Interview on Zede’s Sewing Blog

Over on Zede’s Sewing Blog I have been interviewed if you are curious about such questions as how long I have been stitching and what my most important sewing tool I use, you might want to pop over and read it.

Of more interest I am sure is the numerous tips, tricks and tutorials to be found here. If you are a sewer you will enjoy this blog so make a cuppa, take a break and browse

Plattie the Platypus Free pattern

This is an ideal Christmas gift pattern and is is free.

I post this for anyone who is organised enough to be making seasonal gifts!

You may have a small person in the family who will enjoy Plattie the Platypus, a soft toy that can be made with scrap fabric. So if you have a stash of bitty scraps of quilting cotton, fleece or corduroy this may prove to be a very useful pattern.

You will find the free Plattie the Platypus soft toy pattern here

The pattern is designed and provided free by Pauline McArthur, from Funky Friends Factory. For more tips and tutorials on toy-making, as well as heaps of great patterns visit the Funky Friends Factory website

For my readers outside of Australia a Platypus is of course an iconic Australian marsupial.