Time for the letter D

It’s the weekend and we have Jerry’s folks over from Adelaide. So it will be a busy family time. Once again I will take a weekend break posting just by CQ details series and the band sampler.

However, you will not be link deprived as it is time for another of my annotated lists of interesting blogs.

So far I have updated the letter A , B, C and now its time for the letter D.

As I have said before I choose blogs that stay on topic at least 80% of the time, written reasonably frequently, by textile practitioners and designers who do such things as quilt, stitch, dye, sew, embellish fabric,and bead. Or  who are interested in art and design or paper related crafts, such as bookbinding, or  use visual journals.

If you have a blog that you would like me to check out please leave your blog address as a comment and I will check it out

Meanwhile make a cuppa and enjoy!

D.Sharp Journal: a practical compendium of random things not on topic but a weird and wonderful collection of links and eye candy

Dacia Ray  covers crafts and cooking

Daily Art sketches,drawing, watercolours and page spreads of a visual diary which is frequently published

Daily Artwork by Carolyn Jean Thompson is a painter who works everyday and posts her progress.

Daleunderdale written by textile artist and owner of the Thread Studio

Dancing Crow  creates fabric postcards (check the galleries in the side bar you will find lots of them), sews, dyes and takes classes to develop circus skills!

Dangling by a Thread  Smarcoux is a contemporary fiber artist interested in quilting, sewing, fabric dyeing and printing

Danita Art  mixed media paperarts and collage

Danny Gregory Everyday Matters  constantly draws and sketches offering advice and tips along the way. He hosts a weekly drawing challenge and runs a Yahoo group for people participating in it. Danny Gregory has also authored a number of successful books on drawing.

Dave’s Blog  Dave documents his progress while learning to draw and paint 

Days of tea and knitting Melissa Barton is interested in textiles. Key aspects are knitting spinning and dyeing

D’Blogala Dawn DeVries keeps a craft blog in  which she often share pages spreads fromher visual journal

Deanna’s Blog Blue Heron Dolls and Other Interests Deanna Hogan is a doll maker who creates dolls full of personality. Do visit as I can’t imagine people not enjoying them.

Dear Ada  Printmaking, paper arts and collage are covered in this blog

Deb, Cold Feet Quilter Deb H is a textile artist who is also both a longarm and shortarm quilter

Debbi Baker  tracks her latests projects creating fabric postcards, ATCs, and paper crafts

Debbie Overton Designs  Debbie is a mixed media and collage artist

Deborah Fisher writes a thoughtful and honest art blog.I find I swing from enthusiastically agreeing with her thoughts to disagreeing but no matter which reaction I have enjoying thinking about what is written.

Debra’s Design Studio  Debra blogs her quilting, work in progress and has a wide interest in textiles

Decor 8  Holly is a interior design consultant who blogs her favorite finds

Dee Farnsworth blogs her drawings

Definatealie  Natalie writes well about fashion,design and craft

Denise Aumick – Wild Thread Studio Art Quilts Life Among The Textiles  is an art quilter who writes about her progress and process (warning for those that find music on sites annoying or have low bandwidth allowances – an automatic music track plays when you visit)

Design is Mine  tracks contemporary craft and design eye candy

Design Observer  considered writing on design and culture

Design Sponge  Grace Bonney writes about home and product design with lots of eye candy along the way

Designers Who Blog  which includes illustrators, photographers, writers, advertisers, and marketeers who blog.

Designing Vashti Vashti Braha is a crochet pattern designer who also serves on the Board of Directors for the Crochet Guild of America keeps a blog full of tips and advice

Designs by Kat is the blog of a doll artist who creates quirky fun dolls

Diary of a Mad Fabri-Holic  a well written and amusing blog about knitting, crochet and quilting blog

Digital Gran  has an interest in using computer graphics programs as a design tool to help create off contemporary textile pieces. Her blog is dotted with her fiber projects and experiments using different techniques.

Disdressed  Liesl writes about sewing and has tutorials in the side bar of her blog.

Dispatch From LA  Carol keeps a visual journal and is interested in mail art. There are links to her galleries in her side bar.

Diva Knitting knitting and knit related crafts

DJ Kreutzer: small moments make a life is an interesting blog which mainly consists of tracking small moments of inspiration. Darlene is a a photographer and writer.  Some journaling goes on but technically this is a blog that is ‘off topic the topic of textiles’ but I think some readers will enjoy it.

DJ Pettitt  is very interested in book art, art journalling and combines photography, drawings, scanned found objects and textiles to produce imagery using Photoshop. She also does fabric painting, sewing and quilting. Spreads from her visual journal are also often posted to her blog.

