Being childish:

“Every child is an artist. The problem is to remain an artist once he grows up.”
Pablo Picasso

Creating textures on paper for collage or work in a visual journal is one of my favourite self time activities. When my daughter was young I always had an excuse to indulge myself as it was ‘quality time’ making stuff with her. Now she is older I have to admit to sometimes just like being a kid Paste paper techniques is an excuse to return to childhood and play. The end product is a decorative paper that can be used as a back ground in a visual journal or in collage.

Luciana Costa Gianello: Contemporary textile Artist

When I first saw the work of Italian textile artist Luciana Costa Gianello I immediately thought of the highly textured wall pieces that textile artists produced throughout the seventies. As a weaver Luciana Costa Gianello is interested in the three dimensional possibilities of materials but she is not simply revisiting old ideas. Using materials such as leather, nylon, copper, and plexiglass Luciana Costa Gianello compositions and ideas are contemporary.

Weave is not the only the technique Luciana Costa Gianello employs to communicate her ideas. The “Tree of Life” (1991) I would describe as contemporary cutwork applied to leather and
House of the Soul (1992) is also contemporary cutwork applied to felt.
This technique is also used in “Xin” an artists book of gauze which is illustrated here.

Luciana Costa Gianello’s site houses a gallery of work, a CV, brief artists statement and contact information in both Italina and English

History of paper dolls

I had no idea that commercial manufactured paper dolls were a British invention first printed in 1810 or that the Japanese used paper figures in a purification ceremony as far back as AD 900. However the first true paper dolls (as we know them today) were found in the Vienna, Berlin, London and Paris from as early as the mid-1700s. Since the advent of commercial printed dolls they have been used as an educational aid, in advertising and published in childrens magazines. All this wonderful paper doll trivia was discovered in an article I turned up titled History of paper dolls by Judy M. Johnson.

This article was found via the Original Paper Doll Artists Guild. This site houses a members gallery, tips on printing your own paper dolls, a childrens gallery of paper dolls and a paper doll to play with.