The Artist’s Journey

I just had to share this with my readers. Building Stamina and Seeking Grace: The Artist’s Journey was the keynote address to the Silk Painters International Festival given by Jane Dunnewold.

Jane speaks about creativity, dealing with the internal critic, the importance of developing your technique, and to slowing down in order to focus on what is best for your work. So settle down with a cuppa and a bit of stitching, as this talk is really worth taking some time out and listening to, I promise.

If you find the video of benefit help spread the word and click the like button on Jane Dunnewold’s You tube page here by doing so it helps her rankings too.

Work in Progress Wednesdays the Hussif Sewing Caddy

Hussif sewing caddy pocketHi all it is work in Progress Wednesday and here I am with my mini challenge report.

This week I did one of the pockets that will be inside the sewing caddy hussif. It is the pocket that will hold my stencils.

To be honest it’s a bit of cheat to say I did this week as I had it half done for the review I wrote about colour stream products but I did finish it off! That is my story and I sticking to it.

I managed only a small bit of stitching this week as my class has been keeping me busy. As anyone who has taken any of my classes knows I try and respond to everyone. With 170 people in the class that keeps me at the computer!

Click on the image and it will take you to larger photo

For those that simply land here as a result of a search engine or because you have not dropped in for a while a hussif is a sewing roll or sewing kit or caddy but I gave a more detailed answer here . This is a min challenge where the idea is that people design their own hussifs. Any style of  quilting or embroidery is acceptable just make your hussif the hussif you have always wanted to own!  The is no deadline but aim for quality or give yourself a space for experimentation not simply tick off another project.  I presented some informal guidelines here .

For those who do crazy quilting one of the challenges this year on CrazyQuilting International is to create a hussif you may want to combine the two challenges. If you are a crazy quilter and working a hussif dont forget my give away tutorial on how to work decorative crazy quilt seams

What have you done this week that takes you towards your stitching goals? Leave a comment and let us know .

Great to be back!

Freeform Contemporary EmbroideryHi everyone here I sit in what I call my spinning chair, because it is on wheels and spins around – and like a big kid I am spinning waving in all 4 directions of the globe. I don’t want to miss anyone. I have a big silly grin on my face and am back refreshed and ready for a new year.

I have to admit I was anticipating being back earlier but Australia has been melting under a heat wave and I had a week or so without my computer! Oh I was pathetic – you should have seen me, even my spinning chair did not amuse …

This blog had a 10 year anniversary on the 9th of January. That has to be something to be proud of or so they tell me…  In the blogosphere there is a tradition to link to the first post on an anniversary. Well here is my first post 10 years ago. As you can see I started with a question. Gosh blogs and blogsphere have changed in that time but it has been a great decade.

What is on the agenda this year? Well, I am heading into a productive year as I am going to be writing a book on Crazy Quilting so posting here may be a little erratic at times but I hope not. That said I am not going to beat myself up if I miss a post or two either.

Freeform EmbroideryTAST

I have been thinking long and hard about Take a Stitch Tuesday and although I can’t promise to add stitches weekly I hope to add more of the beaded stitches for the simple reason beaded embroidery is wonderful technique to explore. Tomorrow I have a treat in store.

I don’t want to promise too much as I am in a phase of transition but I also want to share the silk ribbon stitches too as I know many people want to learn this type of embroidery.

That said, over the holidays I was playing around with the freeform embroidery (above and if you click on the image to the left you can see a larger view) and it is so much fun – really it is, and at the moment I can’t keep my hands off it.

Anyway back to stitching and stitches, as I know that is what readers want I have decided to see how my work load pans out and add as many as I can. It won’t be every week but I will do my best.  If you want to make sure you don’t miss out on the TAST updates Subscribe to Pin Tangle by Email and have it delivered to your In Box. Follow the link to sign up. You do not have to work the stitches or do the challenge to take advantage of this.

What do you want to see happen with Work in Progress Wednesdays? 

I have had readers ask what will happen with Work in Progress Wednesdays. What do people want? I can open a post so people can leave updates of what they have done on their latest project. It is easy to do and when I have something to share I can share.

We can open it up to any stitching people would like to share with others -such as starting a project,  stash busting,  finishing a project or experimenting.

Yet another suggestion was that I set up a Facebook group where people can share what they are stitching. I am not sure about this idea. Facebook groups are easy to run,  but you do have to be a member of Facebook to join in.

Let me know. Leave a comment below.  I think a change might be fun and mean that more folks join in. If you think it is a good idea spread the word because if I get lots of responses I will do it.

CQ Stencils

Last year huge changes took place as I proto typed, manufactured and got to market my CQ Stencils which was a huge thrill. This year I have another set in the pipeline.

In order to set these changes in place, I have to let go of something, and as announced before Christmas I have decided to stop teaching online. I will run the courses one more time then with more blocks of time to myself I hope to achieve some of the other goals in my life.

All classes are available to purchase now. This is the last time these classes will run.  Follow the links for details about each class.

To find out how online classes are run visit the classes page

Encrusted Crazy quilting
Starts March 5th 2014 (I will close this one off soon as it is almost full)

Sumptuous Surface Embroidery
Starts May 7th 2014

Artists Studio Journal: A Designers workhorse
Starts July 23 2014

Anyway see you tomorrow, as I have a TAST stitch in the pipe line – great to be back!

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