Work in Progress Wednesday: a new quilt!

It’s about time I instituted my work in progress reports again. They are a useful tool to make me focus on what has been done in the past week.

My first work in progress report for the year consists of new quilt I have started.

I have just finished piecing these strips which after embroidery will go together to form a quilt. This quilt I am going to call “the ribbon quilt” because it is made up of a number of long strips. I have created a category for it and people can trace its progress that way if they choose.

As you can see the pieces have both straight and curved seams. I aim to embroider all the horizontal seams but leave the long vertical seams  free of embellishment so they form a hard edge in the design. I plan to add more lace and encrust the stitching. Once the quilt is assembled, and has a border, hopefully it will be quite dramatic. Of course I am talking about hand embroidery so it will take some time to work.

I plan on rotating two big projects.  This little pile looks modest, but it is in fact half the number of 7 inch blocks which will make up another quilt.

Once again they are a mix of straight and curved seams, they use a lot of lace as a result of this wonderful gift from Margaret.

I am trying something slightly different with the colour scheme as I am aiming for soft Victorian colours – not just pastels but interesting muted tones. I am not aiming for sickly sweet pastel colours but what I have here looks a little dull in the photograph. They are not I assure you, as they are quite rich in a subtle manner. So this quilt is something different for me.

I have made about half of the blocks I require and have come to realise that the lace Margaret gave me, combined with gifts like this one from Marilyn and my hoard will be enough for 3 if not 4 large crazy quilts.

For the moment these are going to be my two main projects – both are slow cloths and I hope they will make an interesting journey.

The last thing I have is a finish.

I needed a large tote. I was using a big green recycling bag. Aussies will know the sort of bag I mean, they are available in supermarkets for groceries and intended to be used instead of plastic bags. I have oodles of them as they are so handy.They have a very wide base. It seams to me all sorts of things just fit in them neatly. From books to cameras, to sketch books and art gear, including shoes! I found I was using this type of bag as tote. I decided to make my own bag out of recycled jeans.

It has oodles and oodles of pockets and very wide base. I should have lined the bag up on the grid but you can see how wide it is from this side view.

I lined it with denim too and made sure there was lots of pockets. I took it to the Embroiderer’s Guild on Monday and I have feeling it’s going to become my regular bag!

Just look at this Lace!

This is a gift “towards my next quilt” from a warm generous woman who lives here in Canberra. In fact this lace comes from Margaret Roberts who among other things taught me how to do a French knot properly! 

Margaret Roberts is very well known in the local fiber and textile world as she worked at the National Gallery for years. Just one of her interesting tasks was working to repair and conserve the Ballet Russe costumes 

Margaret has been an active Embroiderer’s Guild ACT member for years and also was part of the team that worked on the Parliament House Embroidery. Once you get chatting to her you realise not only does she have oodles and oodles of stories to tell she has been active with a thread in her hand most of her life so she has acquired a tremendous amount of skill and knowledge.  

Anyway I went visiting on Friday and came away with a huge gift as she has been de-stashing. Margaret probably has no idea how thrilled I am to have it. 

I have been thinking about it all weekend and have decided that my next crazy quilt will definitely use and highlight lace in all its forms. Apart from this wonderful gift I have accumulated quite a few interesting pieces over the years and now this massive gift of lace has pushed me to use it. 

I have started to make a few decisions about the approach I will take, the first being that I will dye much of it. Although some light and ecru/cream blocks are good I am not a pastel colour scheme person.  

I just have to decide if the blocks will be regular squares or some other interesting shape. I enjoyed the finished result of the diamond quilt  but I am not sure if I want to work diamonds again. Anyway I will keep you posted as it is my next project! I have even created a new category for it. Having a category means it has to become real and be more than an idle thought. I has to exist rather than remain in my imagination only.