Beginning True a quilt by Sue de Vanny steals the show

Beginning-True-by-Sue-de-VannyWho could not resist this quilt titled Beginning True by Sue de Vanny. For me this quilt which received an Honourable Mention would have been the show winner. The quilt is part of an Australian Quilt Convention exhibit in the the 2015 challenge True Blue.  For me it stole my heart so should have stolen the show as you can see Cute rules! I also like the colours and the subtle use of perspective with the depictions of the fence.

You can see some of the quilts on the Australian Quilt Convention website.

Added later. I was fortunate enough to see this quilt when the exhibit came to Canberra. It was an amazing exhibit with numerous wonderful quilts. After seeing it live I still love this one…

Thanks for the link goes to Carmen Z of Stitch Robbin has shared her impressions of the 2015 quilt exhibition at the Australian Quilt Convention. This year the challenge was “True Blue”


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16 Responses to Beginning True a quilt by Sue de Vanny steals the show

  1. Pamela Schlender says:

    I wish there was a pattern for those of us who own and love these special, brilliant dogs!!!

  2. Tina Marie says:

    As the owner of several Blue Heelers over the years I love this and it reminds me of their adorable pup expressions!

  3. Sue de Vanny says:

    Thanks for your support!! 😀 love the comments too

  4. Rhonda says:

    For reasons too emotional to explain, this is the one. A mate, a true blue, so important in an Aussie life and in my family. A beaut.

  5. velia says:

    Fabulous work.

  6. Layna Phillips says:

    This quilt reminds me so much of Texas (my home state). The colors and the also the Blue Heeler puppy. We have lots of those colors in nature here and lots of those dogs, as well. This quilt touches my heart. Thanks so much. Pinning!

  7. Oh! I agree with you!

  8. HI Sharon,
    A beautiful quilt indeed.

  9. Juno says:

    What a lovely piece of work.

  10. Robin Waybright says:

    Just love this quilt!! The pup looks like he could walk right out of the quilt. Cute does rule!

  11. Wendy says:

    This is adorable!

  12. I couldn’t agree more! =)

  13. I couldn’t! 🙂 Just adorable and beautifully executed!

  14. Annecaroline says:

    I agree,this is a gorgeous work!

  15. Raine Phillips says:

    Oh that is just the loveliest.

  16. alcira says:

    Una verdadera dulzura,y que arte,

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