Bags of fun Progress report

Both Ruth and Barb left a comment to say they are joining the bags of fun challenge . So you have to imagine me turning in my chair looking East, and then remembering I am at the bottom of the globe, turning North east and waving in the general direction of Canada where Barb is. Ruth I don’t know where you live so I gave you a general 360 degree wave. It’s handy having one of those swivel chairs makes the spinning about waving action real easy! Flat tacks by the way means really very busy – not just busy but hectically so.

As you can see I have progressed on my own bag. The larger image of course is housed over on the Bags of fun flickr group .

I have been doing a lot of embroidery on it. Time consuming, but I hope worth it in long run. I am working with the idea of the textures seen on the bush floor – all sorts of textures. One thing however is my camera is picking up the oranges a little too strongly there are more browns and greens to be seen in life.

Bags of fun challenge news

I want to say hello to two new participants in the bags of fun challenge before settling down to work.

Firstly waving to Leeanne who has joined and asked if you need to use the body section of the jeans. The guidelines are wide open to encourage creativity and so you just need to use recycled jeans -any part- and embellish in any textile technique you choose.

Sammy found the group through flickr and has joined in, and started a blog Sammy stuff . Sammy declares she loves making things with her hands and is also interested in making fabric and altered books. So welcome to both the group and the world of textiles

With just a couple of weeks into the challenge a lot of activity going on over at the over on the Bags of fun flickr group . It’s really interesting to see how differently everyone is approaching this challenge. There are going to be some very unique bags made. The deadline of November 8th feels ages away but I bet it creeps up on us all.

I am trying to resist reading everyone’s blogs as I am in the end of a very busy week at work (and I think I am going to be flat tacks for the next two at least) but I will find time to make a button for the challenge this weekend I promise! Also I will post a photograph of how my bag is progressing. I have to admit it’s taking all my spare moments to keep up with what everyone is doing. I had no idea when I proposed the challenge that so many people would join or that it would be quite as much fun.