL was rejected.)

  14. Judy Harper says:

    This is wonderful!! I’m off to convert it now to needlepoint surface embellishment – all kinds of possibilities here!

  15. viji says:

    Dear Sharon, this stitch really nice.
    I had given a trial.
    I find it very easy. Since this stitch itself looks lovely, i had not add any beads.
    I uploaded it in flicker group and in my blog too.
    I am having fun trying more and more stitches introducing by you.

  16. Ria says:

    I LOVE this stitch! So simple and yet so pretty. Thank you for teaching us this one.

  17. Penny says:

    Oh I did it again, posted last weeks last night and forgot to tell you., Life is a bit complicated at the moment. Penny

  18. vivian says:

    I’m up to date … 7 stitches in the last 2 days!

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