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Textile artists use studio journals to catch ideas and develop them. A studio journal is not like and Art journal which aims to be an aesthetic object in its own right. A Studio journal is a workhorse. Many people confuse the two!

In all fields notebooks are starting points for more developed ideas. Painters keep a sketchbook to take visual notes of what they see but their finished paintings and their sketches are very different. Writers keep notebooks but their published book is not the same as what is first put down on paper.  Fiber artists do the same thing noting ideas and developing designs into items.


This course covers the process of using a Studio journal to create designs suitable for textiles such as contemporary embroidery, or quilting. The aim is to develop the habit of using a  Studio journal as part of your creative practice. Each week a series of design exercises are introduced. Students work though these in order to develop designs that can be applied to fiber. They aim to develop design skills and the habit of using a studio journal. You do not have to know how to draw.

Please note that this course is not about creating an art journal that is a finished object in its own right. The emphasis is very much on using a studio journal as part of a design process to produce something in fiber. The course contains design exercises and techniques and discusses how these might be applied to textiles. It is a course where students spend their time designing for textiles and working in their Studio Journal rather than working a project. 

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February 9th 2012

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4 Responses to Studio journal class on offer

  1. Belladune says:

    Good to know! Thank you, I'll be considering it. I've got a lot of other homework to do before march, so I have to think long and hard before taking on another comitment like this. I'm interested for sure.

  2. Sharon B says:

    I sent you an email Belladune but I would say if you are interested in 2D design it is of interest. All
    the design exercises are 2D and relate to image making and things like colour. Much of the course aims at developing a way of looking at the world in order to get ideas for designs then recording those ideas in order to develop them into a design.

    I have had feltmakers, beaders and doll makers take the class and enjoy it. That said my back ground is embroidery and quilting so my mind moves in that direction.

  3. Belladune says:

    Would this class also be useful to spinners and feltmakers?

  4. Marianne Squire Maszer says:

    II am so looking forward to my 4th class with Sharon, join me, more than worth the fee; her classes are very informative, creative and fun.

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