A group for people who want to learn about Fabric books!

screenshot of a group for people who want to learn how to make Fabric booksNews! I have started a Facebook group for people who want to learn about Fabric books.

Fabric books are called all sorts of things fabric art journals, textile books, fabric collage books, quilted journals, cloth artist books, fiber books, what ever you want to call them. This facebook group is about books made from fabric, felt or mixed media journals that mainly incorporate textiles. Fiber or cloth has to be the dominant material used to make the book. This excludes art journals or paper journals as there are plenty of groups for those folks online.

People with all skill levels are encouraged. So don’t be put off if you have never made a fabric book you will soon learn by hanging around this crowd. The idea is learn together and share tips and advice, photos of progress and projects, and pool our knowledge so everyone can learn and develop their skills in this area of textile practice.

If you are interested follow the link and apply to join the Facebook Fabric Books group. At the time of writing there are already over 300 members and some very talented people in the group I have a hunch this will be an interesting and dynamic textile group that stir the creative juices constantly. So spread the news and join if you think it might be your thing.

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