TAST round up

It feels as if this has taken ages but here the weekly round up for the TAST challenge. There are a few more sign ups this week I will add them to the (TAST) challenge page after I have done this post.

A really pleasing thing about this challenge is that everyone is embracing the challenge in their own way. Those that feel restricted by traditional samplers have a look at some of the contemporary work being done on postcards and the like. A sampler does not have to be a contained rigid traditional piece it can be any sample of the stitch.

With out further fuss here is what people have been doing this week. Enjoy browsing the sites!

Neki of A Movable Feast is a new hand to stitching and has worked a freeform sampler of herringbone and another of buttonhole stitch.

Angelcat of the Adventures of Angelcat used herringbone to illustrate the tail of a mermaid!

Allison Aller has worked another landscape in buttonhole

Pat of Altering thoughts has gone to butterfly heavan with buttonhole stitch.

Sarah of And Sew On has worked herringbone in circles and explored buttonhole

Anja´s Wunschpunsch is from Germany has set up a whole slide show of her herringbone samples!

Annie of Annie’s Crazy World is running 100 more details and focusing on her past seam embellishments. This week she included feather stitch which is a variety of buttonhole.

Beth of Artist Perpetually in Progress- Mixed Media Art by Beth Robinson has taken buttonhole and explored it on her sample. On a slightly different note check out her previous entry to see spreads from her visual journal as she develops ideas for landscapes that can be translated into textiles

Carol of Art~n~Quilt is working her stitches as small samplers. She has a number of herringbone and buttonhole samplers on her blog.

Ati of Ati on the crazy road has worked a sample of buttonhole stitch and a couple of very quirky catapillers!

Penny of Back Valley Seasons has worked a sampler on felt.

Bernadette of B’ette’s Needlework Musings has worked some buttonhole samples while contending with a 3 year old rearranging her stash

Gail of Big Horn Mountain Creationsas worked a sample of herringbone including some disks worked in herringbone, then went on to explore buttonhole.

Candi of Candi’s Eye Candy has explored herringbone on a seam which is part of a crazy quilt block

Emmy Schoonbeek of Cramzy has a colourful freeform buttonhole sampler on her site.

Susan of Crazy Quilting for Fun has used buttonhole stitch on her crazy quilt hearts

Lillian of Crazyseoulsister has worked a seam on a crazy quilt block.

Lorenza of Crazy Valsusa is Italian and this week has featured some lovely Italian cutwork pointing out how buttonhole is used in this style of embroidery.

Francoise of Creatilfun has worked a fabric postcard using the format to explore buttonhole.

Karen of Creaworx has created a sampler of meandering buttonhole stitches.

Chaya of Da Veha has worked a sample of herringbone on a fabric post card

Bonnie of Dakini dreams has worked a sampler of herringbone and is considering a format change for the challenge.

Dawn of Dawn’s Icy Sun has included beads on her herringbone sampler

Debra Spincic of Debra’s Design Studio has combined her challenges as she has worked herringbone stitch on some crazy quilt blocks.

Margaret R of Digital Gran has explored herringbone on a piece of fabric in which she used transfer paints. The background fabric certainly gave this piece life. Her second sampler of buttonhole is a real treat. Don’t miss it.

Carley of Embroidered Prayers of Peeling a Pomegranate has moved her blog (her old site was peeling a Pomegranate)

Dianne of Faery Di’s Fibre Feat has explored herringbone on the curve and at different sizes.

Micki of Fiber Art: If I Create It, Will They Come? has worked her herringbone sampler on felt using an ATC as the format.

Cecilia of Faseraktiv – Fiberactive has posted photos of her samples on her fickr site

Melissa of Frog Stitch has interpreted an image using buttonhole stitch

June R of Grandma Ziki’s Stitching has worked a smapler of buttonhole and highlighted the use of buttonhole stitch in Hardanger embroidery

J Stuard is known as Greenmontanasamuel on flickr where she has posted samples of herringbone. These include herringbone stacked, combined with other stitches and used as text.

Gunnel Svensson of Gunnel’s blog has worked buttonhole rings and layered buttonhole on the curve.

Marianne of Heegeldab has explored herringb
one and buttonhole on a bag that has been crocheted and fulled using a variety of threads. I love this idea and approach to a ‘sampler’ and will try it myself one day.

