A Handbook of Lettering for Stitchers

Lettering for Stitchers coverA Handbook of Lettering for Stitchers reaches outrageous prices on Amazon. I have seen it priced at well over $100. To be honest it is a good book but it not worth that, particularly since it is now out of copyright and Public Collectors  host a pdf copy for free.

This classic book is now free and really worth the download if you are interested in using any sort of lettering on a hand embroidery project. You can download the pdf file here

Lettering for Stitchers design ideas 4A Handbook of Lettering for Stitchers was published in 1973 and it looks like it. The black and white illustrations will not impress modern readers who are used to lush photography in full colour but this book contains 100 pages of really useful patterns and design tips for stitchers who love lettering.

Lettering for Stitchers design ideas 5People who are interested in hand embroidered samplers will also delight in the genuine retro feel of the patterns.

The book contains many illustrated pages that display a huge variety of designs that you can use in embroidery. The strength of this book is that in her examples Elsie Svennas has applied various stitches to every letter of the alphabet.

Lettering for Stitchers design ideas 6The book starts with a brief history of using decorative monogram before embarking on a detailed discussion on stitches that are suitable to use for lettering in embroidery.

Lettering for Stitchers hand embroidery ideas 1One of the reasons I avidly read old embroidery books is they often illustrate different ways of using a stitch. For instance in the illustration above, look at how the detached chain stitch is opened up to create the flower. The detached chain almost but not quite becomes a fly stitch.

Lettering for Stitchers hand embroidery ideas 3This type of approach to hand embroidery is still very contemporary and I delight in discovering instances like this. Here is another instance I would like to share. Readers who are enjoying the TAST (Take a Stitch Tuesday) stitchers challenge will be aware that recently one of the challenge stitches was Satin Stitch. Take a look at how the Satin stitch is slanted on the letter O and how  back stitch and satin stitch is combined in the letter T.

Lettering for Stitchers hand embroidery ideas 2This page from the book demonstrates more creative uses of basic stitches. On the curve illustrates in the top right hand corner of this page and on the letter O take a look at how the open chain stitch is tied together like sheaf stitch. On the same page see how regular chain stitch is whipped on both sides to produce a very different line on the letter b and M.

Lettering for Stitchers design ideas 1An aspect of the book that I really like is that throughout there are many options to adapt what is on the page to what you need. Here is advice on how to adapt the illustrations for thick or thin lettering to use on your project.

Lettering for Stitchers design ideas 2There are also design tips woven through the text.

Lettering for Stitchers design ideas 3As I read through the book I thought that people who do zentangles would probably enjoy inserting patterns into the letter forms.

If you like this Handbook of Lettering for Stitchers  you will probably also enjoy Elsie Svennas other  classic embroidery book titled Handbook of Stitches: 200 Embroidery Stitches, Old and New . The copy I have is well thumbed. It is now out of print so you see some silly pricing. Since I buy embroidery books for the information they contain and not their collectors value I would not pay more than $30 for a copy (I have seen it priced at $350.00!) . If you spot it in a second hand book shop at a reasonable price and are interested in using embroidery stitches in a creative modern manner and like retro styling you will enjoy your bargain as Elsie Svennas has an inventive mind.

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A collection of Free Hand Embroidery patterns

I have found another collection of free hand embroidery patterns hosted by the Antique Pattern Library. These are real gems, so in the spirit of sharing I am providing some eye candy from the collection so you can see if it will suit you needs.

The Antique pattern library provide some great resources for hand embroiderers online and they are free if you like and use any of their publications I can only encourage you to donate to them as they are non profit.

This publication is listed as Dames, Magasin des Album Broderie. It is a 27 page collection of designs that span a year of the Magasin des Demoiselles’ embroidery patterns

Free hand embroidery pattern of alphabetsI saw some great Alphabets for those who use them (I am ever so slightly addicted to collecting them to use on my sampler)

Free hand embroidery pattern of small floral spraysAlso there are dozens of floral sprays and border designs that can be used on small items or on crazy quilting projects.

Free hand embroidery patternsSome of the border patterns are made up of repeating units which would be very easy to use as a standalone design.

Free hand embroidery pattern of a vase and fanThere are also single motifs that could be used to embroider the patches of a crazy quilt such as this jar and fan.

Free hand embroidery pattern of a sugar basinThis little series caught my eye as this milk jug and sugar bowl on one page

Free hand embroidery pattern of a milk jugWith the tea cup and tea pot on the next page.

Free hand embroidery pattern of a teacupAs you can see I cleaned these up a bit in photoshop as I think I might use them

Free hand embroidery pattern of a teapotThe overview page for Dames, Magasin des Album Broderie is here and there is also is a link to the pdf download
If you have problems downloading remember the Antique Pattern Library are sticklers for you having the latest version of Adobe reader for security reasons. If when you try to open or download a pdf file you receive a message asking for a password you need to upgrade your version of acrobat reader as no passwords are required. You also may need to update your browser. If you have other troubles go to their FAQ page here and see if there is something else you need to do


Ideas for embroidering crazy quilt seams

As many readers know I am going through a clean up and blog decrufting exercise and after 11 writing this blog there is a heck of lot of cruft! Anyway to get to the point  in the process I found this tutorial I wrote last year on how to embroider crazy quilt seams. I had totally forgotten about it and of course it has languished in my archives. I figure if I have forgotten about it many of my readers will not find it either.

crazy quilt seams booklet screenshotThis tutorial on how to hand embroider crazy quilt seams is a long article that covers how to take a stitch and treat it as a foundation to build up crazy quilt seams. It is fully illustrated with loads of eye candy and became a 17 page pdf file!  I gave away at the end but here is a direct link should you want it. You can download this article as PDF and keep it as an ebook on a tablet, or print it out easily. If you find this article useful  feel free to print it out and share with a sewing group or friend, or better still share the link to this tutorial on social media etc.

how to page illustratedThis discovery made me think about some of the other resources I have on this site. If you need to know how to embroider the basic stitches used on crazy quilt seams – or even the basic stitches for surface embroidery, as they are one and the same  I have provided free,  12 Surface Stitches for Beginners. The link is a direct PDF download.

Also I have the free modules in my stitchers worksheets which cover the basic stitches with eye candy.  They are free and none of my stuff asks you to subscribe to anything – of course I love you to subscribe but you don’t have to, or join this or that. They are a simple give away.

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