On Holidays!

Cast on Stitch sample 8Pintangle’s sale has now concluded, and the online store has now closed. Don’t worry if you’ve missed out I will reopen the Pintangle store  in the first week in December, once we have returned from our travels.

I will still be blogging as wifi permits, and of course, TAST continues. But it would be impractical and unfair on customers to try to maintain the store – even for electronic products – while my online access is unreliable.
So, what is happening? Well I am not one to throw around exclamation marks here, there and everywhere but I have been totally busting over this bit of news. We are going travelling – not one trip, but two very exciting experiences. Make a cuppa and let me tell you about it and what will happen while I am on the road.

First off, we are doing the ultimate Australian road trip – driving across the country. Yes that includes Nullarbor desert if you are not sure of what I am talking about check out what Wikipedia says about the Nullarbor . Now as road trips go I guess you could say it’s just down the road – about 4,000kms (2,300 miles) each way! We’ve been looking forward to this for a while.

The second trip is a bit further – we are heading off to Europe to walk an ancient pilgrimage route from southern France, across the Pyrenees mountains into Spain, then across the width of Spain to Santiago de Compostela. The pilgrimage is called the Camino de Santiago (the Way of St James) and it means we will be walking some 800km (500 miles) with our backpacks, staying in pilgrim hostels and thousand-year-old monasteries along the way. See what Wikipedia says about our venture here We have so much to be thankful for, and Jerry and I decided it would be a lovely way to give thanks for all that we have, in a world where each day the news reminds us of how fortunate we are to have each other, our wonderful daughter, and to have all our wonderful friends near and far.

What will happen to Pintangle and TAST? I will pre-write and schedule TAST posts to publish each Tuesday so I am in the middle of a writing binge.

To celebrate and to give thanks to my readers too, we’re having a sale to share this special period in our lives with you! Share the news and tell your friends 🙂

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Changes on Pintangle – if you subscribe you need to update

I am changing the subscription service I use. Since I am not using the newsletter service so I am going to cancel it  as it is expensive to run if I don’t write newsletters regularly. I do have lots of subscribers to the blog however and the the service that delvers blog updates are linked. If I cancel one it cancels the other. The good news is I have found another way to deliver Pintangle updates.

Please re-subscribe

If you want to continue receiving Pintangle updates via email please visit the site and use the sign up to follow Pintangle in the side bar and join again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Added later. If you are on a mobile device scroll to the bottom of your screen until you see the subhead “Follow Pintangle” and subscribe from there. In both cases you will get an email asking you to confirm your subscription. Follow the link in the email and confirm. Once you do this it is good!

Added even later

I have turned off comments on this post to avoid confusion  as people are assuming that is the way to subscribe.

New templates are on the way!

I have been busting to tell everyone about my new set of templates for crazy quilters. I am in the process of packaging now and hope to offer them  to people sometime next week .

packaging templatesI was getting a bit tired of the others and wanted some new ones so designed another set. I have to admit it is really fun imagining something, designing it, prototyping it and then having it manufactured. I love the sense that this thing that is now in my hands, did not exist until I sat down and worked out what I wanted it to look like.

templates packagedI have only had them in my hands a while and have packaging like mad while also drafting out a book of patterns that you can create with them. Like the first set I will include a free ebook of patterns with each set.

Crazy quilt template set 2I hope to have them released and on the market next week some time. For those that want a a little peek this is these are the shapes of the new set. The edges of course are guides for embroidered seams on crazy quilts and the  squiggles and curves are wonderful for stems in floral sprays. There are lots of floral shapes and of course there is the bird.  Don’t they look fun!

Watch out next week of an announcement about when they are available.