Helina who has a flickr site has posted images of her buttonhole stitches including floral and heart motifs worked using this stitch.

Mellissa of Honey bees bliss has explored herringbone then further embellished it with silk ribbon embroidery. Also don’t miss her tutorial on how to do a silk ribbon leaf and earlier in the week a colonial knot.

Bibliotecaria of Inside my head has explored herringbone stitch and noted how the stitch changes depending on spacing and height.

JoWynn has her samples of herringbone used as a couching stitch on flickr. Her sample includes attaching things like washers, shisha mirrors, a bone ring, sequins, sequin waste, and using sadi metal thread and crochet yarns. Don’t miss it!

Karen South of Karen South’s Crazy Quilting World has combined herringbone and Creten stitch in her latest crazy quilt block.

Kerry of Kerry Katie Cakes has worked a fantastic sampler of herringbone stitch and clearly documented what thread she has used and how she has varied the stitch. Kerry is not only exploring sttiches she is totally new to blogging and is learning along the way. Swing by and see what she has done and welcome her to the blogging community too.

Christine of Lady Jane’s Journal has highlighted tailors buttonhole stitch.

Margaret of Life, needlework and everything has worked a sample of buttonhole and posted an image of how she is documenting and storing her samples

Linda is known as Lindamh on flickr has also worked colourful sample of buttonhole stitches and their varieties in various threads as well as used it on an appliqué

Linda of Lindas Creations has completed her herringbone and buttonhole samplers

Lori is Love 2 Quilt has posted images of her samples on flickr

Misa of Made by Misa has posted a really interesting additional stitch to her herringbone explorations. It’s a delightful fresh surprise. Misa has also worked a heart in buttonhole stitch.

Mariyarn has been exploring buttonhole.

MaryAnne of Marys creative stitches has worked a sampler of herringbone and another of buttonhole

Beth of Meandering Threads has been exploring leave shapes and using different threads in her sampler where she is in effect drawing with the stitch.

Mady is Mehdc on flickr where she has posted her sampler of buttonhole that covers varieties such as buttonhole stitch over padding, an example of cutwork, buttonhole bars, a buttonhole cup and buttonhole stitch with a thread woven through the spokes.

Virginia of Needle and Thimble has worked some colourful seam embellishments in herringbone. They are not run of the mill arrangements so do check them out.

Mary Corbet Needle’nThread worked a sample of herringbone in the round using double herringbone and using different overdyed threads.

Bhavani of Needlecraft has also worked a herringbone sample exploring some variations of the stitch and lacing some along the way.

Don’t miss Needlepointer’s photos of here sampler of buttonhole. It’s a fresh freeform interpretation combined with other stitches.

Fiona of Neverending lists has posted images of her samples and her visual journal she is keeping associated with the challenge. Both herringbone and buttonhole are well documented and she has plenty of ideas! Also don’t miss her sampler of buttonhole its highly creative and unusual.

In an email Jo of No Matter Where I go…I Always Meet Myself There! has not officially joined the challenge but has incorporated some of the TAST stitches in her latest crazy quilting.

Norma of Norma’s Needleworkz has posted images of her herringbone samples.

Nuvo Felt has started another blog My Efforts for Take a Stitch Tuesday and has worked her samples of buttonhole and herringbone in pearle thread on canvas which has been painted with copper fabric paint.

Pam Kellogg of Kitty and me designs has come up with some interesting variations of buttonhole by reversing the stitch and explaining how she did it. Pam has explored buttonhole on the square too.

Julita of the Pin Gallery has used buttonhole stitch to interpret a scene.

Leslie of Pinyon Creek Stitchin has worked about 30 rows on her sampler all of various arrangements of buttonhole stitch.

Lin Moon of Purple Fan has worked samples of both herringbone and buttonhole stitches.

Lynda of Purple Missus has worked a fiber postcard using undyed silk threads on a background of tea dyed silk. Working in monotone like this highlights the thread weight changes very successfully.

Elizabeth of Quieter Moments was not too inspired this week but after browsing what other people had done worked some samples of barb stitch a variety of buttonhole then went on to successfully explore the stitch further.

Helen of Quilts and ATCs made an amazing fabric postcard using herringbone stitch. Don’t miss it !

Quilt Pixie has explored buttonhole on her crazy quilt block.

