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Textile artists use studio journals to catch ideas and develop them. A studio journal is not like and Art journal which aims to be an aesthetic object in its own right. A Studio journal is a workhorse. Many people confuse the two!

In all fields notebooks are starting points for more developed ideas. Painters keep a sketchbook to take visual notes of what they see but their finished paintings and their sketches are very different. Writers keep notebooks but their published book is not the same as what is first put down on paper.  Fiber artists do the same thing noting ideas and developing designs into items.


This course covers the process of using a Studio journal to create designs suitable for textiles such as contemporary embroidery, or quilting. The aim is to develop the habit of using a  Studio journal as part of your creative practice. Each week a series of design exercises are introduced. Students work though these in order to develop designs that can be applied to fiber. They aim to develop design skills and the habit of using a studio journal. You do not have to know how to draw.

Please note that this course is not about creating an art journal that is a finished object in its own right. The emphasis is very much on using a studio journal as part of a design process to produce something in fiber. The course contains design exercises and techniques and discusses how these might be applied to textiles. It is a course where students spend their time designing for textiles and working in their Studio Journal rather than working a project. 

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Keeping an Art journal with ease

Caatje of Caatje’s Artsy Stuff has written a really good series of articles on keeping an art journal that anyone who is interested in the subject should not miss.

The last article in the series is excellent with many resourses listed and lots of useful advice given.

Make a cuppa and settle back to enjoy:


Studio journals, Art journals and notebooks available from me

notebook cover

Every year of the last 3, I have been asked by a regular reader if I am going to have any cafepress journals available for Christmas.

This year I have finally done it! If people like the products I will add more. Leave a comment if there is anything in particular you want. If I have a photo in a high enough resolution I will put it up on offer.

There are a number of journals available in my new Pintangle cafe press store (yes the store has been resurrected!) The journals each have a photo of my work on the front cover.

They are  Wire-O bound, 160 page note books  that are  5″ x 8″. The paper is a of good weight 60lb book weight (24 lb bond) paper, with a  back of black flexible plastic and the front laminated for durability.

You also have your choice of paper designs. You can order journals that has paper which is either  blank, dot grid, lined, or a task journal.

You can see the options here. I particularly like the task sheets as the journal could become a stitchers notebook very easily.

In fact it was the task sheet option that made me re-think this product.

As the old year closes, lots of folks including myself are assessing what they have done this year and what they want to do next. The task sheets look like they have place not only to set goals but you can use them to sketch out and note down little stitch diagrams as well have other plane areas for little sketches. The areas are only small since the notebooks are  5″ x 8″.

Or you could just keep it as a record of what you had done. The grey areas of the task list page you could attach a little fabric swatch. The dot grid next to it you could notate what you had done on it. So if you are a crazy quilter you could note what threads etc or the design you used etc

The task page option would also work very well for dyers, using grey areas for fabric swatches and the rest of the page being for notes. The page is small so you would only have little swatches but it means a compact notebook rather than a big bulky file.

notebook page options

The other option that looked really great for crazy quilters and hand embroiderers is to choose the dot grid pages. I can see how this grid would be great to draw out little designs for seam decorations and patterns to use on crazy quilt blocks.

Of course you can chosse a regular lined notebook or blank pages for a studio journal.

The small 5″ x 8″ notebook size however has an upside as they can be easily tucked into a hand bag for everyday notes or your stitching bag for stitching notes.

So here is a link to my new Pin Tangle cafepress store! Pop over and have a browse.