Take it Further challenge January

Hi all here I am bouncing around after my small blogging break. Happy New year! I have not yet set out my goals for the new year but I am thinking it through as I go through the process of a work room blitze but more about that tomorrow as I know many people are swinging by for the Take it Further design challenge because the first of each month will be the day I post about it. So without any fuss this is the challenge …

The key concept for January is a feeling we have all had, the feeling of admiration for another. Ask yourself who do you look up to and admire? Why? What is it you admire about them? This is a the first Take it Further challenge in 2008. Take the idea, develop it into a resolved design during that month and apply it to fiber or paper.

As I explained in the guidelines, every month there will be two options. The second option this month is a colour scheme. This means that if you don’t like the concept you can work the colour scheme or if you don’t like the colour scheme you can work with the concept. Or you can work with both.

The colour scheme for this month is below. I came up with it by using ColourLovers If you have not seen this site before and love colour do check it out as there is lots of fun to be had over there.

As promised I have a flickr group set up as well. The flickr group for the Take it Further Design Challenge is here

When you have worked the idea swing back to this page and leave a comment with blog or flickr address so that people can take a look at what you have been working on or done.

How did I come up with the idea? Just before Christmas during the cleaning the usual cleaning frenzy I was complaining about having to get into high areas of the rooms. Eve my daughter strapped on her stilts and proceeded to clean with ease! For those new readers to my blog Eve is a circus performer. I made a wise crack that now I have to look up to her and the idea for the challenge this month was born. Eve is a woman with Altitude!

Joking aside, I do admire her as she is following her own dream and its not an easy industry to be in. I also admire any entertainer who can make people forget their worries for a moment. It’s a gift to be taken somewhere out of our everyday lives, to be made to laugh, to delight in music, or to marvel. Even if you step out of yourself for only a few moments an entertainer has given a moment of freedom and pleasure. I really admire people who can do that for others.

Eve certainly made me laugh as she cleaned. OK that is enough of my babble.

Also I have been tagged by Vero of Au Fil du Jardin and Neki of A Moveable Feast for the Make my Day Award. The rules are that I am supposed to tag 10 other blogs which I am going to do but not today as its going to be a bit hard to choose just 10 blogs. So give me a day or so to think about it. I am in the middle of a studio sort out but tune in tomorrow for news on that …

Enjoy the challenge, I want to say its great to be back. I feel revived and I am cooking up a few plans for the new year as I sort stuff out in that room that is supposed to be a studio. Tell me apart from posting pics of my studio as readers have requested do have to confess to UFOs too?

She shudders and moves away from the keyboard, downs the last of her coffee to gather her strength, pulls herself upright and walks slowly down the hall. Squaring her shoulders she turns the door knob and pushes the door open determined to tame what is inside …

Have a Cuppa

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Settle down for a a cuppa as I have a few bits and pieces to write about before taking a blogging break for the season.

Take it Further challenge News
I have just updated the Take it Further challenge page and the sign up period is now closed. There are a few stragglers that I am waiting on for a web addresses for. I have a number of people who have not got back to me with this question and I am now working on the assumption that people have changed their minds if I have not had a return email with their web addy to list, in 48 hours. Sorry folks I simply can’t chase you all up constantly.

At the moment the number of participants is at 273 277 I want to thank everyone who helped spread the word as this sort of number is a good starting point for a challenge. Inevitably there will be drop outs but even with these there is now a large enough number to keep a good group dynamic going and make for an interesting and successful challenge.

On the 1st of each month I will post the challenge which means the first challenge will be posted on January 1 the day I get back form my little blogging holiday.

A few thinks …
In response to my ideas on slow cloth and slow craft, Carol-Anne of Threads across the Web has written a very thoughtful piece about the philosophy behind Japanese embroidery and how it might relate to slow cloth in Why do we feel the need for speed?

On the same topic Debra Spincic in her post When Opportunities Arise has suggested that if the opportunity arises to teach someone and don’t dumb down the project. This is a very practical approach to the dumbing down of craft practice and one of the reasons I delight in seeing people write tutorials and post them to blogs. Even if it is as simple as a knot like this the information is invaluable for anyone who does not have the skill.

