Gerry Krueger looks very closely

 Gerry Krueger writes a blog that focuses on crazy quilting with an emphasis on what makes a crazy quilt block successful. She looks closely at other peoples crazy quilting in order to figure out what makes  a block work.

This week, to my delight, Gerry Krueger has focused on one of my blocks and analysed it in full detail. Pop over to Block Talk with Gerry and see what she thinks about harmony and contrast for me you can not have one without the other they are two sides of a coin. I am sure you will learn heaps!

Also while you are there check out Gerry’s hand painted buttons as they are great.

Postage stamps with a creative twist

Danish artist Thomas Wolsing has created a series of cross stitched works based on digital photographs of old, dilapidated houses in North Jutland which have become ‘postage stamps’ used in an interesting mail art project.

Both the mail art ‘artstamp’ project and the Thomas Wolsing’s work question preconceived ideas associated with common everyday objects, how they are used and what they might communicate.  Readers I am sure will find them both interesting.

Discovering colour schemes

I have been playing around with some of the photos I took when in Brussels. I am thinking about the colour scheme for the section of my For Love of Stitching band sampler.

 This is the first photo taken at the Grand Place Brussels.

I selected an are of interesting colour and cropped it. Then I used a web based colour scheme tool, colorsuckr to pull out the colours.


This was the result and I quite like it. I would leave out the two grey colours down the bottom.  With those gone it feels light and a little shabby chic and I like the crack of bright pink. As a colour scheme for the next section of my sampler it would be good as the spring weather was perfect.  

The second photo was also taken at the Grand Place in the evening. This photo appealed because of its limited colour range.


Once again I used colorsuckr to discover a colour scheme.

This was the result. I really like the mix but to be honest I expected  a little more midnight blue. I don’t think I will use it on the band sampler in the next section as to me this colour scheme feels too summery but I think I might use it for something else. 

Needless to say both colour schemes generated by colorsuckr  got pasted into my studio journal. I will ponder it further before I make a final decision.