Sorbello Stitch Step By Step Tutorial

Sorbello Stitch sample 1

Sorbello stitch is an evenweave hand embroidery stitch that originated in the village of Sorbello in Italy and most people encounter it in traditional embroidery. It looks like a cross stitch with a knot in the middle –  a textured cross stitch. This stitch is usually worked on a grid which means you can use this stitch as a substitute for cross stitches or you can use the grid like structure to give it a contemporary twist.

Sorbello Stitch sample 2How to work Sorbello Stitch

Sorbello Stitch step by step Tutorial 1Sorbello Stitch is a very simple yet effective stitch and once you get into the rhythm it works up quickly. The step by step samples are worked over 4 squares of Aida using cotton perle #5 thread but traditionally Sorbello stitch is worked on a smaller scale.  I made the samples larger so that it could be photographed in a way that people could see what was happening.

Work this stitch from left to right.

When working this stitch keep your tension slightly loose, particularly the top bar as it will tighten as you work more stitches.

Sorbello Stitch step by step Tutorial 2

First make a stitch that wis a horizontal bar. This will form the foundation of the loop.

Bring the thread through from the back of the fabric and make a horizontal straight stitch at the top of an imaginary square.

Taking the needle diagonally across the back of the fabric bring the needle up  through the fabric on the bottom left-hand corner.

Sorbello Stitch step by step Tutorial 3Slide the needle under the horizontal stitch. Make sure the working thread is kept to the right of the needle, so that when you pull it through it forms a loop over the horizontal bar stitch – as in the illustration.

Slide the needle under the horizontal stitch a second time but this time  keep the working thread under the needle to the left so that combined actions will form a knot.

Take the thread through the fabric at the bottom right-hand corner bringing it out at the top left corner of the next stitch and repeat the process.

As you can see the stitch looks like a row of cross stitches with a knot in the middle. Diamond shapes form between the stitches and you can add beads or form patterns with how you space the stitch.

Sorbello Stitch step by step Tutorial 4Sorbello stitch also looks great spaced to create patterns.

Sorbello Stitch sample 3I hope you enjoy this weeks stitch

Sorbello Stitch sample 4