News I have signed with C&T Publishers

Hussif-doily-450I am walking around with a big silly grin on my face as I have signed a book contract with C&T Publishers for my book on Crazy Quilting. After much dithering around, as I was thinking of self publishing, I decided the traditional route and the help of an editor was the way to produce the best book for my readers. Basically I think I will write a better book if I work with a good publisher.  C&T Publishers know textile type people as they specialise in quilting and creative fiber related books and tools. They  publish authors such as Judith Baker Montano, Allie Aller, Valerie Bothell, Jennifer Clouston  and Christen Brown so I feel like I am in good company.

So I am feeling energised, I am sure I will learn heaps and  I think the process will be work but most important it will be fun! This also keeps me on track as

What will be happening on Pintangle?

I am not allowed to share bits of the book as I write it. I will be still running Take a Stitch Tuesday because that is too inspirational and fun not to do. I will also continue adding to the stitch tutorials on this site. Patterns from and posts about the button box quilt and my sampler will continue. To be honest I am not sure at what rate. I will do them as I can manage them.

While I write a book I find blogging more than a few days a week difficult. If things are a bit quite at times please be understanding.  The way I view it is, in the long run, in a decade I will be proud of the book I am working on today, but I will have forgotten the number of emails  I answered today, or the blog post I wrote, or the facebook group admin. What is more of an indicator the people I write to, or tend to in the facebook group etc, will have long forgotten too! In fact I think they will have forgotten within months! These tasks will still of course go on (since I am sitting here writing a blog post!) but both the email and the browser will be closed more often as I try to limit distractions while I work.

Ways to stay in contact

Tips on how to photograph a quilt

quilt photographic shootThis behind the scenes shot taken while photographing my quilts lead to Jerry (my husband) writing a brief article on how to photograph quilts. I think this information would be handy for many of my readers. He discusses lighting, the set up he used and his camera settings.

As you can see our family room with wall to wall, floor to ceiling books is his studio!

From the twirly chair!

crazy quilt sewing caddy detail 7In Australia when we greet an old friend we say whatsup? Meaning how is life? What are you doing? Well … if we were face to face you would see I still have a big silly grin on my face. I am working on the book but it is definitely time to get back in the habit of being more active and sharing here. So here I sit in my twirly chair waving to all my readers East, West, North and South. Round and round in my usual enthusiastic way but stopping before I get too dizzy.

Stepping back from the blog and doing something different for a while has done me a world of good. A fresh eye has made me has made me have a rethink about what I want to achieve with this site. The first thing I realise how there is heaps of stuff here that people cant find!

So in the next few months expect a bit of early spring cleaning as I will be reshuffling in order to freshen the place up a bit. I have a few ideas such as

Galleries of eye candy for people to browse as many use this site to gather ideas for their stitching.

The stitch dictionary will move in: Over on my stitch dictionary needs updating. It is now an outdated site which if you try to access on a tablet or mobile device is just horrible. Since I have to rebuild, and redesign  I have decided to move it here as it would be much easier for people if everything associated with hand embroidery and crazy quilting was on one website.  So if you start to see tutorials on how to do various stitches you know what is happening. One area I do want to explore more is the beaded stitches and also cover the silk ribbon stitches. Another style that is on the list is the pulled and drawn stitches. So I have a quite a Todo list.

Crazy quilt patterns:  I have readers who want crazy quilt block patterns for the last 15 blocks of the I dropped the button box quilt – so those will be added in the next few months.  I think these blocks will make a good gallery too! I am thinking people might want to browse by block or even detail.

What about sharing my band sampler?  I will write about it but I think in larger chunks. The advantage to writing on one band at a time meant because it was a small easy to write post, it got done but I think the format has become boring for me to write and in turn a little boring for readers.  So I have decided to write less often but talk about more bands at time. So longer posts less often on this topic.

An Archive clean out so people can find what is useful: The problem with being online since 1996 and writing this blog for over a decade is that a lot of digital cruft accumulates! This site really needs a clean out. Since I started writing in 2004 much of what is in the archives is hopelessly out of date, full of dead links etc so much of that stuff will go but with over 4,000 posts there is a heck of a lot of stuff for me to work through. My main aim is to clear out so that people can find information on hand embroidery and crazy quilting easily. Articles in key attractions like TAST will stay but it will probably become part of the stitch dictionary as now, the aspect of TAST that attracts people is the stitch tutorials in other words it is the stitch instructions people want. I figure a good cross indexed alphabetical listing is all that people need. Correct me if I am wrong!

Journalling and and Art related topics elsewhere: At various times I have blogged about art journalling, book and paper arts, digital design and related topics. These interests I am going to cover over on Tones and Tints once I have knocked this place into shape. Don’t expect too much over there until the book is done but after that I plan to give it a good shake.

I feel excited about this process. I always wince when bloggers write that I sort of image happy face for camera excitement but it is true. Now I have decided that spring clean, reorganisation and new approach is what is needed I am bouncing around like the energiser bunny.

I thought I would ask readers what did you enjoy about the old Pintangle? What would you like to see here? Let me know as it really will influence how I shape the site. I will be doing this site re-organistion while writing the book so I cant promise a blog post everyday. As much as I would like to have a flurry of activity and all the work to be done  with a perfect site ( clears throat) to show for it this process will take time. The upside is that means no silly hasty decisions. Meanwhile, do let me know what you think is good and should be kept and I will respond in the comments.

So a big friendly wave and it is good to be back in the twirly chair again!