Take a Stitch Tuesday Highlights

Because these are no longer weekly features I am not limiting myself to just 5 links. So make a cuppa take a break and enjoy a  little browsing as these are samples and projects from TAST  that have caught my eye.

Hopscotch always comes up with fun interpretations of a stitch. She is making a fiber vase of free-style machine and hand embroidery. Check out her photostream on flickr as she is using TAST stitches  Visit to see it its great!

Liz Eph over on Thread Bear created this delightful little fish using Raised Herringbone band

Over on Pierres Papiers Ciseaux you will discover sample of triangular feather stitch worked on a heart shaped ornament

Fiberdabbler created this wonderful lizard  using Raised Herringbone band

Over on Playful stitching there is an interesting sample of triangular feather stitch and an interesting application of Laced Herringbone Square

Lins Artyblobs used triangular feather stitch as a border on a creative patched piece she is working on

As usual Luiz Vas of Embroiderland has wonderful samples. I loved his alien spaceship and the alien landscape  his very inventive use of herringbone square to secure squares of coloured felt.

Over on Caro Rose Creations you will discover lovely felt pincushions using Raised herringbone band and Laced herringbone square and triangular feather stitch 

Annet of Fat-Quarter shared her TAST 2012 sampler and wrote about it on her blog. Also Annet has applied the principals of Raised herring bone band to twisted lattice and produced a tutorial and finally dont miss her post From square herringbone to stem stitch

Queeniepatch of Queenie’s Needlework has worked  a series of Raised herringbone samples using interesting threads. Queenie compares and contrasts  the threads she has used making for interesting reading

Annalise of Stitching lady used a double seam of triangular feather stitch on her crazy patch purse.

On Karrin’s Crazy world you will see triangular feather stitch used on crazy quilting.

Gail is doing has only recently this year started working through the list of TAST stitches and worked a series of Creten Stitch samples 

Over on The Working Needle and Pen Bearcat has worked a very interesting sample of Raised Herringbone Band over not one band but a mixed freeform area of satin stitch. If you have not seen her post on this visit as it is an unusual variation. Also take a look at her interpretation of triangular feather worked in a square and the patterns created  using laced herringbone square

Jizee6687 has been working interesting samplers of Raised Herringbone band and Triangular feather stitch and a series of samples of squared herringbone stitch, its varieties and possible arrangements As usual if you click on th eimages you will see larger versions of the images.

Carol Stitches came up with this simple but attractive border pattern using both herringbone square and laced herringbone square

Over on Can the Leopard Change her Spots Valerie interpreted triangular feather in an organic manner on felt.

Nico-Tine also has a pretty sample of triangular feather stitch

I hope the featured samples this week have inspired and you to take a little time out in your busy week to browse the latest other comments on my last post in the   Take a Stitch Tuesday category

Dont forget!

TAST this year is simple. All you need to do is stitch a sample of  ANY of the stitches listed on the TAST FAQ page and then leave a comment on the latest TAST post which is always the first post in  Take a Stitch Tuesday category

Further information about the TAST challenge

If you need further information on the challenge a list of stitches covered so far or directions on how to participate please visit the TAST FAQ page.

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  1. crazypatch says:

    Merci pour tous ces liens…. je suis un peu en retard cette année, mais très vite, je vais réaliser les points expliqués; merci Sharon

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