Sequana dropped me an email to point me to SusyJack which in turn was pointing to an article in the New York Times about contemporary craft titled Handmade 2.0. It’s an article well worth reading because I think many of us sense that the scope and meaning of craft activity has shifted and has been re-energised in the last few years.

Jo of No Matter Where I go I Always Meet Myself There came up with a clear definition of slow cloth in this post
” SLOW CLOTH is what it is all about, taking the time, and care to create something, with thought, with some individuality, and with a genuine interest for the process, as well as the result.”

Elaine Lipson of Red Thread Studio has defined her ideas more here. Kay Susan of S’mockery has seen the debate from a different angle again here
Allison Aller has told the story of one of her slow pieces and Christine of Lady Janes Journal has also dusted off a slow cloth. Mara of Applique and Embroidery in Beijing has also made some good points. I particularly was interested in point about the loss of skills

On another note the idea of slow textile practice tied to the slow movement is part of the Whip Up philosophy look at their manifesto. To quote them “Whipup is for the slow movement, slow cooking, slow living, slow schooling, slow sundays, slowly enjoying life. By living life out of the fast lane we will hopefully notice more, learn more, enjoy our children, friends and family, enjoy our time doing the things we love.”

As you can see slow craft is not about machine versus hand or even the art craft debate but a philosophy about where your values sit. The strength of the ideals behind slow craft is that it does not set a dichotomy between this or that point of view but introduces a way of thinking about craft practice.

There is a shift in craft practice and I have been thinking about a definition of craft that addresses the highly creative DIY community. Certainly this is craft or crafting, just not craft as we think we know it. Hobby Princess in writing of this shift summarized the change “…it’d be a mistake to shrug crafters off as clueless. Below the innocent appearance they are planting the seeds of change. Without making a big deal about boycotting big brands or saving the environment, crafting changes the way we consume. It exposes us to the original ideals of William Morris: the preference of creativity, sincerity, good materials and sound workmanship over wasteful mass-production.” Related to the topic of the shift in how we think about craft practice is an article in Craft Research titled Craft 2.0

As you can see I have been poking around and thinking the notion of a slow cloth has lead me to trying to define for myself what craft practice is in the early 21st century. I hope in the New Year you can bear with me as I tease away and untangle this topic a little further as for me the slow movement also reacts our culture of consumption and consumerism and considers our environment. It is a topic I am going to give more thought to and feel free to chip in with comments or write a blog post about what you think.

Late Edit Take a look at Misa’s thoughts  on the subject of Slow Craft as she has ‘got it’ in other words understand she perfectly understands what I mean by slow craft

A few links
I have a few odd links today which I have either been meaning to post or develop into longer posts. I thought I would put them out there for your enjoyment
Once again I encountered again Freda’s Photos on Flickr. She has photographs of the most fantastic crazy quilt up. No doubt the discussion lists found it and delighted in the eye candy but I missed it and was delighted at seeing this quilt so I thought I would share it with you

While on Flickr I found this group for Button Wreaths, Trees, Balls and Flowers. Then I got stuck on this flickr group for vintage buttons and then I discovered this flickr group for button jewelry and accessories As you can see Flickr can be a huge time sink for me if I am not careful

With the New year around the corner many of us take stock and look at where our life is going and what we are doing. It’s the time of year that we set goals for the future and look back on the previous year.

While in such a mood you may like to take a look at The Life of Riley. Olive is 108 and with the help of Mike keeps a blog. This blog is not on the topic of textiles but it certainly is about life and not to be missed

Whats coming up in the new year?

I will be back in the new year with the Take it Further challenge, my usual links to resources, my have a cuppa type posts

I plan to regularly add a tutorial round up as there is some great resources being produced by bloggers.

Also I have noticed I have a good few new readers who are new to blogs and the internet. This has come to my attention during the sign ups for the Take it Further challenge. I have had to answer emails on some real basics like what a web address is and how to leave a comment on blogs, the fact that blogs change daily or weekly and even how to bookmark a site. So I will return to writing tips and tricks on how to use the technology of the web and blogging at a basic level. These will be either tutorials written by me or along the lines of my post on RSS feeds the other day. It is too easily assumed that people know this stuff and they often don’t. I do keep Mindtracks which is about this but many readers here do not follow that blog and it is possibly too technical for them.

