Hussif-doily-450Waving frantically with a big silly grin on my face to let folks know things are quiet here while I working a book on Crazy quilting. Yes it’s true, progress is being made and I have an even sillier grin on my face sharing that news. Thanks everyone for emails and messages but all is well.

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The Artist’s Journey

I just had to share this with my readers. Building Stamina and Seeking Grace: The Artist’s Journey was the keynote address to the Silk Painters International Festival given by Jane Dunnewold.

Jane speaks about creativity, dealing with the internal critic, the importance of developing your technique, and to slowing down in order to focus on what is best for your work. So settle down with a cuppa and a bit of stitching, as this talk is really worth taking some time out and listening to, I promise.

If you find the video of benefit help spread the word and click the like button on Jane Dunnewold’s You tube page here by doing so it helps her rankings too.