Doe-c-doe for people who are interested in vintage finds you will enjoy much of what is posted here. Also vintage embroidery patterns are freely given away weekly

Dog Daisy Chains  is kept by Jackie a contmeporary British embroiderer who explores other craft areas such a felting and book decorating as well

Doll  Mimi Kirchner is a fantastic contemporary doll artist who blogs the making of her dolls and

Doll Makers Muse  Rivkah Rosenfeld is another doll artist who blogs her work, techniques and other craft interests.

Dolls are my Canvas  Fran is a mixed media doll artist and doll designer who blogs her interests

Dolls stories  Nita creates mainly cloth dolls but places them in installations and blogs about her process

Don’t Call Me Crafty  Lauri is a crazy quilter who regularly blogs her projects

Down by the River  Rosalind is a contemporary art quilter who writes about her work and textile techniques. She does some wonderful machine embroidery.

Downunderdale  Dale is contemporary Aussie textile artist who regularly uses an embellishment machine and other fiber techniques blogs her discoveries.

Drawn from the Heart Carol Rosinski an artist, author and drawing teacher blogs tips tricks and advice on using the humble pencil to draw

Drawn in Black has a tag line which describes the blog well (a rare thing) “Drawings, sketches, how-to’s, tutorials, and art of artists from across the world.” And in truth that is what is covered so if you are interested in drawing or improving your drawing skills it is well worth the visit.

Drawn! The Illustration Blog is a collaborative weblog for illustrators, cartoonists and artists

Dreaming Spirals  is kept by quilt artist Liz Plummer who laely is heavily into print and paper making journals and the like

Du Buh Du Designs Christine Alvarad  is a doll artist who writes about the inspiration and process of creating hand made dolls (note for those who are offended by music on websites or have a broadband limit sound files automatically download and start on this blog)

Dubi Quilts  Debi’s blog covers her quilting, fabric surface designing, and scrapbooking activities.

Dyeing 2 Sew  Valerie is a contemporary textile artist whose main interest is dyeing but also does applique and quilting.

Dyeing to Design  Shirley Goodwin of New Zealand quilts and dyes fabrics.


Time for the letter C

Time for another of my annotated lists of interesting blogs as it is a long holiday weekend here and I thought it would give people a little extra web browsing and reading time. I will take it easy too with just my usual sampler and CQ details posts. I hope this will satisfy anyone who might have a little link withdrawal!

So far I have updated the letter A , B and now its time for the letter C.

I choose blogs that stay on topic, written reasonably frequently, by textile practitioners and designers who do such things as quilt, stitch, dye, sew, embellish fabric,and bead. Or  who are interested in art and design and perhaps are interested in paper related crafts, such as bookbinding, or  use visual journals.

I also try and stick to blogs that are on topic at least 80% of the time.

Blogs that are obviously written simply as a marketing exercise are excluded.

If you have a blog that you would like me to check out please leave your blog address as a comment and I will check it out.

Meanwhile make a cuppa and enjoy!

Cailun info  is a the blog of a paper and books arts practitioner Dennis Yuen

Calico Daisy is a sewing blog kept by Michele

Calidore  covers crazy quilting, quilting, dyeing, knitting and various textile explorations

California Fiber Artist and Composer  Susan is a quilter working on her City and Guilds Patchwork and Quilting Level 3

Camilla Engman  is a Swedish illustrator and artist

Canadian Design Resource aims to take Canadian design online. Unfortunately this blog does not have archives as such but you can browse by category. It also has a search field.

Candi’s Eyecandy  is a blog devoted to crazy quilting. Candies other blog is Quilts ‘n Things  which covers her sane quilting

Candleday is a blog kept by Tomas Karkalas who is an artist living in Lithuania. I find his view point to be refreshing.

Carina’s Craftblog is as the titles says a blog about craft activities. Carina is Danish and lives in the UK with craft interests that included crocheting, drawing, sewing, painting, embroidery

Carla Kurt is a mixed media painter who combines acrylics, paper, ink and image transfers and other media

Carlseapatch’s Weblog  tracks experiments, ideas and processes of experiments in contemporary textile work.

Carol Marine’s Painting a Day  Carol creates one small painting a day and posts them on her blog.

Carol Sews  Carol is a doll maker who also does crazy quilting and sews

Carrieoke’s knitting blog Although the title says knitting she also sews and quilts.

Cart Before The Horse Jo creates some wonderfully evocative dolls and blogs about them. Other crafts are also presented here too but her dolls really delighted me.

Caryl’s Realm  Caryl creates books cards, and paper items using mixed media and assemblage techniques

Cast On  Brenda writes a knitting blog and podcasts

Cathy of California is described as an online sketchbook where 60’s and 70’s design influences are shared

Ces (and her dishes) Ces keeps an illustrated journal, paints and writes about what inspires her.

Cestandrea Design  is a French textile artist who blogs her current work in progress and often included page spreads from her visual journal.