Also next year I hope you can bear with me as I document more of my work in progress. I do actually stitch!

My personal challenge for next year is to get quite a few projects done. Readers will hopefully enjoy watching me blitze my work room and weigh everything in my stash as I am going on a fiber diet next year so swing back here for what I am sure will be an amusing sight. After my weigh in I am going to set about clearing the decks, sorting out, de-cluttering, de-stash, finish projects and start new projects I have been thinking about. At the end of the year I am going to weigh everything again and see how much weight I have lost.

I hope readers will enjoy what I have planned but until then I want to wish everyone my best for the season and the new year. Thank you for returning day after day to read what I dash off here. This blog brings me great satisfaction but without readers and your constant input it would not be what it is. So here I am waving and I hope to see you in the new year as I am off on a much needed no blogging holiday.

Take it Further Challengers

I would like to introduce everyone in next years challenge to your fellow challengers.

As you can see below I have been working on collating comments and emails to produce a list. I have checked all the sites and verified that they are real challengers not spam blogs and hope you will enjoy discovering some new folks online as I did. This is going to be an interesting and varied challenge as textile practitioners across the board have signed up. People work in all sorts of areas and have wide ranging interests and hopefully it will expose everyone to new ideas, ways of working and different expressions in textiles. It’s going to be exciting!

Don’t forget the first challenge will be announced on the 1st of January so make sure you read my post on that day. You will have a month to work the idea

It’s taken days to pull this list together. If you have signed up and have blog or flickr account please check you are listed here. I dread posting lists like this as with so many people some are likely to have been someone left out by mistake.

If you are not on the list below you have been missed out by accident please leave a comment and you will be added.

Many people did not leave an address to their blog. I have emailed them about this and am waiting a reply. There are about 35 people who I am waiting to hear from. In some cases I am getting email returned due to spam filters so once again please leave a comment.

About 25% have signed up without giving me their web address not because they don’t have one but because they forgot! If you signed up without leaving a web address or if when I checked it I discovered an error page, and I have emailed you and either I have not heard back yet or it bounced back as undeliverable. This could be you that made a mistake in your email address when you left here, gave a false email address or have a spam filter that blocks automatically you wont be on list. For this reason you will not be on the list yet as I don’t have a correct web address for you! Please leave the correct address to your blog as a comment and you will be added to the list.

If you don’t yet have a site to post images to you will not yet be on the list. Notice the word yet in the sentence. Don’t fret I have not crossed you off my list. Please let me know when you have a site and you will be added.

If you do not have a blog you will need at least a flickr account or somewhere to put your images online so that you can share you work and people can see it. If you don’t have one go to http://flickr.com and set one up they are free and easy to use and for all those flickr folks come the time I will set up flickr group to post images to. For a free blog service try http://wordpress.com. It is free and relatively easy to set up with good help files.

An important note about participation

Now I am putting on my meanie voice … ready … meanie voice on … can you hear it … tap tap … OK …
With the experience of last year and the TAST challenge I will be reviewing this list regularly to see if people are in fact participating. Last year there was a percentage of people said they would participate but never did. I can understand that people sometimes sign up to things then find they are too busy but here I am talking about a smaller percentage who did not participate, never linked back to the challenge page, made mention of it or ever looked as if they intended to join in. I have my suspicion that in these cases – and I am talking only about these cases, that they wanted a link to their site and that was it particularly when they are running a business from their site.

For that reason I am going to remove anyone who is not blogging about the challenge or not posting to flickr. In other words, if someone is not participating and not giving any indication of intending to do so I will remove the link.

The time period of non participation is a period of two months. If you link to me I will find you via my referrers or to make it really easy for me please leave a comment when you put up photos or write about the challenge.

That said I perfectly understand when people sign up and life gets in the way which is usually the case. It’s only a few who spoil the good will.

Once things have settled down and I have everyone listed this list will eventually reside on the Take it Further challenge page. The web address is http://sharonb.wordpress.com/take-it-further-challenge/

Before someone asks yes, there is still time to join up just leave a comment with the URL of your blog.

