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Take a Stitch Tuesday update and weekly round up

I have just updated the Take a stitch Tuesday Challenge page and quietly singing to myself – out of tune but nevertheless singing and quietly because I don’t want to wake the house but I am excited at what people have been doing with the challenge.

I am not sure quite how I am going to keep up with everybody but I am having a lot of fun trying. There are nearly 170 people signed up. Everyone is listed on the Take a stitch Tuesday Challenge page. I hope I have not missed anyone out as there has been emails flying back and forth, comments left and lots of activity on top of technical problems the load has been considerable. If I have left you out of the list on the challenge page, and you have a blog or flickr site please leave a comment as it is simply a mistake.

I have subscribed to everyone in my bloglines account and it has become my morning indulgence to see what people are doing with herringbone stitch. If you do not have an RSS feeder they are very useful particularly if you are working way your through a lot of blogs and flickr sites.

I realise that I have not committed to what day I would so a weekly round up of who has done what on this challenge. I was going to run a summary of what people had done on the previous week each Tuesday when I announced the stitch but I think I will run the weekly round up on either Saturday or Sunday. It gives people time to stitch and yet leaves time for those who need a bit eye candy to get their inspiration so here is the first one. I am not shifting the deadline as such as I can include anything published after my Sunday round up the following week.

I am sure anyone who has been doing any blog browsing will see that you can take herringbone stitch in many directions. Hopefully looking at what people have done gives a different perspective of the one basic stitch.

Jennifer of A Garden of Stitches has worked a sample on felted wool

Allison Aller layered stitches over a loose weave wool

Pat of Altering thoughts has designed a piece which set herringbone on a curve.

Although Annie of Annie’s Crazy World said she was not going to join in on TAST she did applying it to her latest block. Annie has also posted an image of herringbone which has been interrupted ever third cross. Breaking stitches up like this always produces interesting results

Beth of Artist Perpetually in Progress- Mixed Media Art has been exploring priming canvas for stitching.

For Carol of Art~n~Quilt it was the first time to explore this stitch.

Ati of Ati on the crazy road has worked 3 seams on a crazy quilt block and a whimsical snail in herringbone

Gail of Big Horn Mountain Creations has also worked a few rows of herringbone stitch on her sampler

Emmy Schoonbeek of Cramzy has also worked on the curve. Take a look at the small sample she worked on hand dyed fabric is great.

Susan of Crazy Quilting for Fun has worked some seams on her latest crazy quilting project.

Francoise of Creatilfun posted an image of a herringbone sample she worked a while back. It is great eye candy to provoke ideas and has worked two samples

Karen of Creaworx has worked a section of a sampler. Do check it out as she has used herringbone to couch stitches, she has woven thread through it, laced herringbone and explored spacing. The second piece is full scene so don’t miss it

Barbara of Embroidery overlaps has worked miles of her sampler. OK I am exaggerating but it looks as if she has worked a couple feet of it, in all sorts of varieties of herringbone, using different threads, exploring spacing, tread weight and colour.

Jade Rose of Enter the stitcher has worked herringbone to look like a braid by weaving 4 rows.

Melissa of Frog Stitch has worked a small sampler exploring stitch size, what the stitch looks like using a different number of stranded floss, lacing herringbone, using herringbone to couch down ribbon, and varieties of double herringbone stitch.

Don’t miss Pat Winter’s of Gatherings explorations of beaded herringbone

June R of Grandma Ziki’s Stitching has worked a neat sampler and has been thinking about thread weight

Elizabet of Her eyes shone like emeralds of the deepest hue has jumped into the challenge full of enthusiasm and worked a sampler exploring herringbone, using different threads, exploring spacing, tread weight and colour.

I was wondering if anyone would think to use herringbone to appliqué fabrics to back ground and Amy of In the Fold did!

JoWynn has worked her sampler inmulticoloured threads

Judith Green of Judith’s Material Musings has also worked herringbone on the curve in the shape of a heart and applied herringbone to a crazy quilt seam embellishment.

Outi of Just thinking aloud has explored working herringbone in a circle. Outi has changed the scale as she works. Take a look as her other sample is interesting too.

Katie Jayinpa of Katie’s New Place has applied herringbone to crazy quilt block which is also a UFO – two challenges for the price of one here.

Pam Kellogg of Kitty and me designs has diagrammed some patterns for herringbone stitch.