Elke of Quilterin is written in both German and English so you can follow this Austrian blogger’s activities This week she has highlighted a both buttonhole and herringbone stitches on crazy quilt blocks.

Dy of Random Applique explored herringbone and incorporated beads.

Rene O on flickr has highlighted some quilt blocks in which she has used herringbone and buttonhole stitches.

Renea known as renmedema on flickr has worked some buttonhole wheels

Carol of Selketine has explored herringbone and buttonhole wheels on a small sampler.

Lilith is Sequana on flickr do check out her buttonhole bugs- they make a very whimsical sampler.

Gerry of Sewing Southpaw has worked a sampler of herringbone

Chriss of Sheep Space has worked 50 or so rows of herringbone in various formations and varieties. Don’t miss checking out her sampler as you will gain a lot by examining closely what she has done.

Kay Susan of Smockery is another blog which you should not miss out on as not only is there a really interesting herringbone sampler but a very interesting 3D formation in buttonhole stitching is featured. Kays densely packed buttonhole sampler is also worth close examination.

Mary of Southern Breeze has worked herringbone of a crazy quilt block.

Edie of the Sporadic Packrat has worked a couple of 3D trees using herringbone

Betty is Squarequilter on flickr and has worked and embellished herringbone on a crazy quilt block

Gayle Schipper’s flickr site Stitch in time housea two wonderful postcard sized samplers a whimsical fish for herringbone and a colourful buttonhole sampler

Shelley of Stitch! Read! Write! has worked buttonhole sample on Aida and discovered some interesting geometric formations in the process.

Cameo Roze of Studio Window has worked herringbone over rick rack and then used it to create a bookmark.

Sue Wild has posted images of her sampler on flickr

Susan of Susan’s blog has worked both buttonhole and herringbone on some crazy quilted projects and a buttonhole sample. She has illustrated how versatile these stitches can be.

Hilary of Textile play worked a sampler of herringbone then decided to break out and follow her own path and worked a contemporary sample of shadow work.

Susan of TextileXplorations used herringbone stitches to block out textile paint in other words as a resist in the fabric painting process – don’t miss this sample it is interesting. The Japanese have developed this type of dyeing to fine art and have developed using stitched patterns as a resist in the dye process.

Thelma of Thelmas Sew’n Things has worked a herringbone stitch sampler.

Carol-Anne of Threads Across the Web has worked a lovely sampler of herringbone exploring both straight linear version of the stitch and working it on the curve.

Dale of the Thread Studio keeps a blog Downunderdale. and has worked a very interesting herringbone stitch sampler

Tina of Tina’s blog has worked her buttonhole sample on Aida exploring various formations that can be created with it.

Véro de La Fare has a buttonhole sampler on her flickr site

Charlene of When This You See, Remember Me has been exploring buttonhole on her quilt blocks.

Wilma of Wilma goes crazy has worked herringbone in the round and combined beads. Crazy quilters will like the way she has incorporated a button in her motif too!

Don’t forget that there is also a Take a stitch Tuesday flickr group to browse

If you are enjoying this challenge you might be interested in one of my online classes which are open for bookings. I am offering two classes Encrusted Crazy Quilting with a start date of February 9, 2007 and Develop a Personal Library of Stitches with a start date of February 20, 2007. Both links lead to details about these.

Fabric dyeing 101

This is a fabulous resource for anyone interested in creating hand dyed fabrics. Old and new hands to the craft of dyeing will find Fabric dyeing 101 a really useful resource. Melissa has converted her teaching notes to a blog format. Use the site map in the side bar to navigate through the sections. Everything is covered from health and safety, setting up a work area, preparing and mixing dyes, producing solid colour, mottled, colour graduated, tie dyed, and painted fabrics, curing fabrics, calculating how much dye, rinsing out, washing, and a glossary. Recipes and tips abound even a blank recipe sheet. Don’t slide by this link it is an exceptionally useful resource.

Saturday morning link round up

It’s Saturday morning and time for my weekly round up. After yesterdays post I feel as if I have been dishing links in great dollops so settle back as here we go again.

