First National Crazy Quilt Retreat

While Annie Whitsed is away I am acting as the email contact for enquiries about the First National Crazy Quilt Retreat which is to be held here in Canberra from the 1st to the 4th of October 2004. I have posted about this briefly before from here on in there will be a little more news about it. So I have created another category in this blog for news with the obvious title of First National Crazy Quilt Retreat. I am going to use the image above each time I post to draw the attention of those who read this blog because they are coming to the retreat. In case you are wondering the image is of the view from the venue the Greenhills Conference Center.

Firstly the well known quilter and author of books on Australian quilting Margaret Rolfe has agreed to present a talk at dinner on Saturday on the History of crazy quilting. Margaret Rolfe is probably Australia’s best known quilt historian particularly since in 2001 she was awarded the Order of Australia for “service to the decorative arts, particularly as an authority on the history of quilts and quiltmaking, to the promotion of the craft through teaching and writing, and as an adviser on the acquisition of quilts from the national collection.’ “. I am looking forward to the talk immensely.

The other big news is that somebody at the retreat will walk away with a new Bernina Activa 135 Patchwork Edition sewing Machine. Tickets to the draw will be given out for attending and more tickets will be awarded for participating in activities at the retreat. The more you join in, the more chances you have to win the Bernina. The committee has decided that participating constitutes contributing in such ways as bringing show and tell, dressing up for dinner, telling a story that makes everyone laugh… we are still thinking up ways to earn chances. Annie has already said there will be 10 chances to anyone who makes and models a Crazy Quilted Bra and 5 chances if you make one that she can model (of course if we have any takers on this one we can exclude males from the room during the bra parade). You can also up your chances by buying chances to win. This means we can raise some funds for postage on newbie squishies sent to new members on the Southerncrosscrazies discussion list, and pay the Venue Deposit and initial admin costs for our next Retreat.

There is a rough schedule for the weekend mapped out we are still in shake down mode but it includes such activites as unfurling the banner, workshops on both Saturday and Sunday, talks, short demos, show and tell, so read eye candy, eye candy and more eye candy, a display of round robin and friendship group pieces, a chicken scratch, as well as lucky draws, supper squishies to be won as spot prizes, fun and games and time to relax and stitch. I am really looking forward to it as I will meet many women who I have only known online. it will be very nice to put a face to the email address!

I should also remind you that the balance of retreat fees is due to Annie in June. Make cheques payable to Annie Whitsed and send them to PO Box 8030 Rivett 2611. Any other enquiries while Annie is away to me. My email is

After all this chatter I am reminded that I have brochure to layout and some stitching to do as I have a number of items to complete before the retreat! There will a sneak preview for those who are coming or images for those who are not here – toddles off to work room ‘to do’ list in hand.

CQ Eye Candy

I made a blue in a comment I made. I had thought Leonie was referring to something else, which I am going to stay quiet about. Leonie emailed me and of course she is right (sorry Leonie) there is a book which includes some of my crazy quilting work being released on the May 15th. This link will take you information about it and ordering details. So this is a bit of very obvious self promotion that I had forgotten to do! Honestly some days if I had a brain I would be dangerous.

Crazy patchwork bras!

I want one! was my immediate reaction to these bras. Then I remembered that I am at an age where foundation garments are feats of modern engineering. Does wearable art have to be wearable?

A Way to Women’s Wellness has produced a calendar of 30 ‘art bras’ as a fundraiser for breast cancer research. There is some great pieces there including crazy patch worked ones over embellished and standing proud in all their glory!

On another note – How is the to do list coming on? I have the Y2K crazy quilt online now under the title of I dropped the button box . This is really an album of eye candy for those quilters on various crazy quilting discussion lists I subscribe to. This is a Y2K quilt as it has 2001 different bits in it. In other words 2001 different pieces of either fabric, lace, braid, charm, buttons or ribbon. I was a bit short on the number, but my button collection saved the day – hence the title.

For me crazy quilting is about relaxation. I have my serious work and my crazy quilting. It never ceases to challenge me but often it is the pleasure of thread against luxurious fabric that I take pleasure in. Hope people enjoy the album.