Free pattern for an accent cushion band

Over on the Coats and Clark website you will discover this free pattern. These crochet disks form a band that can be slipped on a cushion or pillow as a decorators accent.

When I first saw it I thought they were buttons. There is no reason why the idea could not be adapted to button craft. It would be easy enough to stitch button to a sheer band.

Murals made from buttons

I know many of my readers will be people who love buttons and sorting buttons and will also understand if an artist states that working with them is a meditation. 

Ran Hwang is an artist who uses buttons to build up large scale wall installations. No glue is used  but they are attached with pins and threads. Ran Hwang states that “threads serve as a metaphor for connection and communication between unlinked human relations.” 

Check out Ran Hwan’s website the work is beautiful. 

How to paint your own buttons

Painted buttons can be little miniature works of art and many crazy quilters use them in their pieces if they can get thier hands on them. Have you ever thought of painting your own?

Gerry Krueger  of Older Rose has written a detailed tutorial on how to paint your own buttons. Gerry covers everything from prep to brush choice and paint used. Even how to approach some designs are covered. So it will definitely get you started.