Chain Creative is a very interesting blog on contemporary crochet

Changeling Things  is sometimes very diverse recently covering dyeing, spinning, knitting  hand embroidery, cross stitch and knitting

Changelings Knit and Stitch  is a blog of show notes to podcasts that cover knitting and stitching topics.

Cheeky Beaks  Kirsten keeps a craft and design blog

Cheeky Magpie is a craft blog that publishes some great projects and free templates

Cheryl’s Chatelaine  covers her needlework interests which include hand embroidery, cross stitch and crazy quilting

Cheshire Cheese  Celia writes about her experiments and progress in contemporary textiles, mixed media and altered books.

Chicana creating Art through Chaos  art quilter Sabrina Zarco keeps a blog to share the stories behind her work and the communities she encounters

Chloes Place  by Linda covers crazy quilting and since she documents collections in small rural museums and collections she often encounters interesting textiles and objects related to domestic textile production and care.

Chocolate a Chuva Tania keeps a blog of crafts and sewing projects.

Christina Jonsson is an illustrator who keeps a sketch blog

Christine Mason Miller aka Swirly Girl is a mixed media collage artist who also writes and paints. She shares these activities on her blog.

Cindi’s Sewing  covers sewing projects

Cindy’s Stitches in Time Cindy is interested in crazy quilting, quilting, sewing and fabric postcards and documents projects as she makes them.

Cinzia  is a quilter and sewer who provides lots of tips and tricks on her blog as well as documenting her current projects.

Clothmatters  Connie McBride Johnson writes about her cloth dolls, sewing, embroidery and crazy quilting

Coiled Kat Coyle covers knitting, design and drawing in her blog

Cold Feet Quilter  by Deb who describes herself as a quilter, Fiber Artist, painter, dyer, doll maker, and needle felter.

Collage a day Randel Plowman produces a 4 x 4 inch collage a day

Collage Clearinghouse covers topics related to collage

Collage Contessa  is interested in textile related crafts, art journals and altered books

Color My World  Judy Rys is interested in contemporary textiles, fabric post cards, ATCs (artist trading cards) fabric printing and dyeing

Colorful Dayz covers musing about art and creativity while drawing and working mainly in watercolour /ink

Coloribus  is the blog of a French Illustrator who regularly published page spreads from her visual journal.

Colouring Outside the Lines Andrea keeps a blog that revolves around  her drawing and painting interests

Comfort Doll Project is run by Pat Winter. It is a charity project that aids battered women shelters.

Comfortable Shoes Studio  Leslie Herger is a book binder who blogs about making books. There are tutorials listed in the side bar and anyone interested in the paper arts should enjoy this blog.

Committed Stitcher  Meg interests are in canvas work stitches, crazy quilting, samplers  cross stitch embroidery and patch work

Complete Organizing Solutions  is a blog that focuses on organizing the home. If you are interested in getting the clutter in your life under control this blog is full of ideas and tips to do it.

Concealed, Discovered, Revealed  is written by staff at the V&A in an accessible and interesting manner. It is an example of a great museum blog

Confessions of a Bead Counter  Amy is a beader who blogs about beading, inspiration and her thoughts.

Confessions of a Bookplate Junkie this is not a blog which is textiles related but I have included this blog anyway as anyone interested in design will find it worth a visit. Bookplate junkie collects bookplates and often highlights interesting designs to be found in this type of ephemera.

Confessions of a Yarn Addict  Anni dyes yarn and knits

Constant Gatherer is an interesting blog particularly if you enjoy vintage finds

Contemplating the Moon Bridgette makes journals and is a painter who blogs her work in progress.

Contemporary Embroidery  is a blog written by Karen Ruane. Karen has done City & Guilds Creative Studies Embroidery Part 1 & 11, a Foundation Diploma Art & Design and holds a B. A. Hons Textile/Surface Design. Her work is interesting and if you are interested in contemporary fiber

Corey Moortgat is a collage artist who keeps a blog.

Corvus tristis this blog is quirky, creative, interesting and a bit difficult to classify!

Cotton Spice  covers Karens quilting, sewing, knitting, and crafts and publishes some great free projects and tutorials.

cottonbud design Vivian blogs about sewing, jewellry, crochet and paper crafts

Crackle Mountain  Florence Forrest is a fellow who is a art critic and theorist as well as a toy designer. She is interested in folk tales and writes in an engaging manner.

Craft Apple  Sewing and craft projects written by a pattern designer. There are also useful tutorials in the side bar.

Craft Boom   is aimed at crafters interested in turning their craft into a home business. Content covers how to market and sell products online to how to plan and balance your studio and personal time. Interviews with successful crafters, day to day business advice, tips on getting started and hints on craft blogging are all covered.

Craft Gossip is a network of sites that relate to craft and textiles.

