Module 7 Worksheet half price for 7 days

Module 7 of the Stitchers worksheets are for sale at half price of $5. I know people often discount after something has been available for a while but I like doing it the other way around as this means regular readers and customers can take advantage of the deal. It’s a loyalty discount.

Follow the link to details here

Sorry the sale is over

Chained Cretan Triangle


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2 Responses to Module 7 Worksheet half price for 7 days

  1. I really enjoy working these stitches! As I sit embroidering, each new stitch has me saying, “Oh, this stitch is so much Fun!” And I think it’s a favorite. And then the next weeks’ stitch is announced and….then it happens again with the new stitch. So I conclude–these new stitches are all my favorites!

  2. Thank you Sharon, I’m very proud for my work being selected. Congratulations to the other stitchers, I can see that french stitchers are on focus this week 😉

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