Deborah of Knitstoryworked a sample on Aida exploring perle cotton, embroidery floss, silk ribbon, and couching.

Linda is known as Lindamh on flickr, ha
s worked a sample on 14 count Aida using perle 5 and 8 threads.

Beth of Meandering Threads has created a freeform sample

Virginia of Needle and Thimble has started a crazy quilt block as her sampler for TAST

Julieanne of Neverending Journey has worked a free form sampler. I really liked the ‘rules’ she established for herself.

I was wondering if anyone would twig to the fact that working a closely spaced herringbone stitch is one of the basic stitches for shadow work. Peggy of Peg’s Place did.

Julita of the Pin Gallery as worked a sampler.

Carol Taylor of Postcards and stuff has worked a wonderful freeform sampler of herringbone

Lin Moon of Purple Fan wants to change the challenge acronym to TASTY! This week she has worked herringbone over rick rack and produced a sampler that crazy quilters will delight in.

Elizabeth of Quieter Moments has really been stitching up a storm as she has worked a good number of samples. Do check them out I am sure you will be inspired to try some out.

Quilt Pixie tackled herringbone in an interesting way and although she did not like it I think it holds possibilities. Take a look and you will see what I mean.

Quilterin is written in both German and English so you can follow this Austrian blogger’s activities easily. Take a look at the sample Elke has worked. The third row down is great and particularly useful for crazy quilters. Also have a look at the details on crazy quilt blocks that have been posted.

Renea’s is known as renmedema on flickr and she has been exploring colour contrasts working herringbone stitch in different threads

Sharon of Sharon’s Art Journal also worked some samples of herringbone

Kim of Skybell arts has explored stitches on a different scale, using threads in different colours and weights.

Tina of Tina’s blog has worked some wonderful samples

Don’t miss Véro de La Fare’s fish worked in herringbone.

Vivian has a flickr site Vivian in stitches has posted images of herringbone worked in combination with other stitches. Do check out her samples as crazy quilters will enjoy some of her combinations.

Charlene of When This You See, Remember Me has worked herringbone in a loose manner.

Willma of Wilma goes crazy has explored tied herringbone and explored a variety which in English is called woven herringbone. Wilma has posted directions on how to do this stitch. In The English version the thread goes twice around the cross instead of once as the Dutch version. So I will explore this further

For those who have a flickr account there is a group you can send your photos to. It is called the Take a stitch Tuesday group. It is a sort of one stop shop for those who want to browse the results each week.

Some questions answered

I am getting quite a few emails about how the lessons I am offering at work. So I decided to post the answers here. The crazy quilting class will be starting on February 16 running for 6 weeks and there are places still available.

There are two major components of online classes; the lessons themselves and the forum. The lessons are the guts of the class. They explain both the design and “how to” of making and embellishing a block. They are structured so that you move from stage to stage in coherent manner. The include illustrations and step by step instructions about the process so everything is visually demonstrated. I have also pointed to stitches in my stitch dictionary for stitches as I did not want to simply re-hash what is already online.

The lessons are an Adobe PDF document are disseminated to the students by Each student is given a User ID and password as well as the URL to the class webpage where they are expected to go and download each lesson. There is a one lesson per week.

The expectation is that the students download each lesson weekly and progress through the class. I have included quite a bit of information and ideas in each lesson but I do not expect students to try absolutely everything I have covered. Crazy quilting is a ‘pick and choose’ form of activity. Each week I expect people to pick an idea they like and work it into their block. They can choose to just do a few hours on their block or more. It’s up to the student. Some people are busier than others so I am very flexible.

Each student is invited to register at the forums which is where all class communication takes place. While not real time chat, they can post messages. I will be checking the forum daily to answer questions and join in on he chat. Here too students can post images of their work so I can give them feedback.

Participation in the forums is totally voluntary and Barbara a tells me that not everyone bothers with it. Some people are not interested in chatting and posting of messages part but I think this will be a really fun part of the process as students from all over the globe have joined up.

I hope I have clarified how they work and what is expected.

Linda at Chloe’s place has kindly blogged her reactions to my lessons for class. Linda’s response can be read here

Thankyou Linda

Linda at Chloe’s place has kindly blogged her reactions to my lesson notes that are to accompany the online crazy quilting class I am offering. I sent Linda a copy to proof and possibly review, and her response can be read here

The crazy quilting class It will be starting on February 16 running for 6 weeks and there are places still available.