Make books from recycled packaging

 You can make books from all sorts of recycled materials. One of the most obvious is clean packaging.
Over on Exploring the Wonders of Life, Shari has written a clear well illustrated tutorial on how to make a book from a cookie box


The equipment required for simple bookbinding is minimal and bookbinding is not difficult. 

As a tip if you are just wanting to try book binding and not spend a lot of money to see if you like making books use a the back of a spoon as a bonefolder substitute. When I first started to bind that is what I used.

Any large needle will work as book binding needle. Use a strong thread like a perle #8 to stitch with. If you have beeswax in your sewing box wax your thread.

I use an old phone book as a paper punching cradle. I simply open the phone book and the middle valley is the cradle. Many people don’t do enough book binding invest in special equipment or store it! However if you get the book binding bug you can then buy the equipment you need knowing you will use it.

That said, Sandi’s Cookie Box tutorial is a great place to start   

How to bind a book

Scriptoriaum has published a small 5 page easy to follow illustrated lesson guide  on book binding.

( Edited later – Sorry folks I have removed the link because I have just found out the site has been infected with malware. When its fixed I will link again) 

It is sourced from a section of Pedro J. Lemos Applied Art teaching guide. The techniques are timeless and the instructions are useful but the section I really enjoyed was the design samples at the back.

These could so easily be adapted for embroidery that it makes this free download irresistible.