With Needle And Brush an exhibit of embroidery

The Florence Griswold Museum is presenting an exhibition of samplers and embroidered pictures made by young women during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

With Needle and Brush: Schoolgirl Embroidery from the Connecticut River Valley does not have a large website but there are a few examples and a brief article online. It is worth making a cuppa and having a quick read and brief look if you are interested in historical textiles or the history of embroidery

Two online exhibits not to miss

screenshot of websiteA bit of favourites tidy up led me to this interesting website.

This collection of Embroidery from Boston is exhibited at The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA).

There are a few band samplers in the collection so if you have been following the regular series about my band sampler and it has created a little interest you may wish to browse this site.

(Please note Flash must be installed in your browser to view it)

The next exhibit I have recently stumbled across was found via this piece on YouTube.

I think YouTube is a great way to  promote an exhibition in this case it is highlighting the pieces in American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity which is at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

You can learn more about American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity here


Jean Baggot talks about The Girl on the Wall

The Girl on the Wall, is an interesting piece of autobiographical embroidery. This sampler is the life story of Jean Baggot told via interlocking ‘circles of life’ which act a framework to illustrate each narrative.

This video interview explains how it came about and why the piece was made.

There is a second video that speaks a little more about the sampler and promotes her book.

Also there is the “Girl on the Wall” blog and website which is not to be missed as it covers how to work your own piece.