TAST Week 43 Highlights

small icon of hand embroideryI have made a little change in the way the way I present the highlighted featured stitches  as I noticed people were sharing the feature images on Pinterest and Facebook. I have no control over how people do this and weather they give proper credit or not so in future I will leave out the eye candy and just provide a link to interesting examples.

I am really pleased people enjoyed buttonhole wheel cup stitch.

Valerie of Can the Leopard change her spots experimented with different threads. It is very interesting to see the variations.

Leela on Leela’s Hobbies used buttonhole cup to secure a shish mirror on a pendant.

Over on Playful Stitching Lucy worked her buttonhole cup in a heart shape.

Hopscotch created a lovely detail on her growing patched piece

Laurel found a spotty print and added buttonhole wheel cups

I know I have gone over my limit of 5 but I could not resist the little girly motif over on My Creations

Swing by tomorrow as I will make an announcement about next years challenge It will go ahead but with a few changes.

In the meanwhile, I hope the featured samples this week have inspired and you to take a little time out in your busy week to browse the other comments on week 43

Further information about the TAST challenge

If you need further information on the challenge a list of stitches covered so far or directions on how to participate please visit the TAST FAQ page.

You can read back through TAST articles by browsing Challenges –  Take a Stitch Tuesday category

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5 Responses to TAST Week 43 Highlights

  1. Beverly says:

    Clearly I missed something, maybe my eyesight is worse than I thought. I’ve read the TAST FAQ over and over but can’t find where to sign up.

    Love your blog and generosity in sharing your knowledge!

  2. crazypatch says:

    De très beaux exemples…. j’aime ces visites du lundi de blog en blog.

  3. Cheryl Isaak says:

    I think I like the change – while I stopped sharing when you asked, I did try to always to give credit.
    Besides now you can list more places for me to visit

  4. latha says:

    Thank you sharon for liking my buttonhole wheel cup sample. Also big thank you on your decision to go with TAST 2013. I am excited and looking forward to learn more intresting new stitches through TAST.

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