This is a huge list of blogs to put together and expect the list to increase as I catch my mistakes, the stragglers and clear up things like blog addresses. I think it will take people a good while to browse them all. It’s taken me ages and I plan to have a non-blogging day tomorrow. I will be trying catch up on emails and Christmas preparations. I figure this list will keep the most confirmed link addict happy for a couple of days at least!

Anyway let me introduce…

  1. A Creative Journey… is written by Mary Catherine who creates collage pieces in both paper and fabric
  2. A Movable Feast Neki blogs her explorations in contemporary textile surface design and manipulation techniques, and needle felting.
  3. A La Coupaillonnerie I think I translated the sign up comment right as it was left in French but her blog has some great hand embroidered eye candy
  4. A Stitch in Time is kept by Scottish Fiber artist Carol Clasper. Contemporary textiles and fabric postcards appear regularly in her blog.
  5. Adventures of Angel Cat is a fiber arts blog touching on a number of areas such as fabric postcards, embroidery, dyeing, and knitting
  6. AlarTTex Maria del Valle keeps a blog on textiles which although written in Spanish has a handy “translate this blog” feature in the side bar.
  7. Allie’s in Stitches is the blog of the fantastic crazy quilter Alison Aller.
  8. Altering Thoughts Pat blogs her explorations into contemporary textile techniques.
  9. Anna Nowicki has a website on which she houses images of her latest work
  10. Apples and Oranges is a blog kept by Kate a contemporary craft practitioner. Sewing, embroidery and knitting are some of the topic covered
  11. Applique and Embroidery in Beijing I met Mara as a student in one of my classes.Mara does lovely
    stitching and her blog is really worth checking out
  12. Art ADD Works for Me Gisela is a quilter
  13. Art of Textiles Susan quilts, embroiders explores surface design and many fiber related crafts
  14. Artify the Heart Barbara is interested in paper crafts and journals
  15. Arts Texile et Dentelle Carinemarie interests range from free form crochet to needlelace, contemporary lace and felt embellishing
  16. Artwhispers Terry is taking part
  17. Arty Lady Liz is interested in ATCs, altered art and related crafts
  18. Ati on the crazy road… Ati is a participant in the TAST challenge and uses her blog to document her crazy quilting projects.
  19. Au Fil du Jardin Vero is interested in the fiber arts, and posts her projects
  20. Back Valley Seasons Penny is a participant in the TAST challenge and blogs her textile interests which range over contemporary manipulation and surface design to contemporary embroidery
  21. Bears Embroidery Den has recently covered silk ribbon embroidery, sewing, working a denim bag and crazy quilting
  22. Bilum Karen’s blog is new
  23. Blog Doris covers craft, cross stitch, crochet
  24. California Fiber Artist and Composer Susan is working on her City and Guilds Patchwork and Quilting Level 3
  25. Canyonquilter is Linda on Flickr
  26. Carolina Quilter Jody quilts using traditional piecing and hand applique. She also does thread painting, and crazy quilting.
  27. Carpe Diem Marion is a painter who also blogs images of her visual journal page spreads
  28. Catherine’s Tatting Attempts Kelly is a tatter
  29. Celeste has a flickr account
  30. Cheryl’s Chatelaine covers her needlework interests such as hand embroidery, cross stitch and quilting
  31. Cherold’s Place Cheri is a quilter who is busy stash busting
  32. Cindy Bonnell is on flickr
  33. ckartist Clare Has flickr site
  34. Cleveland Girlie is interested in contemporary fiber and quilting
  35. Color My World Judy Rys is interested in contemporary textiles, fabric post cards, ATCs (artist trading cards) fabric printing and dyeing
  36. Come Quilt with Me Joan teaches as QuiltUniversity.com and needless to say she writes about quilting in her blog.
  37. Cramzy Emmy explores contemporary textile and embroidery techniques producing all sorts of interesting things
  38. Crazy Here and Now... Jane tracks her interests in crazy quilting and quilting in her blog
  39. Crazy Valsusa Lorenza is an Italian who keeps a bilingual blog. She is interested in crazy quilting and contemporary fiber such as fabric postcards, inchies, and ATCs.
