Break week for TAST stitches

Last week I posted instructions for 2 stitches so its a catch up week this week as if folks get overloaded with stitches to do they  drop away. I don’t want TAST to become a  to do list but rather I hope my readers can use it as than a space for experimentation and creative skill development.

I am opening up this page so that if you have worked a sample from  ANY of the stitches listed on the TAST FAQ page  post a comment below and tell us about it.

Once you have worked a sample,  photograph it and put it online at your blog, flickr etc then swing back to the Last TAST post (you will find it under the category each week)  and leave a comment.

Don’t want to miss our on any of the TAST stitches?

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6 Responses to Break week for TAST stitches

  1. Annet says:

    I used a variation of the alternated buttonholed cable chain stitch on a CQ seam:

  2. Angela says:

    I took your advice and explored going even more wonky with the rice stitch. Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Terry Decker says:

    Your box is beautiful. What a creative way to use the stitch.

  4. Annet says:

    I’m slowly catching up. Today I wrote about the beaded butterfly chain stitch and buttonholed cable chain stitch (TAST 103 & 104) on my CQ fan block:

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