Crazy Quilts with Allie Aller

Allie aller CQ classI have just spent the afternoon with Allie Aller! I spent my afternoon in class watching Allie work up a small 4 block crazy quilt. How does someone in Australia have lessons from someone in America and not leave their home? Take part in an online class!

Crazy Quilts with Allie Aller is ideal for anyone who wants to start crazy quilting. If you are a regular quilter and not quite sure how to deal with some of the special issues associated with using different fabrics this class will be of interest to you too.

Allie Aller walks her students through the process of a small crazy quilt that is made up  of 4,  8 inch blocks. Piecing directions are demonstrated and patterns are provided.

This class covers different piecing methods, basic hand embroidery stitches and how to build seam embellishments for crazy quilting. The class introduces basic beading, silk ribbon embroidery, and adding embellishments like buttons. The class is completed with how to put the quilt together and how to treat various borders and bindings.

Allie covers the basics very well. The videos are filmed professionally and presented clearly. Allie anticipates problems new hands may have and demonstrates how to avoid or get out of muddles.

Class notes are provided and you can also chat in the forum about your projects. A hidden gem is that Allie Aller includes a copy of her book in PDF format with the class. I have the book as a book and it is something that should sit on everyones shelf! Since you get the ebook with the class this is really a great bonus.

As a result I think the class should be on the featured page of the Craftsy site. I get a little peeved that crazy quilting is always pushed to the background. Allie is a good teacher and this is a new class that was released this week and should be featured. Ok off my soapbox now.

Please note I am not an affiliate nor did I gain financially from writing this review other than free access to view it.

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7 Responses to Crazy Quilts with Allie Aller

  1. Gini Bellettini says:

    I just checked Allie’s blog, Sharon, & she’s raving about your stencils that she just received! Sorry you have to work so hard to process your orders, but I’m patiently waiting for a set of stencils, can’t wait to try them!

    • sharonb says:

      Hi Gini – I spotted Allies post too and I am totally delighted to see her use them. Yes I am a bit inundated but that is good for me!

  2. willa fuller says:

    I have sat next to Allie in class and watched her artful process. So glad she is sharing and spreading CQ joy.

  3. Helen Baker says:

    Thanks Sharon. Allie’s book is so, so good.

  4. Virginia Aman says:

    Hi Sharon,
    Love the Craftsy classes and appreciated your recommend on this one. Also got your stencils and this might be the class I need to push me into some action. Get your pintangle and have it stored as reference material.

  5. Bev. Olson says:

    I love Allie Aller’s work. I have her book and used it as an inspiration for an ocean quilt I’ve entered in the AQS Grand Rapids 2013 Show. (Cross your fingers) Was just near her area of the country and so would’ve liked to meet her. Maybe next time.

  6. allie aller says:

    Thank you, Sharon! I appreciate your taking the time to view my class and sum it up so well. Hopefully, the class will draw some new stitchers and quilters into the wonderful world of CQ.
    😉 Allie

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