The Advantages of keeping a Visual Journal

screenshot of websiteNo matter what you call them art journals, sketchbooks, visual diaries or my favourite studio journals, and no matter who you are , artist, fiber artist, web designer, etc the reason a designer will keep one is similar.

Ben Mounsey in his Core art skills series sets out to convince digital artists and designers that there is still a place for a paper based sketching and developing a recording practice. In Part 2, The Sketchbook, Ben offers advice on what to focus on, when you are out and about.

Much of what Ben says in Core Art Skills: Part 2, The Sketchbook can be applied to textile practitioners. Make yourself a cuppa and take 5 to improve your skills and pop over to read his article

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  1. Lyndsey says:

    Thanks Sharon for posting this. Having got back into quilting and other textile art in April of this year I have also rediscovered my sketchbook. My father never went anywhere without his sketchbook and always taught me that to be creative you needed to enjoy observing and recording, however roughly. I haven’t got back into taking a sketchbook everywhere with me but I always have a camera even if it is just on my phone.

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