Materials list for Take a Stitch Tuesday Challenge

I have had questions about what threads and materials people will need for the Take a stitch Tuesday Challenge (TAST) which is starting on January 2nd 2007.

Put simply you do not need to go out and buy special threads or fabrics. You can stitch on anything you choose, anyway you choose using anything you choose. The idea is explore the stitch in as many different ways as possible. Each week I will suggest a stitch and post some of my explorations. If you are participating all you have to do is read the post and take the stitch in what ever direction you like. The full details of the challenge are here .

As to format it is totally up to the individual. Some people are working postcards, some are working samplers, some are stitching on crazy quilt blocks, some will be making stitch books in fabric. I will be fixing my samples in a visual journal created to document the year. I have started to prepare pages for it.

Since there are over 100 people signed up for this challenge there will be plenty of sites to visit and see. I will be doing a weekly round up of sites and linking to participants acting as a sort of hub. People will be exploring stitches in their own way and for this reason there will be plenty of examples of different threads, fabrics and interpretations. Before you hit the shops you may want to see how the challenge develops because I bet in seeing other peoples work you will get ideas, you will like some interpretations and possibly want to try out fabrics and threads that others using are using. A challenge such as this is great way to be introduced to new threads and materials. For this reason I suggest that you wait and see what happens and what other people do as you are bound to see some thread or fabric that sparks you so much you simply must buy some! Also if any vendors have sales etc please leave a comment as I am sure within the group there will be bargain hunters out in force.

Through out the year I will demonstrating stitches on various fabrics using various threads as I see fit but if you really want a ‘recommended requirements list’ or simply want a Christmas list to wave in front of someones nose, take advantage if the January sales (as I plan to do) or just an excuse to treat yourself you may want to consider buying some threads and even weave linen.

If you plan on working small samplers linen is not necessary but I always encourage people to try it. I usually recommend that people start with a small piece of with a 26 count as this is easy on the eyes but it is not necessary . These are the main linens I use: Cashel Linen (28 count) Cork Linen (18 count), Dublin Linen (25 count) , Melrose (28 count), Quaker Cloth (28 count). While you are in preparation mode dig out some fabrics to experiment on such as scrim, wool felt, flanalet, and cottons. Hand dyed silks and cottons are great to experiment on too.

Ideally you will have a range of threads to experiment with. I feel it is safe to say that you will definitely need a range of colours in DMC pearl threads. In sizes 5, 8, and 12. If you feel like going shopping there are plenty of interesting threads on the market, look for rayon ribbon floss, overdyed and hand dyed threads, Caron Watercolors, and Caron Waterlillies, crewel wool yarns, gumnut yarns, metallic threads for both hand and machine stitching, Kreinik fine braid, Kreinik 1/16th inch ribbon, DMC Broder Special Coton a Broder and DMC Flower Thread. There are numerous interesting threads on the market which all behave in different ways the idea is experiment with them. You do not need every thread listed just explore a few and then as you see what others use (and blog) if you like it you can invest in the thread. Have a selection to hand as large or as small as you can afford and dig out a few scraps of textured knitting yarns and thicker threads to experiment with too.

Nymo or Silamide thread is ideal for beading and you might want to splurge on a range of beads including seed beads, bugles and novelty beads. Once again no hard and fast rules here just think about what you will enjoy using.

You will need a range of needles which can be bought in mixed sizes. This is the list I recommend
Chenille Needle (size 22 – 26)
Tapestry Needle (size 20 – 26)
Embroidery/Crewel Needle (size 7-10)
Milliners/Straw Needle (size 3-9)
Beading needles

Another question
On another note entirely when I first discussed this challenge I was thinking and assumed people would be interested in exploring mainly the surface embroidery stitches but of course there are many other types of even weave stitches too. Are people interested in the pulled and drawn stitches, and canvas work stitches? Stitches and embroidery styles from different traditions and ethnic backgrounds? Leave a comment and let me know as I am developing a list for the year. On a personal level I am tempted to range far and wide as this gets the creative juices going. The challenge is fairly open to interpretation and I guess if people don’t like a stitch or style they can simply not work it that week. I would like some feedback as to hopes and expectations of readers. What are your expectations for this challenge? Leave a comment and let me know.

As people sign up for the challenge I am adding them to list of participants on the Take a stitch Tuesday Challenge . Throughout the year there will be those that join in too as I have said people can join anytime. There is another 20 or so people who do not have blogs or flickr sites. I have a hunch however that once they see the activity a percentage of these people will roll up their sleeves and at least post images of what they are doing on flickr. They too will be added to list as this happens.

Classes next year

This brings me to the next topic as yesterday I too a quick poll on what class I should write. I offered to write one on either silk ribbon embroidery and developing your own silk ribbon and floral motifs OR a class focused on stitching working with highly textured stitches. This class would look at texture as a design element in embroidery, particularly contemporary embroidery. I can only write one class at a time so I asked people to leave comments as to which they preferred. To my surprise the class on textured embroidery has won out hands down. I had thought silk ribbon embroidery would have been more popular but this is a perfect example of misreading what people want. I wonder how often the publishing industry does this?

