How to Store Seed Beads in Plastic Straws

This tutorial on how to Store Seed Beads in Plastic Straws looks to be an economical and compact method of storing small quantities of different seed beads. It would also be an attractive way to package a gift to a fellow beader.

Next time I have to travel anywhere I am going to try it. I figure the jiggling my travel habits give, will test this type of container to the limit. That said it not only appears to be an economical way of storing seed beads but you can see how much you have of what colour and what size they are.

Tips for photographing your craft work

screen shot of siteRobin Atkins of Beadlust has written an excellent article on Taking and Editing Quality Photos of Beads and Beadwork.

Robin is a beader so she has focused on photographing beads but many of the problems beaders encounter are the same problems that stitchers and crazy quilters have when trying to get a good photograph of their work. In fact most crafters will find her tips useful.

The article is detailed and also focuses on editing a photograph to bring out the best in a piece of work. Don’t miss reading Taking and Editing Quality Photos of Beads and Beadwork as it is becoming more and more important that textile practitioners know how to take a photograph of their work and edit the file.


Bead size chart

If you are ever looking for a seed bead size chart this one very useful. 

Rather than a list of sizes this chart represents each size visually so you can see at a glance what is what. 

If you print it out and keep it handy you will be able to substitute beads in a pattern. It  also supplies a few notes on how many of a particular size bead is required to cover an inch which helps you plan your own designs. There is also a Millimetre/ Inch guide all on the one page! 

I printed out two copies. One was pasted to the inside cover of my studio journal and the other was pinned on the board in front of my desk.  


Sites worth bookmarking: AGOS Bead Univeristy

A Grain of Sand is a beading supplier which hosts a beading resource site titled the AGOS Bead University. It is a site worth bookmarking as there is a list of bead terms, definitions of gemstones, and a glossary of findings. These lists are illustrated with photographs which makes them particularly useful.

There is a good section on vintage beads and some interesting articles on pearls. For instance in the section on vintage beads there are informative articles on Rhinestones, bakelite, and dating Swarovski Crystal.  There is also a very useful article and chart on vintage Seed bead sizing and seed bead terms.

To top it off the site houses a customer gallery which provides lots of eye candy and inspiration. So make a cuppa browse the articles and visit the gallery. I am sure you will enjoy it.