Weaving machinery at the Musée des arts et métiers

The Musée des arts et métiers (Museum of Arts and Crafts) in Paris is one of those museums you will with find absolutely fascinating or just not your thing.

the Musée des arts et métiersIf you are a weaver or have done any weaving you will find their display of looms fascinating as they have models of all key looms and a circular knitting machine!

the Musée des arts et métiers loomYou can see me thoroughly enjoying myself here peering into the beautiful old cabinets trying to translate the notes.

the Musée des arts et métiersAlso of interest was this colour wheel for dyes

the Musée des arts et métiers colour wheelThis display on the invention and manufacture of rayon was also interesting.

the Musée des arts et métiers rayonAnyway as promised, I thought I would share the information about this gem as it is not on the main tourist track and when we visited it was quiet.

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How to make Gift Boxes from Paper tutorial

I have been poking around You Tube again and found a few tutorials that might be handy this time of year.

This tutorial demonstrates how you can make Paper Gift Boxes from gift wrap, recycled greeting cards or decorated paper. It is a unique way to wrap a gift!

Friday freebies is a regular series in which I highlight free resources online, free patterns and links that are of interest to fiber folks.  All posts in the series are in the  Friday Freebie category I hope you enjoy them.

Blog, tutorials and resources round up

It has been a while since I have done a round up of what has been happening on the blogs. I decided today I was in the mood. So make a cuppa aand take a break while I share some good links with you.

Over on Plays With Needles Susan Eliot has come up with a great idea on how to turn your kids into angels. She has even given us as step by step tutorial … dont miss it. Jokes aside it is a great idea.

Over on Planet June you will find a Beaded Poinsettia Tutorial which employs a Victorian beading technique to make a small poinsettia.

Annet over on Fat Quater had written a tutorial on how she stitched the TAST 2012 logo

There are a few great ribbon tutorials over on  Inspirational Tips, Techniques and Tutorials. First there is directions on how to make a Christmas Ribbon Rosette . Also  a tutorial on how to make a Handmade Poinsettia Ribbon Flower Tutorial. Another is instructions on making Vintage Twisted Ribbon Roses

I really liked these Embroidery Floss-Decorated Hair Combs Found with thanks via Craftzine

There are some Aemilia Ars Needle Lace Free Patterns. Details can be found on the Italian Needlework website

Over on TextileXplorations  Susan has written a demonstration of how to use Tumble Dyes

This pattern for a beaded snowflake will not only make a great tree decoration but I can also see it as a crazy quilting embellishment particularly if you making crazy quilted Christmas Stockings. Found with thanks via Beading Arts
Over on Stitching by A Cornish Sea Shore there is a blog give away

Sue Bleiweiss has a give away on her blog too!

Dont miss the fantastic blog highlights and resource links over on  Needlework craft gossip particularly this round up of Free hand-embroidery patterns

Well that is more than a cuppa’s worth of reading and browsing. Enjoy!

Wordcast Craft Month

screenshot of websiteLook out for some interesting pieces from Wordcast on the craft of craft and hobby blogging. During February a series of articles will focus on how crafters in all walks of life are using the web to connect, learn and share. I am sure readers will find them interesting.

I will be following, curious to see what other crafters think about this new form of communication and I will be interested to read about how practitioners, teachers, designers, community organisers and suppliers all use the web to enhance their enjoyment, passion careers, business and skills.

According to Lorrelle every month there is an estimated 70,000 searches for key phrases that contain the word “craft”, so we are no longer a small corner of the web. So if you have not encountered Wordcast before do check it out and keep an eye on WordCast Craft month