I have been in contact with Barbara at and at the moment the year as it stands is that we will run the Encrusted Crazy quilting class and the Develop a personal library of stitches classes again in February/March for those who missed out or did not sign up because of time. I am not sure how many takers we get for these as the crazy quilting class has run twice and the stitching class has run once. I have had enquiries however for both classes so we have decided to run them again.

Mid year we will run the textured embroidery class. I think I will call it something along “Applying Texture as an Element of design in Embroidery” or “Using texture with a capital T “. I will have to think of something. It will take until mid year to develop this class. I have heard some people say that these are expensive classes but actually they are not. They sell at $60.00 and run six weeks so it actually works out a $10.00 a week. That is not much for what people get in the lessons and even more of bargain when you consider I login daily to the forum so people get one to one attention. I am sure that anyone who has taken any of my classes would agree with me when I say you get more than 6 weeks worth of class materials to chew over or perhaps I should say stitch over. I am sure those who take them will refer to the class materials often and would agree with me that the classes are cheap for what you get.

To summerize
Encrusted Crazy quilting class will run again in February/March final details to be announced soon
Develop a personal library of stitches class will also run again in February/March final details to be announced soon
A new class on texture as a design element in embroidery will run mid year (beginning in late May, through June, and through July). So save your pennies for that one.

In case you are wondering the small graphic is a detail from this piece . It is a piece which uses texture as its main design element and an interpretation of using traditional stitches in a contempoary manner. It was stitched on Quaker Cloth (28 count) using DMC pearl sizes 5, 8, and 12, linen thread, wool threads, and wooden beads. I used a mix of surface stitches and pulled thread stitches.

Another example of embroidery that uses texture as a key design element is here and here . Another piece in the same style can be seen here.

For a completely contemporary use of texture in embroidery take a look at this postcard or this piece or

I think this postcard might be in between the two styles I am not sure. Either way I am sure you can see what I mean as when I say Texture with a capital T in other words it is the key design element with this type of work and aspect of design is what I would be exploring in the new class.

Take a stitch Tuesday challenge list and blog break for a week

I am going to take a blogging break of a week. I need to catch up on some things before Jerry goes on leave and as I still have to finish up some Christmas gifts I am sewing and do 101 other things – well perhaps I am being a bit overly dramatic but I have decided to take a break from this blog for a week.

In the meanwhile I have put together a list of all those that have either emailed me or left a message to say they are definitely going to join in on the Take a stitch Tuesday Challenge

If you are not on the list it means either I read your interest as perhaps you might be participating or as a general inquiry alone. I don’t think I have lost anyone in the works but its possible. Anyway if you want to sign up leave a comment as I will still be here just not doing the regular amount of web surfing, email chat etc. I will add you to the list of participants.

On a slightly different note I am going to put a call out for everyone to help spread the word. The challenge was fist proposed in October so many people will have forgotten about it. Please help spread word If you have a blog please blog it and link – or if you are on discussion lists and in groups mention it, if it is relevant. In other words tell your friends, other bloggers and your network online – spread the word in amongst all that good cheer.

It is in everyones interest to plug this challenge a little, as the more successful the challenge the more fun it is for everyone. This challenge will run for the year. Although there are good number of sign ups no doubt as time goes on a good percentage of people will drop away. (I have money on two thirds). Life and challenges are like that people mean to participate but for one reason or another they can’t. For that reason I hope to get as many on board as possible so that the energy of the group is maintained over time. Also I have learned is there needs to be a substantial amount of people for a group dynamic to develop. So it is a case of the more the merrier. It will I hope be dynamic, stimulating, and interesting for everyone.

As you can see from the list below there are quite a few sites to keep track of. As I said in my post Pruning the RSS feeds I will be tracking everyone’s progress in this challenge by using an RSS feed. Many of my readers also use an RSS feed of some sort or another to track the sites the read. Blogs and Flickr both produce an RSS feed automatically so if you have a Blog or a Flickr site everyone who does this will be able to subscribe to your site and track what you do, give you feed back on what you make and generally join in the chat. An RSS feed on your site helps build community because it enables people to easily keep up with what you are doing. Everyone has life and I feel it’s only fair to enable people to do this. I know I don’t have time to check daily or weekly to see if someone has written another entry in their blog and I am sure others are in the same situation.

For those who do not know what an RSS reader is take a look at my post on Managing your blog reading Also Elsa Wenze of CNet has done a review on the popular RSS readers Make your own headlines looks at readers like Google reader and bloglines you may want to swing by and read it.

Please leave a comment if you are not on list and you want to join in. There are a number of new faces in this challenge so do check out their blogs and flickr sites. Introduce yourself, leave a comment, add them to your RSS feed and get prepared for the first Tuesday in the Month, January 2nd. That is only 3 weeks away! I will be back blogging long before then – the same time, same place next Tuesday morning.

Here is the grand list of Challengers:

Jennifer of A Garden of Stitches

Allison Aller

Pat of Altering thoughts

Sarah of And Sew On

Peggy of Angelthreads Musings

Odile has a blog L’ Arbracigogne (in French) and a
flickr site

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Elizabeth D is found at Elizabeth Dee’s on the Flickr site

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