  40. Creatilfun Francoise tracks her textile interests in fabric postcards, dyeing, design, stitch and quilting
  41. Creating with no Rules is kept by Sharon who is a crazy quilter and silk ribbon embroiderer
  42. Creative Idyll is a new blog
  43. Creative Meanderings Doreen writes about crazy quilting, sewing and crafts
  44. Committed Stitcher Meg covers cross stitch, embroidery and patch work in her blog
  45. Dakini Dreams Sapphire is a contemporary fiber and paper artist
  46. Dancing Crow creates a fabric postcard a day and takes classes to develop circus skills
  47. Dark Jewel Ramblings is a new blog. Somer is a member of the Society of Creative Anachronism and is interested in cross stitching, embroidering, sewing
  48. Deb Kolar – Life in Stitches tracks her interests in textiles
  49. Debbi Baker tracks her latest projects creating fabric postcards, ATCs, and paper crafts
  50. Debra’s Design Studio Debra is a crazy quilter who blogs her work in progress and has a wide interest in textiles.
  51. Deb’s Blog Deb is interested in contemporary textiles and journal quilts
  52. De Ponto em no Belém writes a bilingual blog in which she covers her interests such as quilting, embroidery and sewing.
  53. Dreaming Spirals is kept by quilt artist Liz Plummer
  54. Dyeing 2 Sew Valerie is a contemporary textile artist whose main interest is dyeing. Valerie also does applique and quilting
  55. Dyers Hand Sandra Wyman is a dyer and quilter
  56. Dyelicious is the website of Maya who is participating in the challenge
  57. El Cielo Studio Journal Susie Monday describes her blog as being about “stitching and dyeing and printing of the craft of art cloth and art quilt”
  58. Elsie Vredenburg is a quilter who has a website but not yet a blog
  59. Embroidery Overlaps Barbara works with contemporary textile techniques and embroidery to produce fabric postcards, journal quilts, and various other projects.
  60. Embroideress is the blog of Linn Skinner who researches historical embroidery and designs samplers.
  61. English Rose in Kuwait Sara keeps this blog during the City and Guilds course in Embroidery
  62. Everyday Revelations Kate is a crazy quilter who posts images of her blocks
  63. Ever Embellished Sarah is interested in fiber arts with an emphasis on embellishment. Do check out her blog as she does some great contemporary and freestyle embroidery.
  64. Fadenkunst Musa keeps a bilingual blog and is interested in contemporary textiles, embroidery and quilting and posts some great drawings from her sketchbook
  65. FaeryDi’s Fibre Feats or Fiascos is Dianne’s blog that tracks her textile interests.
  66. Faffing About Lynne is interested in contemporary fiber work, embroidery and paper arts.
  67. Fiberart Musings Karen is an art quilter who blogs her projects
  68. Fiber Fantasies Lynn lists her interests as being quilting, sewing, dyeing, knitting, needlepoint, cross stitch, and needlepunch
  69. (Fiber) Joys and (Traveling) Follies Maryjo knits and crochets and has an interest in textiles.
  70. Fiberfairy´s Haven writes about her freeform crochet, knitting, spinning and hand dyeing.
  71. Field Trips in Fiber Vicki lists her interests as sewing, quilting and fabric postcards
  72. Fifiquilter has a flickr account
  73. Frog Stitch Melissa quilts and crafts
  74. From the Basement Liz describes herself as a cloth doll maker, sewer, beader, needlewoman, crafts person, and sometime quilter
  75. From the Long House Sylvia is a knitter and quilter
  76. From The Magpies Nest Sue is a quilter
  77. Getting to Crazy LouAnne is active with crazy quilting and redwork embroidery
  78. Getting your Goat Misty is quilter
  79. Goatgoddess’s Weblog is a new blog set up for the Take it Further challenge
  80. Greasyming Leslie is a crazy quilter and contemporary stitcher who lives in Africa
  81. Gunnel’s blog Gunnel lists her interests as being embroidery, art quilting, contemporary textile art, fiber art, needle felting, and mixed media and Gunnel blogs her projects regularly
  82. Hand Quilting Violette’s blog has a special emphasis on hand work and quilts.
  83. Haute Nature is by Holly who describes her blog as “Ecologically based creative ideas, art and green products for your children, home and lifestyle” It’s an interesting blog do check it out.
