Bio Photo small Welcome to my new home for my blog. I hope readers continue to enjoy it!

OK, come in I will make a cuppa it’s time to make yourself comfortable.

I was having a few issues with Squarespace and after much thought I decided I was dissatisfied enough to leave. The reason I was so hesitant to move is that to date there are over 3,800 posts in this blog. That is not typo. Each post has images associated with them sometimes up to 10! Why is this an issue? When you transfer a blog you can import the text (all the posts) into a new platform but not the images. Some I was able to transfer by re-creating the directory structure but this did not work with all of them so much checking and reinserting images has been a lot of work!

Font size

First up whenever there is a change I get emails about the font being either too large or too small.

Here is a tip…

To change font size and make it larger on your key board press control shift and you plus sign all at once and your screen will be larger.

On a Mac press all at once command shift and your plus sign. If you want to make fonts smaller use minus.

There are a few changes.

If you glance your eyes along the tabs under the header at the top of the screen you will notice that  TAST now has a FAQ that covers the guidelines and also has a growing  list of stitches covered so far.

The For Love of Stitching Band Sampler has a FAQ page so I don’t have to repeat information about how and why it was made at the bottom of every post. The same page will act as and index to every section of the sampler.

The same applies to the Crazy Quilt details series that I am running about the Y2K I dropped the Button Box quilt. There is a CQ details FAQ that includes a list of blocks.

Some old stuff came under the delete button. For instance in 2010  each month I gave a way a desktop freebie that had a  calendar on it so you could see that month at a glance. Since these are now of no use I got rid of them.  Also some posts had dead links. Those that I noticed I either fixed or deleted. I know some people feel a blog should be left in tact as is but after 8 years of keeping one I can assure you sometimes a bit of a clean out is needed. I am also aware that there is still a lot of clean up needed!

I removed other past challenge pages because judging by the amount of email I got about them people found it confusing. Many thought they were old classes or challenges still running. The categories for these past challenges, are still in place however so if people want to browse using that method they can. Both categories and archives can be found in the sidebar.

You can also find a translate button at the top of the sidebar. Just under that is News in Brief section which will house news about future classes, challenges etc  Current comments publish what has recently been approved on the site.

Once the site is fully shifted I will set an email option again and  have RSS options etc (As I write this the domain has not yet shifted – when it is done then I will set up the feeds)

In the process of all this re-shuffling I found a lot of useful stuff that people could use so I will be highlighting resources I dug up from the archives. I also found numerous typos (WordPress will now highlight them for me). I have had more than one blushing moment rediscovering these!

Some Comments were lost Sorry 

In order to move the blog I had to export all the post and re-import them here, then set about tidying up and reimporting images rebuilding the blog while also maintaining the  old one. Having 2 blogs has meant that comments from the last few weeks have been lost. I am really sorry for those who left the comments. If they are TAST related please feel free to leave them again and point people to your site as readers love seeing what other people have done.

Comments are moderated by me not to censor but to keep spammers at bay, feel free to leave them.

For some strange reason when I imported the data each blog post came in with the date a day out! I fixed back to the start of this year and decided to leave the rest as I am sure people don’t really care.

I think that is all, we are back to normal TAST on Tuesday and I will get back into the swing of things as I also clean up the archives. Once again please if you left a comment in the last couple of weeks, particularly for TAST feel free to leave it again or to comment on the move too!

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24 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Chris says:

    Thanks, Sharon, I’ll have another look. At the moment the computer is throwing its toys out of the pram, so I shall have to wait a while.

  2. Chris says:

    Sharon, it looks fantastic but what a monumental task. Well done. It looks great, easier to use perhaps, but where can I find the Stitch Dictionary and TAST 2010? Please don’t tell me they’re gone for good……

    • sharonb says:

      Hi Chris the Stitch dictionary is in the same place as that has not moved TAST 2010 is in the archives and under the tast category ( still a mess as I have not cleaned up all those post yet)

  3. Urist says:

    Looks great! Everything looks like it’s where it should be.

    In case my comments have been lost, may I post my links to TAST entries for TAST week 11 and a combined project for weeks 12 and 1 (I’m really behind so I’m catching up by doing the current one and an old one each week)



  4. Oh!
    It is pretty nice.

  5. Luiz Vaz says:

    Beautiful, clean and effective layout. Success!

