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image for in a minute ago Hi everyone – I have some news I am excited about as I have re-launched In a Minute Ago as a site which explores contemporary journals and journaling techniques and turn it into a resource site that offers techniques and ideas that people can have fun with.  Contemporary Journaling often combines visual elements such as sketching, collage, printmaking, and photography with text.  Journaling is heavily influenced by the book arts and artist books. Some journals explore the format of the book with pages that fold out, or have concertina pages, while others hold memorabilia in constructed pockets.All sorts of interesting things are happening in the journaling community so I have decided to track this topic on In a Minute Ago.

Why? There is nothing like a road trip to get me thinking. Sitting 5-6 days driving in one direction, visiting family and then turning around and driving back for another 5-6 days meant I thought about what was satisfying about keeping a blog and why I was doing it. I knew my old site needed attention and decided to re-launch In a Minute Ago and this morning I have made a video on how to choose a journal.

Visit In a Minute Ago I hope to see you there

Time for a Cuppa

photo of me on training walkJerry and I are going off on a bit of an adventure walking the  Camino de Santiago which is a 500 mile (800 Kilometres)  pilgrimage walk from St Jean Pied-de-Port in France to Santiago in Spain. It will probably take us about 5-6 weeks to walk it. Other travels involve seeing friends in the UK and Europe. We will be away a good few months.

I can’t guarantee that I can get to your emails or messages as quickly as I normally do. I’ve closed the online shop and will be re-opening the store in the first week in December.

Take a Stitch Tuesday  (TAST)  will continue with prewritten posts scheduled to be published each Tuesday. When I can I will be checking out what people do , as love seeing some of the inventive ways the stitches are used.

As I travel  I will share textile related adventures on Pintangle. I am travelling in Holland, France, the UK, and Basque country in Spain who all have amazing embroidery traditions. I will stay on topic (ie textiles) as I think that although people say they want holiday photos they are being polite.

In a minute Ago has been relaunched as a blog about journaling and journal techniques. If you are wanting more of my travels and travel sketches I will share them on the new re-launched In a Minute Ago.  Jerry who is far better travel writer than I am,  will sharing his photos and trip experiences on his blog  The FogWatch. All of the blogs have a ‘follow’ function so you can get email updates delivered to your inbox as they are published.

On Holidays!

Cast on Stitch sample 8Pintangle’s sale has now concluded, and the online store has now closed. Don’t worry if you’ve missed out I will reopen the Pintangle store  in the first week in December, once we have returned from our travels.

I will still be blogging as wifi permits, and of course, TAST continues. But it would be impractical and unfair on customers to try to maintain the store – even for electronic products – while my online access is unreliable.
So, what is happening? Well I am not one to throw around exclamation marks here, there and everywhere but I have been totally busting over this bit of news. We are going travelling – not one trip, but two very exciting experiences. Make a cuppa and let me tell you about it and what will happen while I am on the road.

First off, we are doing the ultimate Australian road trip – driving across the country. Yes that includes Nullarbor desert if you are not sure of what I am talking about check out what Wikipedia says about the Nullarbor . Now as road trips go I guess you could say it’s just down the road – about 4,000kms (2,300 miles) each way! We’ve been looking forward to this for a while.

The second trip is a bit further – we are heading off to Europe to walk an ancient pilgrimage route from southern France, across the Pyrenees mountains into Spain, then across the width of Spain to Santiago de Compostela. The pilgrimage is called the Camino de Santiago (the Way of St James) and it means we will be walking some 800km (500 miles) with our backpacks, staying in pilgrim hostels and thousand-year-old monasteries along the way. See what Wikipedia says about our venture here We have so much to be thankful for, and Jerry and I decided it would be a lovely way to give thanks for all that we have, in a world where each day the news reminds us of how fortunate we are to have each other, our wonderful daughter, and to have all our wonderful friends near and far.

What will happen to Pintangle and TAST? I will pre-write and schedule TAST posts to publish each Tuesday so I am in the middle of a writing binge.

To celebrate and to give thanks to my readers too, we’re having a sale to share this special period in our lives with you! Share the news and tell your friends 🙂

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