Bags of fun challenge update

That deadline of Novemeber 8th seems to be getting closer and closer. So last night I was stitching on my bag.

We have a new bags of fun participant Dana Summers has joined the Bags of fun challenge also I have spotted Julie Zaccone Stiller of High fiber content has also joined.

There is also activity over at the Bags of fun flickr group I particularly like Mariannes latest photos.

Stitches used on my Bags of Fun bag

Early this week Andrea left a comment to ask me what stitches I am using to build up the texture in my bag for the bags of fun challenge . I have been trying to get to this all week as I thought I would explain and provide links to each stitch. This was well meant but I have not yet got to it! So here goes.

I have been couching highly textured threads down and sprinkled about the piece is random fly stitches and simple straight stiches. I am working in heavy cottons and wools.

Mainly I have been using highly textured stitches such as French knots, colonial knots, Bullion knots, Drizzle stitch, cast on stitch, double cast on stitch, basque knots, oyster stitch, Whipped spider’s wheels and buttonhole bars. These are worked against flat stiches such as buttonhole wheels .

The trick is to contrast textured stiches with flat stitches. This is possibly best seen in some samplers I have worked in the past. This sampler uses the scrunchy stitching as I call it against pulled thread work. It also works well as a monotone technique. Another sampler I have worked using this type of principle includes this seahorse and crab.

This is a way of working that I have developed and experimented with for years as the contrasts you can set up seem to continually fascinate me. Here is a doodle cloth which is an experiment and here is another experimental piece. I often add beads and this time I am adding buttons.

I had not tried working this way on denim so I decided to work my bag that way. I hope this explains a little of what I am doing and points you to some enjoyable eye candy.

Normal blogging has resumed well almost

The last couple of days I have been concentrating on fundraisers for the victims of Katrina and there is some stuff cooking behind the scenes here which I will announce if they eventuate. I have also not yet heard back from E bay In America in response to my inquiry as to the possibility of international sellers being able to sell items for charities that are helping Katrina refugees. When i do I will people know what their policy is. So I am in a holding pattern with that for the moment.

I have created a separate page for Katrina Hurricane Relief fundraisers listing various ways people in the textile community can help. Mrs Pilkington has been covering this topic and has a huge list of charity links in her sidebar that people might want to investigate.

There has been lots of activity for the bags of fun challenge particularly over at the Bags of fun flickr group

As you can see I have started to add buttons to what I call the scrunchy scrumpy embroidery. I remember embroidery on denim as not being quite as tough as my fingers are now telling me. I think like many of us I am finding that stitching is not as easy but it is still fun. Click if you want a larger image

On another note again, I found these Fractal Embroidery fascinating. Thanks Arlee for the link.

Still catching up on my blog reading Serena of Layers of meaning has posted a links to some absolutely amazing shoes