Craft Lab  is part of the DIY network. Jennifer Perkins and Cat Greenleaf present craft projects in video format. Crafts covered are altered books, soap making, polymer clay, collage, art dolls, computer crafting etc

Craft Leftovers  writes about patterns that are suitable for using up scraps ie left overs from other projects. There is a  pattern archive  that is slowly growing on the same site.

Craft Monkeys  Amanda Kavanagh produces the most delightful sketches, collages and paintings. She publishes page spreads and writes about her work. Those interested in visual journals and the book arts will enjoy her blog.

Craft Pudding covers contemporary craft and often includes tutorials and free embroidery patterns

Craft Research  is blog tracking a research project titled “Past, Present & Future Craft Practice: exploration of the inter-relation between skill, intent and culture”.

Craft Sanity  Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood describes her blog as “a blog and podcast for those who love all things handmade” she covers such topics as art journals,

Craft-boom has a subtitle “Marketing Art and Crafts online” and much of it is about aspects of selling and earning a living form craft items.

Craft:  is a project-based blog that describes itself as “dedicated to the renaissance that is occurring within the world of crafts.”

Craftapalooza West Australian crafter, sewer, and quilter writes about her craft activities.

Craftivism crafting as a political statement

Craftlog  Maitreya writes about all sorts of craft projects

Craftopia Alexia is a contemporary stitcher, embroider, quilter, who blogs her projects.

Crafts of Texture  covers contemporary fiber arts, felting, and crafts

Craftster.org blog  the blog of Craftster featuring news and highlights from the Craftster site.

CraftyPod  Podcasts bi weekly about creating things.

CraftStylish an ezine/blog site run by Taunton who are the same folks who publish Threads magazine. They have thrown their resources at the site to produce lots of tutorials

Crafty Synergy interviews inspiring artists

Craftzine is a blog, community ezine, podcasts and froum all folded into one. The site is definitely worth exploring if you are interested in crafts

Cramzy  Emmy explores contemporary textile and embroidery techniques producing all sorts of interesting things

Crazy Art Girl’s Musings  covers mixed media art using work with metals, paper, fabric, fibers, beads, found objects, while experimenting with new techniques and tools.

Crazy Aunt Purl A knitters blog who often writes thoughtful posts not only about knitting but life.

Crazy Daisy  Mandy writes about her knitting, felting, sewing and quilting.

Crazy Mom Quilts is a blog about quilting (regular quilting rather than crazy quilting)

Crazy Q stitcher  is Maureen’s blog who is a crazy quilter who posts images of her work

Crazy Quilting for Fun  a blog of work in progress pics of crazy quilting

Crazy Quilting International  a blog kept for the members of the “Crazy Quilting International” yahoo group to showcase their work

Crazy Valsusa  Lorenza is an Italian who keeps a bilingual blog, is interested in crazy quilting and contemporary fiber such as fabric postcards, inchies, and ATCs.

Cre8tive Girl is Yvonne who documents what catches her eye and she discovers some interesting things online along the way.

Create Needlepoint is kept by Barbara Bergsten who writes about needlepoint design and has been running a series on needlepoint stitches

Created By Hand highlights crafters and craft, featuring artists and their work.

Creatilfun  Francoise tracks her textile interests in fabric postcards, dyeing, design, stitch and quilting

Creative Chatter  Shari is a mixed media artist who creates art journals.

Creative Dabbling  Erica is an Aussie art quilter

Creative Diversions  Kim is interested in paper arts and is an avid rubber stamper.

Creative Force online  Nicky Perryman is a textile artist and creativity coach

Creative Hours Nathalie G is a contemporary quilter and textile practitoner living in Belgium

Creative Kismet  Regina writes about crafts and making hand made items. There are also some good tutorials in the side bar

Creative Lenna  Lenna Andrews is a  published artist and an instructor who works with paper and blogs about mixed media techniques. There are tutorials in the side bar.

Creative Meanderings  Doreen writes about contemporary embroidery, crazy quilting, sewing and crafts

Creative Organizing  this blog focus is on organisation skill for creative people “Organizing and creativity go hand-in-hand. Organizing creates space for creativity and creativity makes organizing more fun!”

Creatively Self-Employed  Kristen Fischer’s blog tag line is ” how artists and writers deal with career ups and downs” this blog focuses on freelancing for a living offering tips and advice

Creativity  Liz Berg is an art quilter and writes about her life and quilts

Crochet by Faye tracks crochet and what catches the eye of Robyn Chachula a  crochet fashion designer.

Crochet To Go Alicia Bergin tracks and shares her crochet projects with this blog.

Curbside treasure  Annie is interested in art journals, ephemera, mail art, collage and crafts.

Curious Bird  Leya writes about her sewing projects and crafts.

Cyn Stitches is a blog of a cross stitch and needlepoint enthusiast and designer

Cynthia Clack writes about and shares her art journal.