  6. Mertie says:

    LOVE the new site!!!!
    Just a note on changing font size. If your mouse
    has a wheely thing on it, you can hold down crtl
    key and move wheely thing aT the same time and font size will change.
    I know, my technical computer descriptions amaze
    people all the time. 🙂

  7. Sharon,
    New look is quite pleasing and soothing to eyes. Just few clicks and I will change my TAST links.

    Love n regards
    Lakshmi Sadala

  8. Jerry says:

    Another test – hope this one reaches you okay 🙂

  9. Debbie says:

    Good job, Sharon. To me it looks like it went pretty smoothly. I’m not going to be re-commenting my TAST blog links. I can’t imagine it would make a big difference to my hit counter, LOL! I have resubscribed to emails, but, I like google reader, too, and so far haven’t been able to get the new posts to come up there. I’ll figure it out, eventually.

    On a different note, you mentioned enlarging the font by doing ctrl, shift, +. I have been doing this for years, without the shift, just the ctrl and +/= and it works fine. What I like is that, at least in Chrome and Firefox, it remembers it for each site for the next time I go to that site. Each site may need a different degree of enlargement.

    Thanks for everything and Good luck!

  10. Rosemary Tweedie says:

    Congratulations on the ‘spring cleaning ‘ task. You will be needing more than a cuppa!

  11. Jacqui says:

    Love the new look. Very easy to read.

    So glad to see there is no Word Verification here now. It stops me leaving comments on blogs cos I get tired to trying to read the impossible “word” and having to repeat it so many times that I usually give up.

  12. JeanneZ says:

    Love the new look. Sounds like a lot of work on your part to get it to the new site thank you for doing this for us.
    I have learned so much from you.

  13. Annet says:

    I like the new look of your blog. I discovered that the links I had in my blog to Pin Tangle didn’t work correctly anymore. I changed the one that linked to the TAST-page, but had no time yet to change the others in my blogposts.

  14. Brigitte Otto says:

    Looks really good. It took me just two clicks to have the new Pin Tangle moved to My Yahoo. Enjoy your weekend!

  15. Lynn says:

    Hi.. LOVE your For the Love of Stitching sampler band.. I read the post a month or so ago.. and saw how you added the backing and extended. when I went on this new site, I cannot access it… the page comes up Not found. Do you have an easier way to access that information? I am curious and want to start my OWN continuous band sampler like yours. I see HUGE potential for teaching as well as historic significance for myself. Thanks so much Sharon for sharing your information.. you are in inspiration!

  16. Hi, Sharon, I like the new crisper look!
    Hope it is an even bigger success than the old one(oh, oh, more work though 🙂

  17. Corinne Loomer says:

    Sharon this is Awesome! You did a great job! I checked out all your new tabs and it’s just beautiful!

  18. Riddhi Kapoor says:

    hi Sharon,
    Blog looks so good!!
    fresh layout is very appealing and soothing!!


  19. Gina E says:

    Sharon, I think your new blog looks great. It is so much ‘cleaner’/less fussy. I don’t know where you find the time to do something like that – I’ve stuck with Blogger all these years mostly because I couldn’t bear the thought of uprooting everything there and transferring it somewhere else. But I’m happy enough with them anyway.
    Sharon and I went to a exhibition today of Australian samplers from 1850 to the present day. Sharon said how much you would enjoy it, and I agreed. If you can get down here before June 24 to see it, great, but if you can’t, I’ve taken a heap of photos and posted them to my “Needlecraft & Quilt Shows” blog.

  20. sharonb says:

    Hi Faith, I thought that the rss feed might pick the domain change up but it looks as if it wont. Sorry looks like people will have to resubscribe. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  21. Jerry says:

    Looking good 🙂

  22. Faith says:

    I clicked on your moving post in my reader and got a “Not Found.” Since I’m relatively computer savvy, I clicked on the blog address at the bottom of the post and Voila! Here I am.

    One question: Will the rss feed transfer automatically? I ask because this post does not show up in my reader.

    Also, the “Post Comment” button is over the e-mail section above, instead of below this comment box.

  23. Sharon says:

    I love it!! I like the new clean lines and the tabs at the top – make things so easy to find… Good on you… I often think about re-jigging my blog but just the thought of it tires me…
    Sharon – Melbourne

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