On the topic of visual journals Beth Robinson has featured a page spread from her visual journal this morning and described translating it to fabric illustrating the process

During the week the month ticked over from November to December so do check out the 6 x 4 lives challenge which aims to produce a fibre postcard at least once a month that records what you have been exploring, doing, or thinking about. The format of a fabric postcard can be used to explore telling stories visually, or experimenting with techniques. My contribution to the challenge was stitched early this month but do check group at flickr.

Through the week there were a number of responses to my post last Sunday. Debra of A Stitch in Time responded on her blog and Elizabet of Her eyes shone like emeralds has come up with her own 5 tips to increase creativity. Judith of Material Musings expressed her ideas on the topic and Rissas has an alternative view. Lin of Purple Fan has her own way of keeping a notebook. Marty of Textiles in Time responded to Jo of No matter where I go on the topic. Susan of Crazy Quilting for fun stores all her notes/ideas on the computer.

The encrusted crazy quilting class finished this week. I must say that 6 weeks just flew by and it’s been a lot of fun in the forums. June of Grandma Ziki’s Stitching has posted some her work in progress on her blog. Hideko has also posted an image on her flickr site of her block.

The Developing a personal library of stitches class is now in its 5th week. As I said last week Flickr group has been established for those who are developing a Library of stitches. People are putting their work up on the group and you can see some fantastic ideas in the samplers in this ‘one stop shop’ for stitchers eye candy.

Allison Aller is steadily working on her quilt and its nearing completion. Don’t miss seeing this as it’s a fantastic quilt – or will be when done.

Pat Winter of Gatherings has been finishing purses.

Pam Kellogg of Kitty & Me Designs has made a bookmark.

Christmas postcards are being exchanged. Take a look at crazyqstitcher for some eye candy.

Linda of Linda’s Creations has completed a lovely Christmas ornament.

Mary Burton of Mary’s Witterings has been beading and made Christmas earrings

Take a look at the fabulous fabric collages on Gramarye

Mary Corbet of Needle n’ Thread has published some more stitch tutorials in video format.

Debra of Design Studio has been reviewing her year and setting goals for 2007.

One of Debras goals is to join in on the Take a stitch Tuesday Challenge . I have not mentioned this challenge in while so I am going to drop in a reminder now. This is a weekly challenge which has a start date of January 2nd 2007. Every week I will post a stitch along side a few prompts as to what you can do with it to get ideas flowing. The idea is to take the stitch interpret it in your way and explore its possibilities. What does it look like worked in different threads? What happens when you change the size? How does it behave on a curve or can it be stacked to create patterns? What happens if you work it in a free form manner? What are the inherent design possibilities of this stitch?

You can stitch on anything you choose, anyway you choose. A number of different formats have been proposed but a sampler can be in any shape or size you like. A sampler can be in the form of crazy quilt blocks, a fabric postcard, a fabric book or samples for folder of stitches. Colour, format, how much exploration is done is up to each individual.

Commitment to this challenge is flexible. Anyone can join at any time. People can join in and stitch as their life dictates. Each week I will link to who has done what, which means readers can travel the sites to see what everyone has done. If anyone wants to be reminded closer to the time drop me an email or leave a comment and I will add you to the mail out list.

While I am on the subject of challenges Sandie of abeautifulcraft has proposed a UFO and WISP challenge for 2007. I am going to join n on this and setting a personal target of working on something and posting the results every Wednesday.

On another note completely but it does indirectly effect this blog. Canberra is moving to stage three water restrictions as we are still in drought. So it will be another summer of bucketing water from our shower, and using the washing machine water on the gardens. At the moment we can hand water between 7 and 10 in the morning. The system that we are living under is that we are only allowed to hand water “using trigger nozzle hoses, buckets and watering cans can be used but only to water plants, not lawns. This applies on alternate days between 7-10am and 7-10pm as per the odds and evens.” (from the ACTEW site) The odds and evens system is that if you live in even numbered house you can water on an even numbered day of the month and if you live in an odd numbered house you can water on odd numbered day. Now folks this effects my bloging time considerably as I usually write this in the morning and I can’t write this if I am outside bucketing recycled grey w
ater to plants. So enjoy these huge link round ups while I can offer them as although I will post daily I might not be able to be so generous with my time. I will be focusing on link round ups during for the Take a stitch Tuesday Challenge and fitting in more as I can so pray for rain! I am not going to let my garden die over the drought! Well its out with buckets now at least it tones up the arms and keeps me fit!