A New Resource Page of Tutorials

screenshot of stitchin fingersOver on Stitchin Fingers I have been building a resource page of free  tutorials online. I put the call out to members last week inviting members who have a written a tutorial on their blog or website to leave me their link with a description so I can add it to the master list.

Tutorials are listed in alphabetical order of title but as the page builds, at a later stage I will sort the list into subject areas.

So  make a cuppa pop over to browse the list of free tutorials .

If you are member of stichin fingers feel free to leave me your links so I can add them. Guidelines are on the page and please leave the link there not here.

Happy International Women’s Day

We have another special event on Stitchin Fingers in the form of a post a photo challenge to honour of International Women’s Day (8 March). Since this is a global celebration to mark achievements of women past, present and future and 2011 is the Global Centenary Year I thought it was not only appropriate but would be fun. 
The suffragette movement colors of purple for dignity, white for purity and green for hope. 

The challenge is to post a photo on stitchin fingers of any project you have made in these colours and tag it “International Women’s Day

To join in you need to be a member of Stitchin Fingers (it’s run by me and free to join)

When you post your photos tag them and include  “International Women’s Day” inside double inverted commas.
There are no sign ups or tight regulations just join in if you have time and celebrate the day. 

Take a look at what has already turned up under the “International Women’s Day” tag

Festival of Needles on stitchin fingers

screenshot of website

Over on stitchin fingers a very special web event is running.

The idea came from Carol Anne when she posted in the forum about the Festival of needles. We are synchronise this with a post a photo challenge inviting people to post photos on stitchin fingers of their needle cases and pin cushions.

needlecase book

What did I do to show respect for my needles?

Well after 15 years or so of use the felt in my needle case was looking a bit faded and tired so I decided to remove the old pages and replace with fresh felt.

I used real wool felt as the synthetic craft stuff attracts moisture in the air which in turn will rust your needles. I could not find a dark blue but this bight blue will be fine. Also, while I was at it I washed the cover. (Click on the image for a lager version)

Go and check out stitchin fingers and take a look at the photos posted under the Festival of needles tag  to see what people use as needlecase and what they hold their pins in.

Next year on stitchin fingers I am going to suggest making needlecases and pincushions – perhaps even turning it into a swap. I will have to ask for suggestions closer to the time but I am open to ideas to mull over now.

A very special event on Stitchin Fingers

Why do I have a photos of my needle case here? We are going to run a very special web event on Stitchin Fingers. The idea came from Carol Anne when she posted in the forum.

“In Japan, the Hari-Kuyo ceremony is held once a year on 8th February.  Women bring their broken or worn out needles to the “Broken Needle Festival” to thank them for good service and lay them to rest in a soft jelly or tofu cakes.  This 400-year old tradition has its roots in Buddhism and is based on the belief that even animated objects have a soul.  I do not know much about the ceremony or the beliefs behind it but when I first read about Hari-kuyo, the idea of paying my respects to my needles seemed entirely appropriate.

Last year I held my own version of the “Broken Needle Festival”.  I didn’t have any broken needles to lay to rest but instead I spent the evening clean my hand made needles and arranging them according to size in my needle felt.

This year, on Tuesday 8th February, I plan to do it again and I invite you all to join me (virtually) in a celebration of needles.  You don’t need any broken or dirty needles to join in, you just need to spend an hour or so doing something related to your needles; make a new needle book; organise your existing needle book or simply tell us about your favourite needles or share any needle tips or ideas you have.”

Take a look at the original forum discussion about this event.

After a bit of chat I thought we could synchronise this with a post a photo challenge and invite people to post photos on stitchin fingers of their needle cases and pin cushions.
I will announce the ‘post a photo of …challenge’ on the site a couple of days before the 8th but I thought I would give everyone the heads up. If you are going to join in post a photo on stitchin fingers and tag it needlecase or  “pin cushion” and “Broken Needle Festival”. Make sure you include multiple  words inside the inverted commas as then two words will form one tag instead of two tags.

If everyone does it a category will form of photos of that tag. Have a look at the existing needlecase tag to see what I mean.

The actual timing of this is going to be interesting as we in Australia are ahead of much of the globe. We are often ahead by a day  as we cross the international date line early but then so does Japan. Since this will confuse some people and mean that others will forget I thought we could could run this over a couple days on or around the 8th.

Over on Needle n’ Thread Mary Corbet has written an article on Taking Care of Embroidery Needles

Please spread the word that this event will run on stitchin fingers as I am sure there are loads of people around the globe that would happily join in.