Charge your phone while shopping

This environmental consciousness solar powered hand bag looks like it is covered  in contemporary beading.

Normally the solar panels are a single flexible thin sheet but the designers of the DIFFUS Solar Handbag have 100 smaller solar cells on the bags surface. These look like fashionable oversized sequins.

The bag is integrated with solar cells so you can charge your mobile phone or laptop while out and about.

Read about the design process and philosophy on the Diffus blog and details are on the Diffus design website.

Thanks to Giz Mag for the link

How to Store Seed Beads in Plastic Straws

This tutorial on how to Store Seed Beads in Plastic Straws looks to be an economical and compact method of storing small quantities of different seed beads. It would also be an attractive way to package a gift to a fellow beader.

Next time I have to travel anywhere I am going to try it. I figure the jiggling my travel habits give, will test this type of container to the limit. That said it not only appears to be an economical way of storing seed beads but you can see how much you have of what colour and what size they are.

Tips for photographing your craft work

screen shot of siteRobin Atkins of Beadlust has written an excellent article on Taking and Editing Quality Photos of Beads and Beadwork.

Robin is a beader so she has focused on photographing beads but many of the problems beaders encounter are the same problems that stitchers and crazy quilters have when trying to get a good photograph of their work. In fact most crafters will find her tips useful.

The article is detailed and also focuses on editing a photograph to bring out the best in a piece of work. Don’t miss reading Taking and Editing Quality Photos of Beads and Beadwork as it is becoming more and more important that textile practitioners know how to take a photograph of their work and edit the file.