TAST 104 and 105 Buttonholed Cable Chain and Alternating Buttonholed Cable Chain

I have 2 TAST stitches this week which I hope people will enjoy. Next week I will have a break week so folks done fell they are on overload.

Both stitches this week are a variety of Cable Chain stitch.

Buttonholed cable chain sample

Cable Chain stitch was a TAST Stitch in Week 25. Cable chain differs slightly from regular chain stitch as Cable chain has an extra bar worked between each chain stitch. (Follow the link if you need a little reminder of how to work it) When you buttonhole this stitch it becomes something quite different.

When you first learn this stitch use a thread with a firm twist. When mastered experiment with other threads.The example is worked in Perle #5 thread. I worked each journey in different colours so readers could see what was happening.

Buttonholed cable chain  1Work a row of Cable Chain stitch. The chain stitches in this row acts as  a foundation.

For the second journey work from left to right and bring the needle up through the fabric on the bottom the left hand side.

Slip your needle under the thread of the first chain stitch as illustrated. Loop the thread under the needle point and pull the needle through to make the first buttonhole stitch

Buttonholed cable chain 2Work a buttonhole stitch on the side of the chain stitch being careful not pass the needle through the foundation fabric. Add more buttonhole stitches.

As you work slide the stitches long the bar so that the finished stitches are spaced closely together.

Buttonholed cable chain  3When you reach the end of the foundation stitch move to the next chain skipping the bar between. The bar acts to divide each loop neatly but does not need to be buttonholed.

Buttonholed cable chain  4When you reach the end of the row turn your work and buttonhole the other side of the cable chain foundation.

Buttonholed cable chain  5Alternating Buttonholed Cable Chain Stitch

Alternating Buttonholed Cable chain stitch is a variety of Buttonholed Cable Chain you start with a foundation row of Cable Chain stitch.

Alternating Buttonholed cable chain  1

On the second journey work buttonhole stitches on the side of the chain stitch being careful not pass the needle through the foundation fabric. As you add more buttonhole stitches slide the stitches long the bar so that the finished stitches are spaced closely together.

When you reach the end of the foundation chain stitch slide your needle under the bar between the chain stitches and work buttonhole stitches on the other side of the next chain stitch. Work like this along line, buttonholing first one side of the chain stitch then on the next foundation stitch work the other side.

Alternating Buttonholed cable chain  2It is a fun stitch to work and I can see lots of applications for it.

Alternating Buttonholed cable chain  3

Like it? Join in!

Once you have worked a sample,  photograph it and put it online at your blog, flickr etc then swing back to the Last TAST post (you will find it under the category each week)  and leave a comment. If you are pushed for time and don’t get a chance to do it this week, don’t fret as next week I will also open a post so people can leave their details.

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19 Responses to TAST 104 and 105 Buttonholed Cable Chain and Alternating Buttonholed Cable Chain

  1. Hi Sharon
    I have not done any TAST Sts for a while and really liked this one I have posted it in Stitchinfingers.

  2. Hi Sharon,
    105th stitch sampler[the name is too long for this lovely stitch, can you give it a new name?]-
    Thank you,

    • sharonb says:

      Yes I agree the name is a mouthful but I am not good at thinking up snazzy names for things – hopeless at it!

  3. Lisa A says:

    really a sweet little stitch. I will be using this one as I always stress as to what is going to look good on a block…thanks for all you do…

  4. Anneliese says:

    This is lovely stitch – I knew it at once – although I had to count threads which I don’t like so much. But with some practice it will be ok without counting.

  5. Carol Harper says:

    Here are my stitches 104 and 105.


    Had a little trouble with 105 — the top course of buttonholing simply evaded me — I think it was because I had to stitch them backwards?

  6. Barbara M says:

    Absolutely love this stitch it will be a fave of mine and it was just the thing to trim my beastie block!


  7. Hi Sharon,
    I was hoping you would add this stitch to TAST soon. so I have happily started this stitch sampler here-
    Thank you,

  8. Beth in IL says:

    I think that will look great on my current block for your class. Lots of great texture!

  9. Sumara Ghizze Pio da Silva says:


  10. Angela says:

    Nice instructions! Thanks. I have posted my sample at http://princessbubblescreates.blogspot.ca/

  11. Pamela says:

    Here’s my TAST #103. http://hokkaidokudasai.blogspot.jp/2014/03/take-stitch-tuesday-21-butterfly-chain.html

    I can hardly wait to try out these two new stitches!

  12. Audrey B. says:

    I have some old TAST stitched I would like to show today :)

    TAST #33 Sheaf Stitch:
    TAST #32 Linked Double Chain Stitch:

    Here is all my TAST stitching so far:

    Thanks again!

  13. BJ Mills says:

    gorgeous and easy to understand. Thank You,

  14. Anneliese says:

    Oh goodness, what lovely stitches! Simply charming! Thanks a lot, Sharon.

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