  84. Healing Balance Passion Gwen regularly blogs page spreads of her art journal
  85. Heb Art Helen Suzane is a quilter who is interested in contemporary techniques, surface manipulation and surface design
  86. Helinacq (Helina) is on flickr
  87. High Fiber Content Julie is a quilter with an interest in surface design, dyeing, paper arts and collage
  88. Honey Bee Stephanie is interested in Patchwork, quilting and embroidery and has a new blog for the challenge
  89. Idaho Quilter Janet is a quilter who also does needlepoint
  90. Inspirations Lisa Walton is a quilter who uses her hand dyed fabrics but has recently developed an interest in surface treatments and embellishment
  91. Jacqueline’s Blog is a bilingual mixed media fiber arts blog
  92. Jayne Slovick has started a blog for the Take it Further Challenge
  93. Jenny’s Australian Needleart Journey tracks Jenny’s needlework and hand embroidery projects and is currently working the most amazing piece of reticella do check it out.
  94. Jess’s Journal Jess keeps a diary online and I assume she will use it for the challenge.
  95. Judi has a flickr account
  96. Judy in the Dyes is interested in fiber arts particularly surface design
  97. Jumpstarts Dianne is interested in contemporary needlework and quilting
  98. Just Another Pretty Picture Cheryl is an illustrator who also quilts and knits. Don’t miss checking out her quilts they are humorous, quirky and fun
  99. Just Enough Time Deb has started a new blog for the Take it Further Challenge
  100. Karen Marie has a flickr site
  101. Kathy Goes Krazy Kathy is interested in crazy quilting, embroidery, quilting, sewing
  102. Karrins Crazy World Karrin is a crazy quilter, quilter and hand embroiderer
  103. Kerrykatiecakes is a crazy quilter
  104. Lady Jane’s Journal Christine keeps an interesting blog on historical textiles, embroidery, lace making, and patchwork
  105. Laurence on flickr
  106. Le nid de Colibri Hélène is interested in contemporary beading and textiles
  107. Libélulas na Janela Glaucia is a crazy quilter
  108. Life Scraps and Patches Connie writes quite a bit about her personal life but it is interspersed with fiber and craft related posts
  109. Linda is a quilter who has reactivated her blog for the Take it Further challenge.
  110. Little Works of Art Margaret is a contemporary embroiderer who dyes and manipulates her fabrics before embellishing them
  111. Linda Stokes Textile Artist dyeing, printing, machine embroidery and cloque are some of the techniques Linda writes about in her blog.
  112. Luci’s Creative Adventures Luci is interested in contemporary embroidery
  113. Luna’s Baublebilities Virginia is interested in jewellery and textiles. Her blog is new
  114. Made by Misa Listed among Misa’s interests are embroidery, sewing, crazy quilting, drawing, painting, ATCs, mixed media art
  115. Magic Indigo Tricia is a contemporary textile artist who works also works in mixed media to produce some great spreads in her visual journal
  116. MagicXstitch Mayté has a handy translation button inher side bar so you can read about her cross stitch and hand embrodiery
  117. Mags Ramsay is interested in contemporary textile, quilting and stitch techniques
  118. Maggie’s Textiles I encountered Maggies blog because she took one of my classes. Her stitching is fantastic and her blog is worth watching.
  119. Magpies Mumblings Mary Anne crafts, sews and knits
  120. Mallakoo is a new blog and Malla blogs about her crazy quilting
  121. Marci has a flickr account
  122. MarianUK is a new blog established for the Take it Further challenge
  123. MaryJoO has a flickr account
  124. Meleeis’s Weblog is a new blog set up for the challenge.
  125. Mixed Media Julie is a painter who tracks her interests in contemporary mixed media fiber techniques, beading, fabric postcards
  126. Monique is interested in contemporary textiles and patchwork
  127. Moonsilk Stitches Marjorie has started a new blog. Marjorie also has a flickr site
  128. Nanna J on Flicker is Nan
  129. Needle ‘n Thread Mary Corbet regularly contributes to the online stitching community with video tutorials of stitches, free patterns and sound advice.
  130. Nestlings is a website by Robin quilter
