More Art Bras from Australia

The Australian Textile and Surface Design Association has an exhibition online of Bazaare Bras held in association with the National Breast Council of Australia. This exhibit is to raise awareness and to support the council’s efforts in breast Cancer research. The US version along the same lines, is to be found at the The Way to Women’s Wellness site. There is also an article about the Way to Women’s Wellness Foundation by Victoria Adams Brown in the current issue of CQMagOnline

There are a number of people working on bras which will be on display at the First National Crazy Quilt Retreat which is going to be held here in Canberra from the 1st to the 4th of October this year. Since I have not even started making one I don’t think I will be modeling one there this year! Linda Barraclough is putting together a page of links to art bras made for this cause. If anyone knows of any more I am sure she would be pleased to be made aware of them.

Crazy quilting discussion lists:

After my previous post I thought that some people might like links to the discussion lists that deal with crazy quilting. Lists such as these are informal and educational. You can learn a heck of lot about piecing and embellishing as there are many knowledgeable members that share their experience. If you live in Australia or New Zealand you will probably enjoy southerncrosscrazies. The two large global lists are CQembellishers which is associated with Yahoo groups and the oldest list is Crazy Quilt which you subscribe to via the Quiltropolis site. All are great, welcome beginners and old hands alike. I have enjoyed many a giggle, learnt many a trick and had many hours pleasure from them over the years.

A Sixty Year UFO

We all have UFO’s (un-finished objects) and sometimes I get guilty about the various projects I have tucked in my cupboards. I write lists, notes to myself and try various methods to finish them off. I am not too bad most things I start I do complete, it’s just sometimes it may take a while. A dear friend of mine described me as a finisher so I guess I should not be too harsh on myself.

I found the story of this crazy quilt begun by EJ Phillips in the 1870 and finished 1930. Now that has to be the longest a project has been on hold that I have heard of  so I don’t feel so bad.