How to bind a book

Scriptoriaum has published a small 5 page easy to follow illustrated lesson guide  on book binding.

( Edited later – Sorry folks I have removed the link because I have just found out the site has been infected with malware. When its fixed I will link again) 

It is sourced from a section of Pedro J. Lemos Applied Art teaching guide. The techniques are timeless and the instructions are useful but the section I really enjoyed was the design samples at the back.

These could so easily be adapted for embroidery that it makes this free download irresistible. 

How to bind a hard cover notebook

This is a series of videos on how to create a hard bound journal. At times the demonstrator is a little soft spoken but the series demonstrates a number of good binding tips and techniques along the way.

Baronessnz also does not assume you have access to expensive materials and she binds the book with materials most crafters would have to hand. 

Part 2 is split into 2 parts

Part 3 

Part 4 

This last one covers the stitching again. 

These are really worth watching, the camera work is a jiggly but there is enough information in the series for dodgy camera work to be forgiven.  So make a cuppa and enjoy!

Bonefolder is out

cover of bonefolderThe latest issue of Bonefolder, Volume 6, No. 2, Spring 2010 is out. This weekend I finally had time to catch up and read it. This free ezine gets better and better.

If you have not read Bonefolder before it is very much about the fine craft of book binding and also presents some wonderful artist books for our enjoyment.

There is a great piece on Exploring Artists’ Flipbooks by Deborah Kogan, and an thought provoking article  by Susan Viguers Point of View in the Artist’s Book. Two pieces that kept me musing along side Michael Keller’s piece Notes On The Making Of Books In The 21st Century.

This latest issue of Bonefolder contains here are many of other articles and loads of inspiration for people interested in the book arts.

So go and fetch yourself a free copy, print it out, make a cuppa and have a good read.