How to hand embroider Woven Chained Bar stitch

Woven chained bar ideal for borders or you can use it to couch down ribbons, tape or some flat braids. You need first to work a row of regular Chained bar stitch and you weave the chain stitches as you would Woven Zigzag chain stitch. If you need to remember how Woven Zigzag Chain is worked follow the link to a tutorial.

Woven chain bar 1Work a foundation of Chained bar stitch. For the sample I have worked a sample over 5 straight stitches of a hand dyed chainette thread.

To weave the chain stitches

The second part of the sample is worked in cotton perle #5. Bring your needle out at the base of the first chain stitch. Pass it under the bottom bar of the chain stitch and have your needle come up in the middle of the loop. Pull your needle through.

Woven chain bar 2Turn your needle pass the needle under the bar of the chain stitch and have your needle come up in the middle of the loop. Pull your thread through. Continue weaving from side to side and pack the stitches as you go. As you weave make sure your needle always points towards the centre of the chain stitch.

Work this way until you reach the end of the line.
If you work your woven stitches slightly tighter at the start and end of each chain the shape will become leaf like.

Woven chain bar 3During the weaving stage you are not taking the needle through the fabric but using the chain stitch as a foundation on which to weave.

I hope you enjoy the stitch!

Crazy quilt template set 2 Have you seen my Stitchers Templates?

As someone who loves crazy quilting and embroidery I designed these templates with other stitchers in mind. With my templates you can create hundreds of different patterns to apply to your stitching and crazy quilting projects. They are easy to use, totally clear so you can position them easily and they are compact in your sewing box.

Templates set 1 you will find here 
Templates set 2 you will find here 
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How to hand embroider Bullion Vandyke Stitch

Bullion Vandyke stitch is an interesting variety of two stitches the first being  Vandyke stitch and the second being a Bullion Knot

This stitch creates a heavily textured line useful for borders but you can also work the stitch inside shapes to create motifs like leaves etc. You have one side textured and the other less so as if light was falling on it. I admit to this variety being a bit tricky but once you get into the rhythm of the stitch it is not difficult for an intermediate stitcher to work.

How to work Bullion Vandyke Stitch

Work this stitch from top to bottom between two invisible lines. If needed you mark the outline with a quilters pen that either disappears or will disappear with steam or water. For the demonstration I have used cotton perle #5.

Vandyke bullion stitch step 1Bring the thread through from the back of the fabric on the left hand side of the line.
As you would with regular Vandyke stitch make a small horizontal stitch at the centre point between the two edges of the line.

Take your needle through the fabric and insert the needle on the right hand side of the line and have the needle point emerge where the thread comes out of the fabric as illustrated.

Vandyke bullion stitch step 2Wrap your needle 6-8 times and then pull the needle carefully through the coil. While performing this action hold the coil down on the fabric with the left thumb. Pull the working thread through the coil until it tightens and take the needle through the fabric at the point where it first appeared. The coil of thread should now lie on the surface

Vandyke bullion stitch step 3Bring your needle out on the left hand side or the line a little below the first stitch and repeat and continue working down the line

Vandyke bullion stitch step 4It sounds difficult but is one of those stitches that once you get the hand of it feels not so hard.

Vandyke bullion stitch step 5I hope you enjoy this stitch!

Step by Step tutorial for Fancy Herringbone Stitch

Fancy Herringbone Stitch is a fun and easy to work variety of Herringbone, It is good to use as border and crazy quilters love it as it works up like a braid. When lacing this stitch use a tapestry needle so that you avoid splitting the thread on the foundation row.

How to work Fancy Herringbone Stitch

Step by step fancy herringbone stitch 1Start by working a line of herringbone stitch. If you need a bit of reminder on how to work Herringbone stitch you will find a tutorial here

Tie each crossed bar top and bottom with a small upright cross stitch. Work the bottom of the cross vertically and top of the cross horizontally. No not work the cross stitches too tightly as you will be lacing through these stitches and you need to leave a little slack to be able to do this.

Step by step fancy herringbone stitch2Work the lacing from left to right. Bring your lacing thread out at the bottom left hand corner of the line of stitches. With your needle point upward take it under the top horizontal bar of the first cross stitch.


Move to the next cross on the bottom line of the herringbone stitches. With your needle pointing downward thread it under the horizontal bar of the cross stitch.

Step by step fancy herringbone stitch 4Take your needle back to the first cross and pass it under the cross stitch again so that you have a complete loop as illustrated.

Step by step fancy herringbone stitch 5Move to the top line of the cross stitches that are tying the herringbone. Choose the second cross along as illustrated and with your needle pointed upward, pass your needle under the bar.

Step by step fancy herringbone stitch 6

Move to the left and with your needle pointed downward pass your needle under the cross bar of the stitch as illustrated.

Step by step fancy herringbone stitch 7Move the bottom of the line and repeat this lacing pattern to the end of the line.

Step by step fancy herringbone stitch 8Fancy Herringbone Stitch is a decorative stitch. It forms a strong but pretty line. It is also fun to work in different threads and you can lace this stitch using many novelty threads.
I hope you enjoy it and you can use it in you surface embroidery.