I have been decorating my stencils!

I was contacted by a very well known crazy quilter (she will fall about laughing when she reads this) She asked if I had thought about making my cq templates, still transparent but coloured. I answered I had but it was going to cost more. In order to keep the costs down I selected a clear plastic. Of course I asked why and she told me so they don’t get lost on the work table.

stickers on stencilsWell … I could not imagine losing the templates so to be honest did not think too much about it. Then the other day sure enough I was working and could not see for the life of me the template I was using! I turned everything on the table over, looked under things and generally got annoyed. Then bingo I saw it next to my coffee cup. Ha! it was payback for feeling smug.

Serves me right, but I smiled and decorated my templates with some cheap stickers. Floral ones to remind me of the person who made the request (she likes floral motifs) and so I can find them easily on my work table!

It works … honest.

Work in Progress Wednesday Block 35 done

crazy quilt block The last time I shared a work in progress report I had just started block 35 on my next crazy quilt.

Last week I was franticly working to get my CQ Templates announced and out. I did not post a progress report because I had none! This week its a different story as I have completed the block!

Click on the block to see a larger version and below I have a few details to share as I know readers like to get a bit of a sticky beak at what I have been doing.

crazy quilt block detailOn this block I used a corner of a serviette. I picked out the details of the complex edge, in chain and stem stitch using a #8 perle cotton. I then added some straight stitches in #5 perle cotton and some beads.

crazy quilt block seam embellishment detailAs you can see I used the stencils to produce this seam. On my stencils I have a hexagon shape. I traced off a series of half hexagons along the edge of a seam. Then I embroidered the line  in threaded chain stitch using #5 perle cotton. I added beads and little bead tassels as a final touch. It was a fun seam to work and relatively quick!

crazy quilt block detail created using Sharon B's CQ stencilsThis next detail is a pattern created from what I am calling an irregular scallop because I cant think of any other way to describe it!

crazy quilt block embroidery patternIt is a shape found on the side of one of the stencils. Because the stencils are clear it is hard to photograph but I have traced a dotted line along the side I am talking about.

I traced the first line then flipped the stencil, positioned it and then traced a second line. Since the stencil is totally clear lining the edge up is not hard as you can see straight through it.

When you use this edge to trace off two lines and flip one of them a circle space is created between the two. I have designed the stencil so that this space will take a button that is approximately three quarters of an inch or about 2 centimetres in diameter.

I designed the stencil this way, so I can fit a button or as in this case a wide disk shaped bead in that area. As you can see it works well, and once you have the shape started  it is easy to add further decoration.

Anyway I thought I would share!

You will find all the other blocks in this series the Lace Quilt category

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