Work in Progress Wednesday Block 35 done

crazy quilt block The last time I shared a work in progress report I had just started block 35 on my next crazy quilt.

Last week I was franticly working to get my CQ Templates announced and out. I did not post a progress report because I had none! This week its a different story as I have completed the block!

Click on the block to see a larger version and below I have a few details to share as I know readers like to get a bit of a sticky beak at what I have been doing.

crazy quilt block detailOn this block I used a corner of a serviette. I picked out the details of the complex edge, in chain and stem stitch using a #8 perle cotton. I then added some straight stitches in #5 perle cotton and some beads.

crazy quilt block seam embellishment detailAs you can see I used the stencils to produce this seam. On my stencils I have a hexagon shape. I traced off a series of half hexagons along the edge of a seam. Then I embroidered the line  in threaded chain stitch using #5 perle cotton. I added beads and little bead tassels as a final touch. It was a fun seam to work and relatively quick!

crazy quilt block detail created using Sharon B's CQ stencilsThis next detail is a pattern created from what I am calling an irregular scallop because I cant think of any other way to describe it!

crazy quilt block embroidery patternIt is a shape found on the side of one of the stencils. Because the stencils are clear it is hard to photograph but I have traced a dotted line along the side I am talking about.

I traced the first line then flipped the stencil, positioned it and then traced a second line. Since the stencil is totally clear lining the edge up is not hard as you can see straight through it.

When you use this edge to trace off two lines and flip one of them a circle space is created between the two. I have designed the stencil so that this space will take a button that is approximately three quarters of an inch or about 2 centimetres in diameter.

I designed the stencil this way, so I can fit a button or as in this case a wide disk shaped bead in that area. As you can see it works well, and once you have the shape started  it is easy to add further decoration.

Anyway I thought I would share!

You will find all the other blocks in this series the Lace Quilt category

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Stencils Sold Out

Sharon B's CQ Stencils thumbTo my astonishment my stencils totally sold out yesterday. My inbox is totally filled with emails and I will work through them today but I wanted to give folks the news as I am taking pre-orders.

The stencils also come with an ebook on how to use them and patterns to give you ideas.

How to Pre-order

Leave a me a comment or contact me via the contact tab, which ever is easiest for you and I will email when they become available again.  I have tripled the order and I should have more in 10 – 24 days.

Price and Postage

My CQ Stencils are $30 plus postage.

  • Postage and packing to the States, Canada,  Europe, South Africa, and to what our post office calls ‘rest of world’  is $6.50
  • Postage to Pacific, Asia and NZ is $5.00
  • Postage within Australia is $1.50.

In case you missed the news here is a link to what I am chattering on about. I tried very hard to keep the price reasonable and I think I have done that as they are a firm plastic that is recyclable. They are also manufactured in Australia. They are a good quality product for a reasonable price.

Sharon B’s Crazy Quilting Stencils

Sharon B's CQ Stencils in handsERR… I have just sold out and removed the paypal buy button until I have more stock … I have contacted the manufacturer and more are on the way. I will let folks know when they are available again.

I have a new product to offer people. With my CQ Stencils you can create hundreds of different patterns to embroider on your crazy quilt projects. They are easy to use, totally clear so you can position them easily. The stencils are compact in your sewing box so they are easy to carry around. The plastic they are made of is solid but also recyclable and they are manufactured here in Australia.

Since they are clear they are difficult to photograph but I hope the image above gives you an idea of what they look like.

As a stitcher who loves crazy quilting I designed these stencils with other crazy quilters in mind. I have also thought about these for a long time. I think crazy quilters will find them really useful.

The stencils are very easy to use.

marking seam Sharon B's CQ StencilsThe set of 4 stencils are made of a clear recyclable plastic, so that you can position the stencil correctly on block before marking the line using a quilter’s pencil.

Using the stencils is easy. Just position the stencil in place and, holding it firmly with one hand, so that it does not shift, use a quilter’s pencil to trace along the edge of the stencil to create the pattern.

using Sharon B's CQ StencilsThis series of photos is a seam I recently worked on one of my blocks. As you can see I could position the heart shape easily.

marking seams using Sharon B's CQ Stencils

This is what the finished seam looked like.

crazy quilt seam made with Sharon B's CQ Stencils

ebook cover Sharon B's CQ StencilsTo get your ideas flowing and to show how the stencils could be used I wrote an ebook and drafted out numerous patterns to give you some ideas.

I am sure once you start using my stencils you will think of many more!

Here is a sneak peek inside the book. You can design your own seam embellishments and I have drafted out some patterns.

patterns created using Sharon B's CQ Stencils

When I designed the stencils I thought in terms of having enough space to tuck my favourite stitches, beads, small floral lace motifs and favourite silk ribbon embroidery flowers into the spaces in the patterns produced.

patterns created using Sharon B's CQ StencilsIn the ebook the patterns are drafted  to scale. This means that you can see what a seam might look like if you traced along the edge of the stencil.

patterns created using Sharon B's CQ StencilsAt first glance many patterns look large but the extra space gives your embroidery room to grow. In some of the patterns I have included space for buttons and large beads to be incorporated as people often get stumped on how to include larger items such as buttons in crazy quilting.

patterns created using Sharon B's CQ StencilsSince the stencils are clear this also makes them easy to flip over and a mirrored pattern. This aspect of their design adds tremendous versatility to their use.

Using the shapes found on the edge of each stencil you can create numerous seam embellishments but a key feature of these stencils is that you will find a number of curves and flourishes, with which, you can build the stems and vines of floral motifs. By using the flourish shapes, the curves of the paisley shape, heart shapes and by using segments of the oval and disk shapes, you can create numerous designs yourself.

using Sharon B's CQ Stencils using Sharon B's CQ StencilsAs you can see with the illustration, I used the edge of the flourish shape to create two soft curves which became the foundation for a little floral spray.

The flowers are buttons and I decorated the stems of this floral spray with detached chain stitch (also known as Lazy Daisy) and straight stitches.

In this sample I used hand dyed perle #5 cotton. As a finishing touch I added a few seed beads and a few small pearls.

I have kept the stencils small so that they fit easily into a sewing box. Anyone who knows me, knows I like things compact.  But also their size means if you are travelling to a workshop or to a local stitching get together you are not cluttering up your supplies with lots of large templates.

I hope these stencils motivate people to discover your creativity.

This is another seam I have recently embroidered using the hexagon shape. Or I should say half of the hexagon shape.

marking seam with Sharon B's CQ Stencils

I traced a line of half hexagons along the seam. I then embroidered them in threaded chain stitch using perle cotton #5. Next I added beads and bead tassels!

crazy quilt block seam embellishment detail

The set of 4 stencils are priced at $30 which includes the ebook of patterns.

ERR… I have just sold out and removed the paypal buy button until I have more stock … I have contacted the manufacturer and more are on the way. I will let folks know when they are available again.Please note:

I only accept Pay Pal.

Make sure your paypal email address is correct please. That is the one I will use to contact you.

If you want me to use another email address please tell me. When you place the order fill in the “Instructions to the Merchant” field with any change of email or extra details I need to know !

Please make sure my email is not blocked by your spam filter (sharon dot boggon at gmail dot com)

This is what they each look like.

Sharon B's CQ Stencils

Sharon B's CQ Stencils

Sharon B's CQ Stencils

Sharon B's CQ Stencils