  131. Neverending Lists Fiona tracks her fiber projects and textile related interests in her blog
  132. Nichobella Acey tracks her interests in quilting, mixed media assemblage, and embroi
  133. Nuvo Felt focuses on needle felting and experiments with contemporary textile techniques
  134. Occasional Jottings Linda is interested in surface design, dyeing, contemporary quilting and textiles. She blogs her visual journal,design process and work in progress
  135. Orange Rug Yarn Musings Juli blogs about her needlework, and is interested in design and drawing.
  136. Out of the Basement Kay is interested in quilts and wearables
  137. Paddy’s Daughter makes quilts, does needlework and sewing
  138. Pam Kellog’s Kitty and Me Designs Pam is a Cross stitch designer who a few years ago discovered crazy quilting. She blogs her work in progress and often provides free designs for her readers.
  139. Parkview 616 Jowynn was a participant in the TAST challenge and very active on flickr.
  140. Pat Gê on Flickr
  141. Patchwork broderie et cetera Paule does crazy quilting, quilting and embroidery
  142. Permutations in Fiber Ruth interest in fiber arts and paper arts takes her into all sorts of areas of textile practice making her blog interesting reading!
  143. Pins and Needles Jocelyn has just recently started a blog. She is a crazy quilter who also does needlepoint, freeform crochet, makes artists books and does hand embroidery.
  144. Pocahontas County Fare On this blog you will find knitting, sewing, as well as notes on natural history and books.
  145. Possibilities etc! Judy does some interesting needlepoint and even interprets crazy quilting images on her canvas.
  146. Purple Fan Lin Moon is interested in embroidery, crazy quilting and silk ribbon embroidery but ranges into other textile related crafts too.
  147. Purple Missus Lynda keeps a blog on contemporary textiles covering experiments with different fabric manipulation techniques and notes on what she is working on
  148. Quieter Moments Elizabeth has made some fantastic contributions in the TAST challenge pushing stitches to their limit and is participating in this one too
  149. Quilt Til You Wilt Annie is a quilter
  150. Quiltlover62 Kelly has a flickr account
  151. Quilts n’ More Pamela is quilter
  152. Quiltifications Tirane tracks her current quilting projects
  153. Reading and Stitching in Il Jenny is interested in needlwork such as freestyle creative embroidery, cross stitch and knitting
  154. Red 2 White Monika has set up a new blog to share her interests in sewing, embroidery and patchwork, fabric painting and batik
  155. Reneorgeron’s Weblog is a new blog set up for the Take it Further challenge.
  156. Ronda’s Creative Quilting As the title suggests Ronda writes about her quilts in progress
  157. Sandra’s Studio is a new blog esptablished for the Take it Further challenge
  158. Seamless Skin Karoda is a contemporary quilter and fiber artist
  159. Sequana has a flickr account
  160. She who Measures is the blog of historical costumer Kelly Ridley. There are some really good, informative posts to found here making it well worth checking out.
  161. Sita’s Tangled Web Sita describes her young blog as ranging “from psychology to needlework and fabric craft and anything in between”.
  162. Skildtquilts is a new blog
  163. Skybell Arts Kim is interested in contemporary fiber arts, quilting and embroidery
  164. S’mockery Kay Susan has taken the City & Guilds Creative Embroidery Parts I and 2 and mainly blogs about contemporary embroidery
  165. Snippets from Chaos is Lori’s sewing blog
  166. Snow Days Mady is interested in hand embroidery
  167. Sooner or Later by Yarn goddess makes all sorts of items such as fabric postcards, inchies, ATCs, journal quilts and so on. She is very busy!
  168. Sparkle Jars Gayle has an interest in quilting and fiber and uses her blog to document what she does.
  169. Spinning Yarns Judith is a quilter and crazy quilter
  170. Spirit Cloth tracks Jude Hills explorations with thread and cloth. Jude has a great sensitivity for her medium
  171. Stitch and More is written by Simona in Italy and she tracks her crazy quilting a
    nd embroidery projects.
  172. Stitch Nut Kat is a machine quilter, who also enjoys beading and craftwork.
