Work in Progress block 37 started

I have started block 37. To be honest this block has been sitting with one seam started since I released my stencils. In fact I used it for a photo to demonstrate how to use them. You can see it here 

This is how the block started out.

Crazy quilt block 37

This is how it is looking now. As you can see there is quite a way to go but I have started! I have worked a few seams. Next week I hope to have it done.

Crazy quilt block 37 in progress

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5 Responses to Work in Progress block 37 started

  1. Yay! Here’s my little bit of progress for the weekly report (although I missed last week, didn’t I??):

    It can be hard to get back to a long project when you’ve other irons in the fire, Sharon, can’t it?=)

  2. Annet says:

    Nice colours, almost the same as the block that’s hanging on my design board.
    My progress about my new project is here:

  3. queeniepatch says:

    I thought I recognised it from the stencils info. Will you complete the block by using the stencils full out?
    I’ve completed the second of my Swedish wool embroidery wrist warmers.

  4. Linda says:

    Dat’s it – done!!! This is my official claim to the Tag-team, World Record, Slowest Work In Progress.
    You have a lot to answer for, sharonb

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