R. Ackermann’s Repository of fashions a free ebook online

fashion illustrationR. Ackermann’s Repository of fashions was published 1829 and has been digitized and made available as free Google ebook.

For those with a tablet it is easily read or you can view it on your computer.

The book contains some really lovely fashion plates of the day which will be of great interest to anyone interested in the history of costume. They have a charm of their own that delighted me.

Also many crazy quilters print on fabric vintage images then incorporate these into their crazy quilt blocks they are the modern equivalent to cigarette silks.

fashion illustrationFor those readers who do not do crazy quilting on antique crazy quilts you will often find little pictures and images that were printed on silk. If you are interested here is an article about Cigarette Silks. These came in cigarette packets and women used to collect them and they got used in crazy quilts. Today with the aid of computers quilters print on fabric in the tradition of cigarette silks. The prints produced this way are even abbreviated to the words “silk cigie” or just cigie

free embroidery pattern
Also the book contains many interesting embroidery patterns used in that period.

free embroidery patternI have taken a few screenshots in the hope of enticing you to look at and enjoy reading the the book.

free embroidery pattern
As I browsed these pages my imagination went to creating a series of Jane Austin themed crazy quilt blocks using this publication as a jumping off spot.

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2010 finalists for the Hand & Lock Prize for Embroidery

screenshot of websiteI have been thoroughly enjoying browsing the gallery of Second Stage finalists for the Hand & Lock Prize for Embroidery. This year the high quality of the entries has been pure pleasure.

The prize aims to promote the use of hand embroidered surface embellishment within costume and interiors and the competition is truly global as it is open to anyone anywhere. First prize is $10,000 USD so it is competitive, and brings out the best in contemporary hand embroidery.

Make a cuppa visit the Hand & Lock Prize for Embroidery as browsing the gallery it is very much worth while. Each an every entrant, has produced great work to even get to this stage.

Two online exhibits not to miss

screenshot of websiteA bit of favourites tidy up led me to this interesting website.

This collection of Embroidery from Boston is exhibited at The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA).

There are a few band samplers in the collection so if you have been following the regular series about my band sampler and it has created a little interest you may wish to browse this site.

(Please note Flash must be installed in your browser to view it)

The next exhibit I have recently stumbled across was found via this piece on YouTube.

I think YouTube is a great way to  promote an exhibition in this case it is highlighting the pieces in American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity which is at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

You can learn more about American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity here