Weaving machinery at the Musée des arts et métiers

The Musée des arts et métiers (Museum of Arts and Crafts) in Paris is one of those museums you will with find absolutely fascinating or just not your thing.

the Musée des arts et métiersIf you are a weaver or have done any weaving you will find their display of looms fascinating as they have models of all key looms and a circular knitting machine!

the Musée des arts et métiers loomYou can see me thoroughly enjoying myself here peering into the beautiful old cabinets trying to translate the notes.

the Musée des arts et métiersAlso of interest was this colour wheel for dyes

the Musée des arts et métiers colour wheelThis display on the invention and manufacture of rayon was also interesting.

the Musée des arts et métiers rayonAnyway as promised, I thought I would share the information about this gem as it is not on the main tourist track and when we visited it was quiet.

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Tutorial on How to make a fabric book

screenshot of website
Over on Shade tree Art I found a great illustrated step by step  tutorial on how to make a fabric book.

The method Shirley Hays employs to stitch the pages together produces a neat spine and a book which will behave as a book and lay flat when open. I discovered this link int the archives and am re-posting it as am sure some stitchers who are doing the TAST  (Take a stitch Tuesday challenge) will be interested. I can see this method a being useful for all sorts of samples.

While on the site see what Shirley Hays has done used hers for – a lovely fabric book of tatting samples !