Ideas for embroidering crazy quilt seams

As many readers know I am going through a clean up and blog decrufting exercise and after 11 writing this blog there is a heck of lot of cruft! Anyway to get to the point  in the process I found this tutorial I wrote last year on how to embroider crazy quilt seams. I had totally forgotten about it and of course it has languished in my archives. I figure if I have forgotten about it many of my readers will not find it either.

crazy quilt seams booklet screenshotThis tutorial on how to hand embroider crazy quilt seams is a long article that covers how to take a stitch and treat it as a foundation to build up crazy quilt seams. It is fully illustrated with loads of eye candy and became a 17 page pdf file!  I gave away at the end but here is a direct link should you want it. You can download this article as PDF and keep it as an ebook on a tablet, or print it out easily. If you find this article useful  feel free to print it out and share with a sewing group or friend, or better still share the link to this tutorial on social media etc.

how to page illustratedThis discovery made me think about some of the other resources I have on this site. If you need to know how to embroider the basic stitches used on crazy quilt seams – or even the basic stitches for surface embroidery, as they are one and the same  I have provided free,  12 Surface Stitches for Beginners. The link is a direct PDF download.

Also I have the free modules in my stitchers worksheets which cover the basic stitches with eye candy.  They are free and none of my stuff asks you to subscribe to anything – of course I love you to subscribe but you don’t have to, or join this or that. They are a simple give away.

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The Artist’s Journey

I just had to share this with my readers. Building Stamina and Seeking Grace: The Artist’s Journey was the keynote address to the Silk Painters International Festival given by Jane Dunnewold.

Jane speaks about creativity, dealing with the internal critic, the importance of developing your technique, and to slowing down in order to focus on what is best for your work. So settle down with a cuppa and a bit of stitching, as this talk is really worth taking some time out and listening to, I promise.

If you find the video of benefit help spread the word and click the like button on Jane Dunnewold’s You tube page here by doing so it helps her rankings too.

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My newsletter is written every few weeks with a summary of what has been happening.

Top 5 Biscornu Tutorials online

Biscornu pincushions are all the rage. Since I shared 2 TAST stitches last week  here are the 5 top tutorials that show you how to make a Biscornu.

Biscornus can be any size – even the size of cushions. Other popular uses are as a scissor fob, or tree ornament. Some Biscornus are made using an even weave fabric, featuring a cross stitch pattern but others are made of quilting fabric and of course you could use 2 crazy quilt blocks.

The French word loosely means ‘odd-shaped’ or  ‘horned’ or or ‘complicated and bizarre’ and refers to their quirky look.

RedCattEtsy has produced a video tutorial on You Tube for a Biscornu that uses Aida as its fabric

Also On You tube, Debbie Shore demonstrates how to make a Biscornu cushion. This is a very clear demonstration because it Debbie has scaled the biscornu up to cushion size.

Rissa Peace Root has a comprehensive tutorial on Biscornu Basics with each step photographed and explained.

Save the stitches on the Nordic Needle website has a very good tutorial on Biscornu which includes things to consider when choosing a design

Over on Made by Eva there is a very clear tutorial on how to make a Biscornu pincushion

Many of the Freehand embroidery patterns on this website are very suitable for Biscorno patterns