  173. Stitchin’ Addiction is a new blog set up by Shari to track her Take is Further challenge projects and her other stitching interests
  174. Stitching Susan has just started a blog in order to follow the Take it Further Challenge
  175. Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese is written by Maggie Harris a mixed media textile artist who knits, sews, and does hand stitching
  176. Stitchnpatch Vicki has completed her City and Guilds in level 2 and now has moved on to level 3. Her blog tracks her progress in contemporary embroidery and quilting.
  177. Studio Threads Vivian is interested in contemporary quilting and ATCs
  178. Suduke Blog is on Yahoo 360 Connect to me (I am not sure if you have to have a yahoo account and be a friend to view this blog but it may be the case, and for those who read blogs via a feed this type of blog has no RSS feed service)
  179. Suzical is interested in contemporary embroidery and textiles
  180. Suz Stuff covers her explorations in contemporary fiber techniques
  181. Tango Musings Linda describes her interests as “playing with fabric and paints to create art”
  182. Tenar’s Cave tracks her interests in needlework and knitting
  183. Textiles in Time Marty is a crazy quilter who regularly blogs her work.
  184. TextileXplorations Susan is interested in contemporary fiber work
  185. The Beauty of Life Paula has established a new blog in order to participate in the Take it Further challenge but has already posted some images of her embroidery check it out as she has been whipping beads with thread.
  186. The Crazy Atom Orbit Ren tracks her varied fiber interests in her blog
  187. The Floss Box Emily is a cross sticher who regularly provides and points to free designs online
  188. The Laughing Parrot Sarita has recently started her blog. So far there is sewing and quilting on it
  189. The Path to Hell Margaret describes herself as a “obsessive compulsive fiddler of fabric”
  190. Tinab4’s Weblog is a new blog started for the Take it Further challenge
  191. Thistle Cove Farm Sandra blogs about her life and fiber projects
  192. Threads Across the Web Carol-Anne blogs about the progress of her beautiful Japanese embroidery
  193. Threads of Love Linda does embroidery, crazy quilting, quilting, makes contemporary dolls and blogs her projects along the way.
  194. Threadmill Jeannie is also taking part
  195. Thelma’s Sew’n Things Thema is interested in embroidery and crazy quilting
  196. Travel Fibre and Thread Sue writes about contemporary textiles and motorbikes! An unusual mix but interesting particularly since I still sit on the back of a bike.
  197. True Stitches Heather is a contemporary textile artist who designs, spins, knits, weaves, and quilts
  198. Tundra Threads Deireth is interested in contemporary textiles and blogs her current work. Her blog contains quilting, embroidery, fabric postcards and felting.
  199. Tuscany’s Blues I met Caroline via one of my online classes and her enthusiasm immediately attracted me. Her blog is relatively new but she is interested in fiber arts of all kinds
  200. Ullas Fiber Blog Ulla is interested in quilting, beading and fiber related activities
  201. Up too late, as usual …Andrea is a fellow Canberran whose creative energy spins off in all sorts of fiber related directions.
  202. Utilidades da tia Gloria is a blog written in Portugueseby Gloria who is interested in crochet
  203. Urban Debris is an interesting blog about creating art from recycled items.
  204. Vintage Vanity is a new blog for the Take it Further challenge set up by one of my students
  205. Vivian in Stitches is interested in art quilts, embroidery and contemporary textiles, and fabric postcards, books etc
  206. What Boggles my Mind Nancilyn explores many forms of contemporary fiber and needle work particularly art dolls
  207. Windows to Me Dawn is interested in altered book, fabric books, artist trading cards, postcards and antiques
  208. WWKD is a new blog set up for the Take it Further challenge
  209. Wyrd Needles Lis
    a mainly cross stitches
  210. Yvonne has a flickr site
  211. Zee Art Studio Kathy describes herself as working with both a fiber and in mosaics although at the moment of review there was a lot of personal posts
  212. Zquilts Marie’s blog contains her projects in quilting, needle felting, needle thread painting and dyeing