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  1. Lesley Walker says:

    You’ve been missed! Blessings

  2. Hi Sharon,
    That’s fantastic news about your progress on your book. Congrats and All the Best! Missing you too!

  3. Renee Weeler says:

    Gosh it is so good to be back on your website. Also anxiously awaiting the arrival of your crazy quilting book. Best of luck and so good to know that you are enjoying the writing of it. Busy counting the days till the publication of your book…..

  4. Chris says:

    Hi Sharon

    So good to hear from Pintangle, I really miss those gorgeous posts. But also good to hear of your progress on the book. Although I have just about given up on crazy quilting I will buy it simply because it you will have written it 🙂

    Did you ever get to finish the posts on the I Dropped the Button Box set?

  5. Cyndi L says:

    I can’t wait! …but that doesn’t mean I want you to rush <3

  6. Maureen says:

    Without a doubt your Crazy Quilting book will be a winner and eagerly awaited by all of us around the world.
    I’ve been inspired by you, enjoyed your tutorials, support, tips and even individual help for many years. The templates have been in use since I bought them and I’m sure the new book will be also.
    All the best,

  7. velia says:

    So glad you’re OK and working on that fabulous book project that takes many, many hours, never enough in a days work. We all share your enthusiasm in the CQ theme and look forward to hear of your progress when your busy time allows. CONGRATULATIONS>

  8. Julia says:

    Hi Sharon,
    I agree with all the other comments. I’m glad to recieve an email and know your ok and still in touch with us. It’s very inspiring to be part of , as you say , this textile community. My daughter asked if I would help to make her first quilt.
    With best wishes

  9. sharonb says:

    A HUGE BIG THANKYOU everyone for so many positive responses to this – I just love playing in the stitching community everyone is so suppotive

  10. Andy LW says:

    Sharon – I, too, was thinking of you the other day and worried that you were OK. However, it was very good to see “Pintangle” in my inbox today and to read about the progress of your book. All very exciting. Do hope everything progresses really well.

  11. Claire Turner says:

    How lovely to have a post from you again Sharon. They have been sorely missed. But, the bonus will be having your newly published book of Crazy Quilting. I’m pleased that it is making you smile.

  12. Waving back and happy to hear the news! I know it will be an excellent book!

  13. Barbara says:

    My first response was ‘pintangle’ hooray! Second response – great news. I’m so glad your book is underway and, like so many others, will be cheering you on from the sidelines and eagerly awaiting its completion.
    Enjoy this different type of creative process, blessings.

  14. Congrats on making progress with your book! It must be a huge undertaking!

  15. Beth in IL says:

    Can’t wait to see your book. Working on a crazy quilt tea cozy using your class notes.

  16. Karen Hancock says:

    I too am eagerly awaiting your new book. I’m sure they take a long time to create and that you have many decisions to make. I plan to be among the first to purchase it!

  17. Bev says:

    A thought occurred to me. How does one put down on paper all of the millions of ideas, tips, tutorials, pictures, sage advice, and life lessons you have freely shared with all of us over the years? It surely must be a daunting task! Thank you from all of us for making the art of crazy quilting alive and thriving throughout the world.

  18. Ruth says:

    You have inspired me to take up my needle once again!! (Although my fingers have been busy – I crochet) I’m going to make a ‘Life” quilt. I’m sketching out ideas for each square and am deciding on colors. I can hardly wait to get out my threads, buttons, charms and lace.

  19. Lydia Talton says:

    Looking forward to your book. When will it be available?

  20. JoWynn says:

    Can’t wait to have your book. I’m re-doing Personal Library of Stitches and finding that rewarding.

  21. Maureen says:

    Exciting news! I look forward to owning a copy of your book!

  22. Carol says:

    Miss all the post, but with joy thinking there will be a book to follow. I can hardly wait to see this labor of love. I know it will be incredible.

  23. Saja Montague says:

    Thank you for the post of what you are up to. I can’t wait for the book. I’ve missed our class, but love seeing pins of your beautiful work all over Pinterest. You have such an incredible gift of creating beauty! Keep us posted on the publication of the book!

  24. Jackie says:

    I was just thinking about you the other day! Glad to hear you’ve been busy writing a book and that all is well.

  25. Charlotte Wells says:

    Thank you for the update on your activities. I shall look forward to the books and, in the meantime, bless you every day or so as I use your TAST page to access those excellent stitch directions. Thanks all over again, blessings, Charlotte

  26. Annet says:

    It’s good to see some eye candy here, love the embroidery! I hope you enjoy writing your book, I’m saving a spot on my bookshelf for it!

  27. Allie Aller says:

    What an utterly gorgeous block. YUM.

  28. Oh Joy!! I am thrilled for you and for all of us. Your encrusted crazy quilt class and all of its information-laden lessons absolutely changed my life. I’ve been hoping you would write a book forever so this is just marvelous for our whole community! Leaping for joy up here in Maryland! Susan

  29. Glenda Tunstall says:

    Looking forward to your book Sharon. I’m doing kathy Shaws beginner crazy quilting course on line at present and I’ll have more ideas for using your templates which I bought when you put them out a year or so ago. Just loving the hand embroidery.

  30. Rachel says:

    Very best wishes for this project. Good to know it is going so well!

  31. THERESE says:

    Heuresue que vous allez bien
    j’attend votre retours avecimpatience
    bonne jourée

  32. rudaina says:

    Hi Sharon

    Delighted to see you Happy with what you have reached and delighted more to Hear from you.

    Waiting for the book to be published … i know it will be a Gem!

  33. Juno says:

    What a beautiful piece to see on a cold autumn morning???? Have you sent out a newsletter recently? If so I have not received it and I have been keeping an eye out for it. Good to hear from you again

  34. Sharon says:

    That’s fabulous news Sharon… I look forward to seeing the finished “product”. Take care now…

  35. Marie says:

    Glad you’re doing well! Can’t wait for your book 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying the process.

  36. joyce Bannon says:

    So happy everything is going well for you and your book coming along. Miss all the post, but with joy thinking there will be a book to follow. Enjoy doing your book, look forward to seeing you labor of love. Take care, prayer to your family.

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